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Oh... well, that's a bit more complicated. You'll notice that there were no imps in John's house before he Entered, yes? That's because the imps (and ogres and whatnot) are game constructs, and thus generally can't get into the 'real' world. If you're facing an imp with a virgin kernelsprite in the Medium, then you're in a Void Session - there are no orb towers because the kernels don't transform, and thus the prototyping doesn't affect the enemies. My guess is that your only hope would be to mold your sprite into something that could fight for you.
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Timur said it was a PVP thing, so I don't think it's an imp so much as an enemy player.
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Oh. In that case, you're probably fucked. It depends on what you mean by incapable of being taken down with normal attacks, though - going against enemy players is weird, because the Medium is part of Paradox Space and thus you never know who 'has' to win and all that.

Also, yeah - your really only shot is to try to prototype the enemy.
So, let's say a player from a session that has invaded your own arrives as you fire up the game, knocks down your door, and prepares to smite you with his pogohammer. I thought initially that this would be an amazing moment to simply chuck the kernelsprite, but then it hit me:

Do sprites have to be benevolent? I mean, if you prototype an enemy, will the enemy simply attack you in sprite form, or will it be bound to you? This is why I was thinking of something to pacify said target.
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That...that is a very interesting question. Sprites probably have an imperative to be helpful to their player, or at least not murder them, but they also seem to have some sort of imperative to be cryptic, and Davesprite decided that was bullshit.

I'm leaning towards the foesprite being grudgingly on your side. Prototyping something that might not be kindly disposed to you, like some random roadkill (or feathery asshole), seems like it would be common enough to predict and plan for, as much as the system behind Sburb can be said to predict and plan.

Edit: Besides, having an Enemy Mine sprite sounds like a cooler story than having some guy who happens to be a sprite running around killing underleveled players.

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I don't think they have to, no, but you again have to consider the viewpoint of Paradox Space (which, fortunately, works out rather like that of an author). If the enemy player has nothing else player-related to do, or nothing else that they will do (not God Tier, not their Quest, whatever), and the prototyping player won't need their sprite at all - then it should be fine, probably.

Also, I don't think there's any rule that sprites have to be benevolent. They may feel compulsion to be (even Calsprite didn't try to attack Dave, though it was dead...), but I don't think they have to.

^Actually, yeah. Wasn't Featheryassholesprite more concerned with pecking Dave in the head than helping him? I don't think giving him the ability to talk would have changed that.

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The seppucrow did collect a nest and gank the cruxite egg, but I can't find anything about it actually attacking him.
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aye, having a player forced to become a sprite/guide to their mortal enemy/attempted murder victim would be rather interesting, and would provide an interesting dynamic.

Also, while we are talking about dramatic/weird prototyping, I have more brainstorming creations of questionable result (might not include, but it's always wise to keep strange shenanigan ideas on the table):

1) What if a player manages to time-send or reckoning-send a carapacian onto Earth, and it gets prototyped, along with a dream self after entrance...could that dream self wield a Black/White Ring?

2)If you prototype a game-based enemy somehow, would the sprite prototype? And if you take two enemies from two different sessions (or wield a ring of royals from a different session than the enemy via an overcomplicated plot), would you end up with an entity prototyped by two different sessions?

3)Following that line of logic, could one dual-wield rings from two sessions for double the prototyping goodness? Jack demonstrates they work beyond the boundaries of their native session...

4)What if you prototyped a White/Black Ring?

Sorry for the weirdness, but the system has simply so much exploitability in Pv P...I mean, it is the perfect weapon for creating offensive-style problems (create the ultimate sprite, mind control Tavros style into the other session to create problems; coup royalty either as an offensive maneuver or a defensive play) and also for sabotaging an enemy session into oblivion.
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Since canon is silent on all these questions, the ultimate answer is "whichever would make a better story." Still, I can give some gut reactions.

1) So you're asking if a dreamself-carapace-sprite could wield a ring? Hmm. Sounds plausible. If the person with the dreamself godtiered, that'd be hax as hell.

2) I don't think an imp or whatever could interact with the kernelsprite in a way that would produce an impsprite. I think it would bounce off or fall through. Protoyping something like a brain from LOBAF or an angel from LOWAA might work, but that wouldn't affect the imps and such since by that point you're in the Medium.

3) That sounds like a plausible and potent exploit.

4) Before Medium: recursion error and something terrible happens, if they can even interact. After entering the Medium: I dunno. I'm not even sure if a ring could be prototyped, since the comic's had all animal- or human-shaped things. The sprites are supposed to serve as a guide, and a ring would not be so useful for that.

This is all very interesting, by the way.
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Here is another Glitch FAQ update. smile
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I hate to bring back the dead, but regarding fiction rules once again....

