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Oh My
Nope. Just a collection of short little scenes. Those that came to mind and stood out enough for me to develop into bits of story and then combine them into a single narrative.

I would like to play with vampirism more though.
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I really want to know how that glowing thing works. And if you can use rainbow-drinkers as flash bombs or something. Best use for a vampire evar!


Also, has anyone else read Strider's Edge? Doc Scratch's lecture on the nature of originality was pretty darn awesome!

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Yes, Strider's Edge is good stuff. I was the one who added it to the Homestuck fanfic recs page, in fact.

I had forgotten the exact contents of Scratch's lecture, but upon rereading it I have to agree it's good. That's also the chapter where the story really hits its stride.
I'm going to have to hurt you for that pun. :P
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I'm not trying to put anyone on edge. It's just an itch I need to scratch sometimes.
Another Sburb FAQ chapter. smile
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Yay! With the updates being so slow now, it's actually really helpful for people to post them here. I don't check AO 3 every day anymore, but I do check this forum every day.

Thanks, Booky!
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Oh you're welcome! grin

yayyyy smile
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I checked out the Glitch FAQ today on a whim and there are three guest chapters up! One is about kissing zombies! [lol]
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Oh cool! grin

Also here is Quests and Lore part 2.
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Ee! I didn't even notice that one. I was too distracted by all the guest post shiny. Woo! More to read! grin
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Here is part 3! smile
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I'm so to bring back a thread so rudely, but what are the conventions for Homestuck fics? Pitfalls, tropes, overdone things, underdone things, taboos, ect? Every fandom is unique in this, but I have yet to understand Homestuck's well enough.

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Shipping, typing quirks, and Archive of our Own. Homestuck fanfiction at its most basic.

Going into more detail, Homestuck is not something that lends itself to plot heavy in-universe fanfiction. There aren't really any places for it in actual canon, leading to a healthy collection of AU and For Want of a Nail stories. And due to the truly insane amount of named characters and plethora of relationship dynamics already in place there is A LOT of shipping. The wars between pairings can get pretty nasty, but not so horrible its impossible to avoid.

Typing quirks are also kind of a big deal. The reason all good Homestuck fanfiction is on Ao3 (as it is called) is because it allows for things like colored text, different fonts, and in story images and links. These things come up a lot. The most famous and well liked stories are usually image heavy. Also fanadventures, but thats a whole different kettle of fish. Suffice to say any good Homestuck fic without at least one chatlog is an oddity that deserves preservation and study.

As for taboos... I can't really think of any off the top of my head.

Trite things include basically anything involving John discovering he is in fact a homosexual, Karkat saying fuckass all the time, or any other character simplification. Post Sburb stories are all over the place, ranging from 'Everyone is back on earth' to 'We made a new universe. What now?' Unfortunately most go for the former rather then the latter. Hanging out on the meteor stories are also all over the place, and collections of random number generated shipping one shots. World building is popular, the most extensive of which probably being Sburb FAQ. Though by FAR the largest percentage of stories could best be summarized by 'I really like this pairing! I'm going to have them interact until THEY PORK!' This can lead to some amazing stuff all on its own, but you know what they say about the 90%...

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Well, there's this thing with common characterization missteps.
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Underdone things? I'd say auspistices, or maybe even fics that just don't have shipping in them. Everything is shipping. SO much.
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Thank you so much for the help! But I have a few more questions raised now, I pray you don't mind helping me out some more-

First off, what is Ao3?

Secondly, art in fics...ummm, I can't draw for my life....should I get an artist or something? Or would a more traditional method of dialogue and description be refreshing? I'm sorry to bug you on this, it just seems so alien to me.

Lastly, what is the opinion on OCs? I mean, I know they are rather widely disliked by many fandoms, but I might imagine that, in this instance, they could either be far more accepted or even more infamous.

PS. Is it okay if I toss about ideas here? I mean, I hate to clutter the thread of everyone, and I know I ask too many questions, but you guys seem to have a much better idea of what's going on than I do regarding originality within the fandom.
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AO 3 is a common abbreviation of Archive of Our Own. Its acronym is an A and then three Os, see. There's nothing wrong with text-only fanfic. OCs, or fantrolls or fankids, as they're more commonly called, have something of a negative reputation due to Sturgeon's Law, but Nepeta Quest 2011 was popular and had a bunch of OCs.

