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1 FirockFinion22nd Feb 2012 08:49:15 PM from Red Desert Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Discussion. Signups.

The city was quiet as morning dawned. It pretty much always was these days. The cars on the roads were all still, and there wasn't a single plane or helicopter in the sky. But, it was not entirely motionless. Here and there, separate from the ruined or collapsed buildings were ones covered with boards and sheets of metal and other bits scavenged up to make barricades. They were never closer than a few blocks from each other, and most were nearly a mile away from the closest other barricaded building. And it was at these buildings that activity could be seen; up on the roofs people were using lights or mirrors to signal to each other. 'Survived the night' was simply all it meant, and once they had all informed their immediate neighbors of that fact, they ceased signaling and started their daily activities.

On the more Eastern side of the city was one of these barricaded buildings in particular that was farther away from any other than most. In the area known as Saint Clair Superior, the thirty story office building almost seemed to sit alone. It was certainly the tallest building still around; every other building of comparable height in the same block had either collapsed partially or was only a field of rubble now. What had once been a parking lot next to it had since had a large excess of dirt spread over it and was being used to grow a few crops by the look of it.

It was in this building that a group of strangers were about to meet for a job on a bounty hunting team. The team was, as they had surely heard, a brand new one with only the de facto leader to its name; yet there were already various signs and wall markings indicating that the twenty first floor was meant for bounty hunters, and it seemed like they had already been there for some time.

The majority of the floor was a wide open area meant for cubicles, but the portable walls meant for those had been moved into one of the side rooms long ago. Instead was a most random assortment of things: a few maps of the city, with markings and notes scribbled either directly on them or on papers that had been stapled to them; some kind of oven/furnace plugged into one of the walls, with a little radio on the floor beside it; and an assortment of weapons and ammo up against another wall. The weapons seemed to be just a few sidearms, but the ammo covered a more wide range, though there wasn't much of any particular type except 9mm.

Whoever arrived first up the stairs* would notice* that the unknown leader of this new bounty hunting group was nowhere in sight.

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She was early, as always. The tall sniper had brought her own gear in a rucksack, which she layed against the wall by the entrance. With a sigh, the woman leaned back against the wall, and contemplated.

It wasn't really a surprise that Cleveland had been neglected. The government was only barely back on it's feet, and they were still dealing with getting the rest of the country there too. Most of Ohio's rebuilding efforts had gone to it's farmlands, clearing the bread basket of the undead. It still was in better shape then some states, especially California, but priority had gone to rebuilding the nation's tech base.

No one could afford exports now.

Ironically, Akron had faired better. The rubber industry was booming, as the military worked in overdrive getting as many boots and military grade tires. It was almost back on it's feet, due to military funding and a need for workers. Pity Cleveland couldn't offer the same thing.

But that was the past. She heard someone coming, and put her hand to her hip, hovering over her forty five.

Better safe then sorry.
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Coming from up the staircase was two voices, very faint at first but coming closer.

"You're really going through with this, aren't you?" The first voice, an older Male with a slight British accent said.

"Of course I am" The second voice, also an older Male, but with a typical American accent said.

"But why? Why not just stay on the force?" The British man asked, the two having stopped just a little up the stairs based on the lack of footsteps.

"Because having bounty hunters around is just as important as having the police around, in my opinion" The second man answered. There was a pause, before he continued. "Look, I know the force is important here. But this place did a lot better with a bounty hunter team than we ever did before then. I expect you boys to keep the place safe for me, alright?" The footsteps resumed, one going back up and more distant, while the other came down to the doorway.

At the doorway, a Caucasian man appeared who looked somewhere between his forties and fifties, but in good shape. He had a duster coat and cargo pants on, heavy hiking boots and an M3 shotgun slung over his shoulder. Resting on his mostly grey, short hair was a pair of goggles. He looked at Jadis then around the room with a raised eyebrow.

"Just you? Nobody else yet?" was all the man said as he stepped into the room.

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Akron is a city just south of Cleveland, famous for it's rubber manufacturing. Jadis is my character.

Jadis quickly scanned the man, sizing him up from top to bottom. He certainly didn't look like a monster, although she had encounter a cult of changelings once who had looked pretty damn human until they dropped their glamours. That had been a rough day for everyone involved.

Still, it seemed that this man was to be her employer. The bounty hunter stood to her full height (about six feet), and brought the hand that had been resting on her gun up, ready to shake hands.

"Apparently. I'm Jadis. I assume that you are my contact here?" She was very polite in her manner, as she felt a professional should be. Her accent was undoubtedly American, although it was difficult to place just from where.
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Derp, fixed.