It is within fandom rules to add new aspects of the sessions system, as long as they don't contradict anything within the comic, right? And adding a new species isn't going too far, is it?

I was just thinking about the universes as organisms, and how they seem to breed in an asexual manner, when it hit me that there are probably 'strains' of universes, much like there are strains of bacteria. I mean, the Trolls, Humans, and Cherubs are all rather alike, from a certain perspective- they have similar concepts of gender, romance, interaction, and have anatomy that is pretty similar, or at least appears similar. I mean, their societies are hardly identical (and we don't even know the Cherub society), but Alternia, Beforus, and Earth are rather close to one another in many ways. So what if the cause of this is that the new universes and new species are always mostly similar with their progenitors?

And, if so, what if the multiverse system has way of promoting diversity and change, a sort of 'universe breeding system' that introduces ideas and species across sessions, in order to get them intermingling across strains and producing new, unique results?

Assuming I can add mechanics and species without crossing any lines, I was thinking of a sort of cross-pollinator species, with a unique session meant only to continue its existence (and not produce new universes). The species, kept alive but occasionally forced to renew itself to prevent stagnation, would be designed around reliance on the technology for random pollination. The species, like the multiverse, would need to draw upon these sessions for genetic variation (being a sort of hive-mindish, organic-tech civ), and, whenever they took these variations, would send similar copies into thousands of random spawning universes.

Of course, the purpose of this will be for more than simply slopping my personal ideas onto Hussie's sanctified masterpiece, but will have a bearing on the plot, and a significant one. However, that said, I understand that major universe changes are often branded heresy among fandoms, and it would not surprise me to hear that this is improper for a fanfic. But is it?
Well, I personally dislike the idea of adding new Aspects or Classes beyond what we've been told about already; it feels like adding a new classical element or something. Granted, I'm something of a canon purist, which isn't necessarily a good thing (I live in abject fear that my headcanon reconciliation between Eridan and Feferi will get Jossed, and also of Davezi and Tavris), and you're free to do what you like.

I guess it's worth saying that while I get the general idea of your cross-pollinator species, some of the details kind of went over my head. A Us aren't bad by nature, and neither are original ideas grafted in, but with a concept that will be that complex in execution, you'll want to ease people in, I think.
Yay! Glitch FAQ! :D
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[up][up][up]If you're looking at the patterns between the sessions, you should know there's apparently Word of Hussie out there that the session that predated the trolls' had 48 squiddle players. Unless squiddles are a good bit more humanoid than their cartoon representations suggest, there's not as much anatomical similarity along the line as you suggested.
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I thought the Squiddles were the Gods of the Furthest Ring or somehow based on them.
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I think they're that, too. Somehow.

Here we are. Found what seems to be the original joke. I mean, it's obviously Hussie fucking with the fans for his amusement, but that hardly prevents it from being true.
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I thought the Squiddles were the Gods of the Furthest Ring or somehow based on them.
Yes, according to Hussie, the Squiddles TV series is one expression of humanity's subconscious memory of the Horrorterrors.
Well, Squiddles likely have some sort of Horrorterror connection, sort of like, G'lobywhatever, so perhaps they also have something to do with variation?

The squiddle thing is fishy, even if Andrew was being serious. After all, such a sudden jump in variation followed by so little that celebrities even were replicated? Maybe the troll's impromptu universe creation simply did it, that is possible.

I will have to think on this some more, as you bring up a valid point.

Also, on the topic of crazy ideas I will probably not include but like to think about anyways: What if there are too breeds of Cherub, one a sort of 'Caliginous' warrior caste, the other an auspisticial caste that is significantly less violent, and exists to prevent the couples from murdering one another, and also raises the young? The Clubs Cherubs would be more like Calliope, while the Spades, more like Caliborn. Too silly?

Just pondering.

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Auspisticism being a major cherub thing makes all kinds of sense, but the different castes thing strikes me as odd and unnecessary. The differences between the Cals could just be personality differences rather than a caste thing.
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I just went to 'caste' as a thing since it seems like an moderator Cherub, like Calliope, would have an extremely different role in society than Caliborn's type. I didn't mean it as something assigned innately, just as a sort of social role. So, in a way, it is both a personality thing and a sort of social class...get what I mean? Or should I just remove the social aspect of it?
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It would seem less odd to me, personally, if that sort of thing just happened based on personal preference rather than being codified.
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Glitch FAQ update!

Has the FAQ ever answered what happens when you kill all your consorts?

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I don't think so. surprised
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Hm... As game constructs, would consorts even be killable? Or would they just respawn? Or would you just make your game Unwinnable? What d'you guys think would be the most likely?
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Eridan murdered a planet full of his consorts.

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