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Well, I don't know if I should be plugging my own work here, but since we don't have an artist's board (that I could find) I thought I'd make a topic here.

Illustrated Creepypasta Theatre is a series I've started on Youtube. On each episode, I take two Creepypastas and make illustrated, narrated versions of them.

Like I tell the viewers on my channel page, I'm self-tought so there'll be some anatomy fail (I admit, the hands in episode 1 are especially bad). I'm also a bit rusty since I was in a bit of a funk this last year and didn't draw much of anything. I'm starting to get my edge back, though.

Here is the first episode. I did this one in charcoals (charcoals make great darkness) which I'm kind of rusty at, and I'm afraid it showed a bit. Narration's kind of weak but I think it improves next video.

Posted today is the second episode which I feel turned out much better. While I originally planned to do the whole series in charcoal, I thought it might be better to mix it up, so this one is in pencils. I think my narration is quite improved as well.

And yes, I know my channel page needs a profile picture. :P I think I'll draw one tomorrow.

Anyhow, hope you all enjoy it, and I'd appreciate any feedback.

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2 Filby26th Feb 2012 05:42:42 AM from Western Massachusetts
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I enjoyed it quite a bit. I hope you do more, and if so, that you link to them here.
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[up][up] Thanks for the comment. You know, I almost renamed the whole location because I kept stumbling over "Massachusetts." I guess I should have! tongue

[up] I thought it was kind of creepy in that context, especially given what's behind it.

I think the next thing I need to do for some exposure is start embedding them in the Creepypasta Wiki pages.
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They're really cool, you might wanna work on the sound department though.
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Thanks. I know, I need a better microphone...and a stronger voice would help too.

There's a recording studio near where I live, I need to go there and ask how much they charge for twenty minutes or so.
The third episode is up here.

I think the audio's a little better but I'm definitely going to record with something better next time. Anyhow, enjoy.
Fourth episode up! With some special guests!

If you think my videos suck because of the audio, I reccomend you try this one. New mic, new recording program, much MUCH better sound.
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