Clutter, my friend. Clutter like a mad thing. Talking about Homestuck fanfiction is the whole point of the thread, after all.
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Anyways, I was does this sound:

The events of SBURB ultimately ended in disaster. Although accounts differ, and details are obscured, it seems that a group of heroes took part in a complex drama centering around the entity known as Lord English. And although English's motives are debated to this day, it is known that the ensuing conflict wounded Paradox Space itself. The details of what happened next are unrecorded and mostly speculated, but it seems, one way or another, reality began to fray and fall apart. Every universe, every timeline, began to die. The Green Sun was gone, and many heroes had perished. Desperate to save what remained of existence, those left standing ultimately gave themselves to Paradox Space, merging themselves with it. With their intimate knowledge of how the game functioned, they were able to fix Paradox Space, so to speak, but in the process were bound to it. In a sense, they became Paradox Space itself.

And so, to begin things anew, they each created their own plane of reality, a distinct and individual set of timelines and universes, connected only by a central hub universe. This central hub was where the heroes, now seen as Eldritch Old Gods, were able to take physical form and try to live lives somewhat resembling their old ones. This hub is where they would retire after long days of managing their planes, but as they grew more disenfranchised and bored with their infinite universes, more time was spent in the hub. Until, one day, the Old Gods left and did not return. It is in the abandoned universe of one Jake English that a new session is made- a "nostalgia session" of Earth, connected to a similarly created Alternia.

Is that crap, or does it have potential?

EDIT: I'm just gonna pile a few more ideas on top of that, because why not?

So, thanks to a series of intersession connections once fostered by Jake (not to mention the many supercharged Hope-powered First Guardians left over to activate them) sessions are expanding into each other, sometimes before the game even begins. This particular hypothetical session (I am not too sure if this is the game plan I want to follow, but it ranks up there), humanity has exploited the First Guardian to allow for galactic expansion, and, eventually, expansion into the Alternian universe, the connected nostalgia session. The two galactic empires, running on remnants of game mechanics and artifacts never meant for these purposes, are sent smashing into each other by strange set of events having to do with time shenanigans and the assassination of a mother grub. This trouble simply worsens as the troll players are stuck with a void session, reaching the end of the game easily before running out of things to do.

Essentially, the idea is that the trolls, stuck with a barren session but a number of bored, angry players, invade the human session not to save themselves, but to vent some frustration by dooming their 'enemy's' session. I just like the idea of two players groups actually crashing each other's sessions and creating all sorts of havoc.

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Galactic warfare and Sburb PVP? Yeah, that could be very cool.
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Sounds awesome! Let us know how it goes. :)
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Thanks for the support, I'll do my best to try and make this interesting for all. It will take a little time, though- these shenanigans can get very confusing, and I don't want to give too many clever schemes to one side or the other.

I do have a couple hypothetical questions, though, that I am pondering at the moment:

1) The idea of using prototyping as a weapon intrigues me (not the sprite, but the actual prototyping of the enemy), but I wonder: what sort of first prototyping would be necessary to have that sort of control? I mean, Jack has been influenced severely by Bec's loyalties, I wonder if that could be taken advantage of?

2)How many times can a sprite be prototyped?

3)What is your stance on Cherubs? I see such potential there! The very dynamics of a functioning society based on violent, isolationist, double-organisms that rely on a strange combination of auspistice and kismesis seems really intriguing, but I am wary of touching what might be canon-territory only. Just personal opinions- and perhaps speculation if you want. The species is fertile ground for stray ideas
Let's see... one thing that is guaranteed to negatively affect enemies in the game, particularly the Black Royalty, is frogs. Dersites have a natural aversion to frogs and frog imagery - note that Aradia purposefully prototyped the frog temple head to weaken the Black King, a necessary step with eleven other monstrous prototypings.

Kernelsprites can be prototyped up to twice, but only prototypings done before Entering will affect the kernel (and thus the enemies). At least one prototyping must take place before Entering to avoid a Void Session, but performing two before Entering will provide the enemies with characteristics of both items used.

As for cherubs, I couldn't say. They're not all dualed, though - Calliope talks about her and her brother's 'Uniq Ue biological circUmstances' at one point.
So only two prototypings? Interesting.

Also, I'm sorry, but to clarify on that first question, it is in a more PvP sort of way- if you had a non-Dersite enemy incapable of being subdued by normal attacks, and your only armament was a virgin kernelsprite, how might you use those available prototypings to eliminate the enemy as a threat?

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Chuck the enemy in?

If the enemy isn't Dersite, they probably won't be changed by propotypings.
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