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I'm interested in joining however I don't have very much experience in rping, heres my sign up sorry if it's bad.

Name: Eduard Loche

Age: 16

Magic of Choice: Fire Summoning

Paint Color: Dark Orange

Personality: Eduard is often quiet and brooding, he is deeply traumatised by the savage murder of his family. Despite his quiet nature Eduard can be very stubborn and when he has an opinion on something he will refuse to accept what anyone else has to say. He has a short temper and can get extremely angry very quickly. Eduard usually only performs actions for his own benefit and has a hunger for knowledge and power that he has attempted to ignore since his family's murder.

Bio: Eduard was the son of a wealthy French businessman, his family owned a large estate in France where Eduard and his older sister and younger brother were home schooled. This meant that they didn't meet many people and it led Eduard to grow bored and he began to experiment with the occult. He became more and more withdrawn in his pursuit for knowledge and power until one night he made the decision to contact the world of demons and spirits (I need confirmation for this because I'm not entirely sure how summoning is working in this) he managed to gain the attention of two fire djinn Iste and Impes, he made a pact with them, they would give him access to their power in return for one thing, blood. Believing that the djinn would request the sacrifice of an animal of some kind Eduard accepted, that night the djinn slaughtered his entire family and burned the estate to the ground claiming their side of the bargain. Eduard can call upon the power of the djinn to cast minor fire spells and can summon them into the world as physical beings that take the form of two women. He is still not very experienced with his abilities as he has just acquired them, he is incapable of using most other magic forms as his pact with the djinn barred him from using anything but very minor spells from other forms. After the incident at the estate Eduard was sent the Academy to start his education in magic so that there would not be anymore accidents. He started the year a little later than the other students at the academy due to his discovery of magic occurring a bit later. (Eduard is also unaware of the war due to his secluded life)

Appearance: Eduard has light blonde hair and fair skin. He usually wears a white shirt under a thin black jacket that he leaves open, he also wears a thin grey scarf and skinny black jeans.

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I'd like to play if there's still room.

Name: Charlotte Desmoulins

Age: 15

Magic of Choice: Healing Summoning

Paint Color: Blue

Personality: Compassionate to those in need, and cheerful but slightly distant in everyday social situations. She's a perfectionist and tends to overthink everything (especially her schoolwork) but is confident and quick to act in an emergency.

Bio: Charlotte is from France, and her parents are both skilled healers who have devoted themselves to aiding those who have been injured in war. Growing up, Charlotte aided them as best she could, and has seen the best and worst humanity is capable of as a result. Her parents sent her to the academy to improve her skills, and also to get her away from the wars in Europe (she doesn't know this, but she does suspect it). She's still trying to adapt to this new environment and learn how to make friends, but at the same time she's dedicated to improving her healing abilities as much as possible, fully intending to graduate at the top of her class.

Appearance: Long black hair (worn loose or pulled back in a ponytail), bright green eyes, and a little taller than average. Her clothes are all well-made without being ostentatious, and she's equally at ease wearing a chic dress at a fashionable party or jeans and a t-shirt on a wilderness trek.
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I'd like to try out a Magical Weapon Creator, but I'd really like to know more about the RP itself first. The OP doesn't really tell much about what it is about, so could anyone give a brief rundown?
Note: I have changed Taurin's profile a bit. The only three things that I altered were his magic, which I feel I hadn't properly defined (it's now Zodiac Summoning instead of General Summoning), his clothing, to better fit his backstory and just to add more information, and his amount of years in his backstory, as it didn't fit with the times of the war given after I'd posted it originally.

[up] This probably won't be the best description, but I'll try. The basic concept is that a big event happened, called M-day, which gave some people (hereditary) magical powers but also caused massive catastrophe, which included splitting Europe into five warring pieces, which is part of some characters' (my own included) backstories. This war, I think, has been going on for five years and is in a stalemate of constant fighting.

The two places with the most magical people are North America and Africa. Once all the magical people started reproducing, ending up with youths of magical potential, people realised that schools for magic would be a good idea, and two opened, one in Kenya and the other in New York, this being set in the latter.

Each student (although I think playing a teacher as well as a student is allowed) is between the age of 15 and 20 and has considerable magical potential. Most magic is used by drawing runes in the air, ranging anywhere from simple runes with inherit magical meanings to massive complex feats of lines and shapes with many different values altering the spells. Every magic user has a colour, which is the colour of these runes, and in cases where there is no normal colour, sometimes the colour of other parts of their magic. As said in the description, gold is for teachers and silver for last-years, but every other colour is fine. Everyone also has a specialist kind of magic they are best at, but they could potentially learn more in the magic academy.
Sorry for the double post (although it has been quite a while) but second character time.

  • Name: Gemina Reylus
  • Age: 16
  • Magic of Choice: Zodiac Binding
    • Allows her to take the Zodiac beings and combine with them, gaining power based around them. Most notably uses Gemini.
  • Paint Color: Mustard Yellow, specifically a1a100.
  • Personality: Quick-thinking and adaptive. Fairly intelligent and good with communication and socialisation.
  • Bio: One of many children (13, although she is not aware of one as it was born after she lost her parents) of a couple in ex-Europe, trapped in the crossfire of the war attempting to find a way out. The family was separated in an accident that killed her father and one brother and left her unaware of the status of her mother and her other siblings, as she escaped alone. She slowly travelled around, attempting to get something together, until she ended up in America and, on learning about the great status of the academy, decided to head towards it, somewhat to attempt to further learn to use her magic, but somewhat hoping that some of her family would do the same.
  • Appearance: Average height and build. Long dirty blonde hair. Complete heterochromia iridum, with a light blue left eye and a hazel right eye. Owns a single outfit, a white shirt, black trousers and a long black trenchcoat.
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May I join?

