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Stronghold Kingdoms: an MMO Strategy game:

The Obligatory Link - so, the game is in open beta, you can download it from the site or via Steam and, of all things, it resembles Ogame the most. It has some nice graphics (recycled from the original Stronghold), big-ass research tree and enforces cooperation between players by way of dividing the map into parishes, counties and countries. Every one of them gives some bonuses, depending on what buildings are in the capital of a given parish/county/country (World 4, where I play, hasn't reached the "someone actually manages to take control of a county capital" yet).

There are also player levels - your popularity (you know, the stat responsible for getting more villagers attracted to your stronghold) is multiplied by an amount of your research in Arts - that's your daily Honor that works like typical Experience Points.

And tomorrow, jerkassery officially starts on the World 4 server as the grace period expires.
"I pretend to be sane." - Devil Psyco
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 2 Narmer, Tue, 6th Mar '12 8:12:31 PM from some state in Mexico.
Oh hey, one of those MM Os that try different stuff, I like those.

Got ganked by the AI today. I seriously need to upgrade my castle to stone, wooden palisades don't last long against a horde of bumpkins with pitchforks.
"I pretend to be sane." - Devil Psyco
"[up] You know that you don't have to post in character all the time." - ''Tropers/Rand
 4 pvtnum 11, Thu, 8th Mar '12 1:59:10 PM from Kerbin low orbit Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
Ooo, Stronghold as an MMO?

Neat. I was rather fond of Stronghold Crusader. The Rat is hilarious.
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But on a serious note, holy shit do want this badly
 6 Narmer, Fri, 9th Mar '12 9:55:17 PM from some state in Mexico.
Ugh, Forgot I started this and now I have no villagers and no food.

 7 Rotpar, Fri, 9th Mar '12 10:11:12 PM from California Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Always 3:00 AM in the Filth
Is it like those odd freebie "MMO"s, were you log off and return to find everything you own destroyed and stolen by random players?
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Hasn't happened tome yet. Mainly because the map is divided into parishes, counties, etc., and capital of each allows all the players having their villages in it to receive bonuses (on top of whatever you nab from the research tree).
"I pretend to be sane." - Devil Psyco
"[up] You know that you don't have to post in character all the time." - ''Tropers/Rand
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