Shores of Hazeron:

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Shores of Hazeron can be described as the love child between Spore and EVE Online. In this game players can raise empires and build cities and spacecrafts across the galaxy, explore new planets (Not that there's anything exciting to explore yet though) and have spacecraft battles.

So you can become an emperor/leader or join any empire and transport NP Cs and other players to other planets or fight enemies and space pirates with spacecraft weapons.

There's also a spacecraft editor, allowing you to create your very own spaceships and space stations. There's limits though, so watch how you are building your ship.

The gameplay itself, it's... complicated. You definitely won't understand everything in your first hour. The graphics are also meh.

The character customization is nice though, but we will all end up looking like each other. Still good though.

So, how about we make our own empire? I will happily do all of the management. I will let you guys choose all of the following...

Empire Name: Yeah, what do you think this is.

Government: There are multiple types of Governments. Here's a full list I would go with Republic, but there might be a more popular choice.

(You can also change the names for the titles. If you got any suggestions, tell me)

Immigration Policy: There's open (Everyone can join) by request (You make a request and wait for someone to accept you, I think) or by invitation (You need to be invited to join the empire) I think the last two requires you to join a different empire, so I would go with open.

Flag: I don't remember what the maximum size was, but I would try 300x300. Just look for a good flag.

Species Name: Once we get a good name for our race, I will take care of this the moment I enter the game.
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