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It was precious.
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As is the OFF-LINE in the latest Sburb Glitch FAQ chapter.
Hm... In chapter 17 of the glitch FAQ, there are only 22 listed aspects.

I wonder if this means that the Squiddles session had a lot of aspect and title overlap.

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Well, the the story implies this is a version of Sburb that's not the one in the comic.

Really, an excuse for the author to contradict canon.

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Am I too late for the self-whoring section of this thread?

Also, another wicked recommendation: One of Our Submarines by Vast Derp. I always thought the whole Helmsman situation would be pretty Body Horror heavy, and she does a hell of a job capitalizing on that without relying on squick.
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Taco started a fic about Lit classes of the future reading Homestuck and reacting like typical Lit students. Here is the prologue on google docs.
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Yes, "List John's interests". That's right up there with "What was the symbolic object this character keeps in their room?" Maybe I'm too busy reading the cool parts of the story, and the things you ask about are easy to gloss over BECAUSE they are supposed to be un-intrusive. *grumble*
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I... I think I just fell in love with Whelkstuck.

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Just so I'm clear, a whelk is a snail, right?
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Yes, a type of sea snail.
As I said on the other thread, it's Sealdoka all over again.
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Revolution of Ruin
So Patronswap is pretty good. The premise is an AU in which the ecto-sibling pairs have swapped patron trolls. The indisputable best part is Kanaya's rap-off with Dave.
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Wow, that really is good stuff.
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I heard Kanaya VS Dave in a rap-off.



Unless that's just the patronswap thing.

Please clarify so I know.

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Oh My
It's just to show the swapping of fairy godtrolls I think. I haven't noticed any overt shipping in it.
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Thanks for the clear-up.

But still, that did make me think "Jade/Vriska? What the hell?"

I also got around to reading Aon's poem and holy shit it's good.

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"Not What We Planned On" just updated yessssss.
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"Not What We Planned On" is a cool story.

I like the fight between Equius and Gamzee.
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Ugh, "The Game, and Those Who Play" has left it's April Fool's joke up still. Can't wait to see what the actual chapter will look like, the Doom series seems interesting so far.
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Hot damn. The Troll War is really good.
Did anyone see the new update to the Sburb Glitch FAQ? smile
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All the fanon speculation about the angels makes me wonder why Andrew drew attention to them in the first place. Are they remnants of a planned subplot that never came to fruition, or is Andrew planning on doing something with them in the Alpha Sburb session?

EDIT: I see Cities In Dust updated. Karkat getting fatherly advice from all the members of the Midnight Crew is the greatest thing.

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The Underworld sounds freaky as fuck.
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