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Were they his consorts? I thought they might have just been some other sort of game abstraction*.

Consorts are usually amphibians or reptiles, aren't they?

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Yeah, but I guess his were angels instead of reptiles and turtles and stuff? surprised

Also has anyone read Guidestuck?
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Given that Eridan genocided the angels, a player could probably do the same to their salamanders or nakkadiles. I imagine it would invalidate their quest, but it's not like that's never happened before.

I've read Guidestuck. Jaspers is the best dork.
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Yay! I really love the descriptions in this story, like how the narrator talks about how he met his friends in his session, or other really significant events, and is really flippant about how it all happens. It always makes me grin.
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FAQ update (but I was late)
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Hey there awesome people!

I have a request. Anyone know some good Dave<3<Karkat? Like, dialogue filled, maybe some fighting, hate-snogging, as little sexual content as possible Dave<3<Karkat?
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Oh, guest chapters. ):

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Okay... hi. Hope it's okay to post here.

Does anyone have any tips for making actually-original OCs? or is it poitnless to try? I wanna make a story where some of my OCs have their own (doomed) session just because I want to, but if I'm gonna write it I want to do it well.
It's never pointless to try. No one succeeds at anything the very first time they do it; trying, failing, learning from the mistakes and trying again is how you get better at things. =)

What've you got for character concepts so far? Maybe we can help.
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Well... okay then.

So far I have 6 OCs (relatively) developed, I'm hoping to make 2 more. All are Trolls. I... think it's fair to say most fan Troll sessions have 6 or 12 OCs, is that right? So I wanted to have a different number.

First is Hipoca Asklep (Teal Blue blood, female, symbol is a rod of Asclepius). She's fascinated with biology and wants to be a doctorphaner when she grows up (made it up, based on the ruffiannihilators and similar word combo titles from the comic). The problem is she's self taught, and winds up killing most of her patients- not that that deters her. Becomes the Witch of Hope.

Second is Remaus Lupaus (Olive Green blood, male, symbol is a Lupus Mettalorum thingy). He's a nice guy and a great hunter, always tries to bring out the best in people. He was raised by a pack of two-headed dogs in the woods, so his social and technical skills are a bit lacking. He thinks playing Sgrub sounds fun, but he's terrible with technology which winds up causing a few problems. Becomes the Page of Heart.

Third is Levias Jormun (Cobalt/Cerulean Blue blood, female, symbol is a Cagliostro seal). She seems nice. She's always friendly, sympathetic and ready to lend a helping hand. Constantly smiling. However, there's something not quite right about her, which I will keep secret for the moment. Becomes the Thief of Rage.

Fourth is Carida Icthys (Fuschia Purple blood, female, symbol is a Vesica Piscis). Instead of Feferi, she's the heiress to the throne, and tries to act the part by being aloof and fancy. She loves studying history, and longs for eras of adventure long gone. She's a decent manipulator due to knowledge of the royal court and such, but would rather be out on epic quests than sitting on a throne. Becomes the Rogue of Light.

Fifth is Hystri Shopen (Bronze/Brown blood, female, symbol is an arrow with a 3-part feather end). She doesn't like the rampant violence of Troll society but knows she could be culled for saying so, so she puts on a dark and scary (and pointy) fašade. She's very defensive and secretive, trying to hide all her vulnerabilities, which sadly shuts most of her peers out of her life. If you can't tell yet she's slightly based on the hedgehog's dilemma. Becomes the Knight of Breath.

Sixth is Hircus Moirai (Burgundy/Red blood, male, symbol is an hourglass). He's a very powerful psychic, and can hear not only the dead but the thoughts of the living. He also has auditory hallucinations. In an effort to avoid the voices he stays away from people, and when forced to interact with them he goes on rampage. He welcomes the death the Reckoning, and his role as a Doom player (class is a secret for now).

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Huh... those are some very interesting concepts, and it sounds like you have a lot of material to reference and allude to, which is always a plus (speaking generally). That could go very well.
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Well, having things go very well is the goal. Despite that I feel like I'm not ready to start the story since I only have 6 out of 8 characters. I'm having some writer's block with the last two though.
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Inspiration has struck.

Chirop Kanger (Male, Indigo blood, symbol is a bat). After his Lusus was killed years ago, he had to raise himself, and now he's highly talented at just about everything. He is obsessed with making himself perfect, and also with justice and the idea of flight. He spends most of his time patrolling Alternia, defending the weak from violent subjuggulators. He takes everything seriously, but because of his intensity it's hard for others to take HIM seriously. Becomes the Prince of Space.

I think you can guess what my inspiration was. Is this a dumb idea?
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I got kind of thrown at first because I thought his symbol was a bat. Don't ask me why.
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Well... they are spelled the same. I guess it's easy to get them mixed up.

What do you guys think? Do my characters have a shot at being original?
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Looks all right to me, but I'm not active enough in the fanfic scene to know what's cliche.
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One thing to be careful of with Chirop is to balance his ability with flaws that are realistic and believable - like how Terezi's intelligence and legitimate skill atJUST1C3 is balanced by her overenthusiasm for it and, in a notable case, her complicated feelings for Vriska.

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Um... okay. Flaws. I'll work on that.

Thanks... that just leaves one more character to come up with.
There's now a Sburb Glitch FAQ/Replay Value AU tie-in that takes the undertones of mental trauma and horror in the Glitch FAQ and drags them into focus (Brainwashing, Torture, and the World of Sburb). If you're interested in more from the Replay Value universe cluster, there's also a tumblr for smaller AU writings that aren't on AO 3.

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Hey good looking.
Hey, guys, I've had a Plot Bunny nibbling on my brain for years. Remember that one scene where Vriska tells John that she feels remorse for killing Tavros (I'm assuming we've all read the comic, but I'm putting up spoiler tags just in case), and thinks that makes her less of a troll, or mentally/emotionally aberrant, or something like that? And then, she briefly mentions that she'd rather be human, and conform to human social mores?

Well, what if Vriska had been raised among humans, by a human parent? Would that be cool?

Like, say humans and trolls coexist on Earth. And say Vris was adopted and raised by a human parent instead of her abusive lusus. She is, for all intents and purposes, "culturally human," and she and John have been best friends since early childhood (she's basically the fifth member of John's clique). She is happy and all is well. But when they're old enough for high school, she and her friends are sent to a more integrated school, where she experiences troll culture firsthand for the first time.

So Vriska would have problems like being rejected and possibly bullied by most other trolls, learning about troll social cues, going through "troll puberty" and experiencing things (quadrants, violent urges, her burgeoning psychic abilities) that her parent and human social circle are ill-equipped to help her work through, and feeling increasingly different and isolated from them.

There's some good drama, as well as W.A.F.F., to be wrought from this, right? I'm thinking of calling it 8lood Tr8or.

EDIT: I clicked on Guidestuck and I'm dismayed that it isn't a Homestuck / The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy crossover.

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