If so, my sign-up sheet:

Name: Nathan Reid
  • Age: 15
  • Magic Of Choice: Cryomancy
  • Paint Colour: Ice Blue
  • Personality: Lived in relative Isolation for his entire life, so not great at being around anyone but his family. Can feel a bit out of place in big groups, and prefers being in his own company. Doesn't know much about what's happening in the world, and is a bit out of tune with other kids.
  • Bio: His Mother and Father where too Scientists in the Antarctic on M-Day, and both became talented Cryomancers. They remained in the bunker where they were stationed and had Nathan, and one year later, his sister, Jenna, but had to leave after a while, due to a lack of food. They headed to New York, where they quickly enrolled Nathan in the Magic Academy there.
  • Appearance: Nathan wears long robes that stop just below the knees, rimmed in Ice Blue felt at the end, around the neckline, and the sleeves, with a hood that has an ice blue rim around his head. He has green eyes and brown hair. Under the robe is a brown jumper (Sweatshirt). He wears blue jeans and brown leather boots.
  • Wand: A long, icicle like structure, which is used to draw runes, or as a conductors baton when he's not using runes.

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The Mad Catter
I'd like to join, if you don't mind. Here's my first planned character.

Name: Arix Collack.

Age: 16.

Magic of Choice: Lightning Summoning.

Paint Colour: Cyan

Personality: Arix is a jittery sort, always watching out for things that could go wrong. He tends to investigate things very closely, wanting to learn everything he can just to figure out how safe they would be. Although he is a fairly competent mage, he tends to hold back his full power out of fear.

Bio: Arix was born to mundane parents who hated magic. At first, his parents tried to hide the fact that he could cast spells, dismissing his powers as "luck" or "coincidences". When that failed to work, they resorted to punishing him for casting spells. Young Arix spent a good number of hours locked in the basement, trying to figure out his abilities in a hostile environment.

Eventually, he could take being restrained no longer and ran away from home. He travelled from place to place, seeking people with magical knowledge. After several harrowing experiences, he managed to find his way to the Academy, where he has been staying quietly for now. However, something is bound to attract his attention there soon...

Appearance: Arix is a slender young man of about average height. His eyes are a sharp grey, and his hair is dark brown, medium-long and rather fluffy.

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Name: Katrina Taylor (aka Kat)

Age: 19

Magic of Choice: Ice Summoning

Paint Colour: Silver

Personality: Has a friendly personality, despite to her powers. Is very prone to blaming herself for everything. Has a sarcastic sense of humour, and when she is focused on something, nothing can change her mind.

Bio: The middle born child of her family, she often thinks that she isn't worth it. When her father was killed in a blast and her mother died giving birth to her sister, Samantha, she and her two siblings were raised in an orphanage. Now that she has heard that her sister has died, she vows to find out why.

Appearance: Dark-brown elbow length hair which is often worn in a loose ponytail, and hazel eyes.

Yes, this is A Crack In Time. I wanted to join again, so I thought I'd play my old character's sister.

Is this okay?

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yeah, accepted. Welcome back to the game.
Hope I wasn't too late~!

Miki Yuuji

  • Name: Mikuri Yuuji
  • Age: 18
  • Magic of Choice: Invisibility
  • Paint color: Purple
  • Personality: Seemingly Kuudere but just shy, she always wanted to hide from other people. Can deceive people that she's confident by being a fashionista and with make-up, but is really insecure. She only uses that persona for secret missions.
  • Bio: Was sheltered and had a doting mother. Her father was always busy but loves her nevertheless. She came from an ordinary middle-class family. Everything screams plain and boring to her, unless she goes into disguise with wigs and fashionable clothes.
  • Appearance: Nadeko Sengoku [1]

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The monster of few words
Can I join?

Heres my sheet.

Name, Drago Free Gail Age, 15 1/2 Magic of choice, black magic Paint color, gray Personality, He kepps Fowler himself. He only hangs out with Cortog his monster that he created. Bio, Before he joined the academy he was An orphan. Both his parents died by his black magic. He has only
Im a not only a Monster Im an Ultimate monster
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[up] You seem to have trailed of towards the end there. Maybe you could try to finish off your Bio?
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Put more effort into the application
This looks interesting...I just came from an RP with a somewhat similar premise that has apparently gone dead. Are you accepting new players? Truth be known, I'll probably wait til tomorrow to sign up.
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yes, accepting new applicants.

Okay, I was brainstorming for my type of magic. I've made a choice, but I thought I should put down the extras for the spell list.

Terramancy: Manipulation of the earth, rock, and soil
Abjuration: Creation of wards and magical barriers, limited manipulation of the local flow of magic

Also, before I apply, I thought I'd ask, what is the setting like, technology wise? Wanted to have some background on that.

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[up]I think it's modern technology levels, but it may be a bit less developed due to the whole "Super War in Europe" thing.
Hey, how exactly is magic applied in the world? Only certain people can use it, sure, but are there specific jobs for it? Is it applied in non-military purposes, or solely in war settings? Also, what is the academy's name, or is it just Magic academy?

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