Brainstorming for a DoTA style Game:

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So for fun I like to come up with ideas for video games. I don't have the programming expertise to actually do anything with it, but still, it can be pretty entertaining in its own way.

Recently I've decided to design characters of a "Do TA" style game, and was wondering if folks would like to rate them, or contribute their own ideas. This is just for fun, really, but figured it might be something to do?

Here's what I've come up with so far. Feel free to give feedback, or contribute yourself!

Claire <Lil' Witch>: Claire is a Cute Witch who just wants everybody on earth to know how wonderful it is to be turned into gingerbread cookies and eaten by her. She follows a sort of "Hansel and Gretel" theme, and while she rides a broom and has a pet black cat familiar named Sprinkles, for her wand she uses a giant lollipop and she generally dresses in frilly "japanese goth" gear and stripped stockings instead of the more traditional black garb + pointy hat. She is a "growth" character - though she starts with very low stats, she progresses well and is a powerhouse end game. Her specialty is to summon swarms of helpful minions that overpower enemy defenses, while she herself is somewhat vulnerable to direct attacks. Spells include Hell Marshmallow, Cherry Bomb, Pumpkin Rise, and Gingerification Beam (Ultimate). Hell Marshmallow summons a giant Marshmallow golem capable of soaking up hits. Cherry Bomb throws an explosive cherry at enemies that causes good area of effect damage and covers them with syrup; enemies coated in syrup grant additional experience when killed. Pumpkin Rise summons multiple animated pumpkins that will defend Claire for a short while, and Gingerification Beam turns the target into a Gingerbread man. While transformed into a cookie, enemies cannot attack or cast spells, but gain extra movement speed. However, if Claire manages to catch them (she does this by hitting them with a melee swing), Claire will eat the gingerbread man, instantly killing the player/creep and gaining 1% of their stats and accumulated experience for herself.

Rigel <Little Green Man>: Rigel has come to Earth from across the galaxy to conquer it, but before he can do that, he has to defeat Earth's mightiest warriors. Rigel uses his psychic abilities to assault the minds of his foes, and specializes in finishing off weakened enemies. Spells include Teleport, Ray Gun, Brain Drain, and U.F.O (Ultimate). Teleport instantly moves Rigel a short distance away, and has a second function - if used on enemies that are at or below 10% hitpoints, Rigel will teleport inside of their bodies, instantly killing them with a Tele-Frag. Ray Gun is an interesting direct damage attack - the longer the spell is on cooldown, the more powerful it will be when used (up to a point) because the gun is "fully charged". Brain Drain assaults the target's mind, dealing damage to magic but not hitpoints - at higher levels it can shut down caster heroes pretty nicely. U.F.O. summons a Flying Saucer that will strafe the battlefield, doing powerful area of effect damage.

Flapjack <Bitten Lumberjack>: A lumberjack who just wants to cut trees, but all these monsters and heroes keep getting in his way. Also, he got bit by a werewolf. Armed with a plaid flannel shirt, suspenders, a burly beard, and his trusty chainsaw Babe, Flapjack is on a mission to clear out the forest's wildlife so he can get back to working for a living, and biting people on the full Moon. Ironically for such a large and strong character, Flapjack specializes in Death of a Thousand Cuts - he won't kill you with one blow, but he can stand around and take hits while he whittles you down. Spells include Beaver Fever, Stacked, Timber!, and Full Moon (Ultimate). Beaver Fever summons an army of rabid beavers (10-20) which will bite the target for only 1 damage per attack, but hunt the target relentlessly until destroyed. Casting Stacked will cause Flapjack to eat a stack of pancakes, healing him and temporarily giving Flapjack super strength. Timber! causes Flapjack to charge the enemy with his chainsaw and swing wildly, doing up to 10 rapid attacks to nearby enemies. Full Moon causes Flapjack to transform into a giant werewolf, boosting his attack, speed, and defense. In addition, any attacks that Flapjack does while in Werewolf form will heal him for 10% of the damage done.

Royce <White Knight>: Royce is a Knight in Shining Armor, dedicated to hunting down evil creatures and protecting the innocent, all while riding his mighty unicorn Grail. A defensive oriented character, Royce is a Mighty Glacier and support character that makes a good teamate for Glass Cannon characters and can outlast even hardened assaults, but won't win any prizes for dealing damage to enemies. Spells include Shining Armor, Quest, Noble Steed, Holy Chalice(Ultimate). Shining Armor gives Royce a permanent armor boost, and a chance to reflect magic spell back to the caster. Casting Quest on an enemy grants Royce that enemies line of sight, increases the damage that Royce does to that enemy, and will grant double experience to Royce if that enemy is killed. In addition, Royce receives this experience bonus no matter who kills the target of Quest, and no matter how far away the target is from Royce. Quest lasts until canceled or Royce is killed. Noble Steed increases Grail's speed temporarily, allowing Royce to pursue foes or run to safety. Holy Chalice heals all nearby players back to full health and magic.

Bellatrix <Beautiful Warrior Princess>: Clad in Fur Bikini, armed with a BFS, this Rebellious Princess of the Amazons hopes to find a man strong enough to win her heart. So far it hasn't happened. Bellatrix specializes in devastating physical attacks, and is a good hero slayer - her one main weakness is that she has to be in close range to deal her damage, meaning that if she can't catch you, she can't hurt you. Her spells include Forceful Kiss, Crush, Love Toss, and Cupid's Arrows. Forceful Kiss is a short-ranged spell, in which Bellatrix blows a kiss at the target. This kiss will appear as a small heart floating through the air, that acts as a slow-moving homing missile. The heart will continue to follow the target of Forceful Kiss for as long as it lasts or until it hits something or someone else instead, and once the heart hits its deals high damage and stuns the target. Crush deals damage equivalent to a percentage of Bellatrix's HP, and her HP growth is excellent (this can be a one-shotter against some characters), but it is a very short-ranged melee attack that deals damage to everything in a small radius around Bellatrix. Love Toss uses the enemy's strength against them - Bellatrix grapples a nearby enemy, and wielding them as a club of sorts, spins wildly around, dealing area of effect damage to all nearby enemies based on the hitpoints of the unfortunate enemy that Bellatrix has turned into an Improvised Weapon. After the spell is finished, Bellatrix tosses her victim a short distance away. Cupid's Arrows calls down a shower of heart-shaped arrows from the sky, stunning and damaging all enemies in its area of effect continuous over several seconds.

So, any thoughts? Feel free to add your own ideas!

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A few more.

Brachyura <Giant Enemy Crab>: A giant monster crab that got lost on its way to menace Tokyo. Now it fights other heroes for the glory of all crab kind. Brachyura is something of a Magic Knight - he(?) has high armor and hitpoints to soak up damage, but most of his actual attacks are magic based. Spells include Bubble Beam, Summon Prawns, Barnacles, and Tsunami. Barnacles increases defense and causes some damage to enemies that strike Brachyura with physical attacks. Summon Prawns summons a small army of prawn soldiers to defend Brachyura - in addition to being decent melee fighters, spells meant to strike Brachyura will strike the prawns instead. Bubble Beam deals devastating magic damage in a straight line ahead of Brachyura, and Tsunami calls up a massive wave of water, dealing area of effect damage and knocking foes backwards.

King Froglock <King of Toads>: A mighty toad warrior, whose ermine cape and fancy crown demonstrate his royal status to all who would question it - that is, if his giant gem-covered scepter hasn't done the job. King Froglock is one of the larger characters, and can move around the battlefield very well, but though his attacks hit HARD his attack speed is slow, so invest in items that reduce the chance for enemies to hit to avoid taking a royal scepter to the face. King Froglock's spells include Smite, Tongue Lash, Hop, and Toad. When King Froglock casts smite, he winds up for .5 seconds then strikes the ground with his enormous scepter - you can run away before the windup is finished, but fail to do so in time and Smite will hurt ALOT. Hop is a good ability for maneuvering about the battlefield, as it costs very little mana, has a relatively short cooldown, and allows King Froglock to leap great distances in a single bound. Tongue Lash is a medium range aoe, in which King Froglock lashes at nearby enemies with his tongue, poisoning them. Toad transforms the target into a helpless toad for up to 5 seconds - plenty of time for King Froglock to get off a few Smites.

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