"Ross Hayes" the man introduced himself, shaking Jadis's hand. "I'm founding a new bounty hunter team here, so if you're here about that then yeah, I'm the man to see" Ross said, taking his hand back again.
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And then chaos and destruction ensued. The men yelled with woe as the destruction ran about. That fine decorative vase? Utterly destroyed. The man seeking peace to read a book? His ears violated by a high pitched yell that came from beneath. The kid with the lollipop? Stolen.

The eldritch being licked her lips, now stained with a lollipop as it hovered towards its intended target. She took breath and emitted an ear splitting shriek.

"WEEEEEE EXCURSION!" Alearth screamed as she dashed at full flight speed towards the meeting point. Towards the wall, in fact. She couldn't utter a sentence as she had her eyes closed when the wall invaded her vision. She missed the door by several inches, instead colliding with the wall.

Thud. A muffled noised was heard as the mighty demon (hah, she wished), fell to the ground, watery eyes.

"Stupid Wall! Stupid Door!" She cursed.
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"Huh?!" Ross turned, startled at the noise. From the stairs, yelling and footsteps rapidly approached.

Soon, two men ran up the stairs. One was in what looked like old riot gear; the other had a hockey mask and a football uniform. The only unifying thing between the two was some amateur application of blue paint, meant to signify them as the "police" of the building. The one in riot gear sported an M4 assault rifle, while the other man was wielding a gun-like something that looked like it must've been constructed in a garage. Both weapons were now aimed at the young demon on the floor.

"The heck is this? A demon?!" The man in riot gear yelled.

"Looks like a little girl. It even took Laura's lollypop" the other man said, but nevertheless kept his weapon aimed at Alearth.

Ross stepped back to the doorway, looking down at the little demon in confusion. "... What's that on its neck?" Ross wondered aloud after a slight pause.
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Alearth blinked, looking at the faces surrounding her. Then at the weapons. Then at the faces. Then at her lollipop. Then at the backpack. Then at the faces again...

Her watery expression accentuated it what one could consider puppy eyes as she brought a piece of paper, a letter more precise, and handed it over her head.

"Pleasedon'tkillmethelollipoplookedtastyIwasgoingtobeinnextexcursionthemeninwhitecoatssaiditi'mtooyoungtodiepleaseread!" She said in a never ending stream, in her shrill voice.

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The man in swat gear looked a bit confused, but also scowled and leaned down to aim his M4 even closer. The barrel nearly got to being pressed up against Alearth's head, but Ross's hand suddenly pushed the man back, forcing him to stand up straight as Ross grabbed the letter.

"Just make sure she doesn't go anywhere, and I'll see what this is about" Ross said authoritatively, opening up the letter.

"But sarg- I mean, Ross, what if she... You know, does magic stuff?" the guy in the hockey mask asked. He was probably a teenager based on the voice.

"Then that's when you shoot her. Right now just keep an eye on her" Ross answered, starting to read the letter.

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Lord of the Avians
Blight watched the police take the girl upstairs. "Hell" Blight thought, as he walked up the stairs "They have demons here?"

Blight hated demons. But then again, Blight hated everybody.

A black cat wandered close behind, holding a freshly caught rat in it's mouth.

When he got up the stairs, he saw the police and the demon girl, who was begging for her life, in front of a white man, who held himself with an air of authority.

Blight leaned on the wall, and watched the show. The cat lay down at his feet.

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Alearth seemed to flinch for a second, just to make a sniffle sound as liquid began to accumulate in her nose. The letter read:

''Dear sir or Madam .

If you're reading this, it's quite probable you're acquainted with Alearth already. She is an unusual specimen of demonkind. But do not worry, she is pretty harmless. We have concluded that she isn't really dangerous, childish pranks notwithstanding. Nevertheless we have also concluded that short of dissecting her, no new insight will be made on her kind's habits if we do not allow her to roam about. For this purpose, we have put an electronic tracker on her neck and we shall send her away in the next Bounty Hunt. This will no doubt yield more information, and if our predictions are incorrect and she turns dangerous, you should be able to finish her expeditively.

Your sincerely.

Anti-Monster Research Committee''

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12 FirockFinion24th Feb 2012 05:20:23 PM from Red Desert Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
"Next bounty hunt? Do these idiots not realize that bounty hunters are private contractors?" Ross muttered to himself, and pocketed the letter. "Looks like she's harmless, and is supposed to join some bounty hunters" he said to the two police.

The hockey mask bearer looked up at Ross. "Huh? B-but, what are you going to do with a little girl?" he said, his voice a little nervous.

"Dunno, use her to check tight spaces or something. At least she's another set of eyes watching" Ross answered with a shrug.

"I think it's a trick. Just trying to get our guards down to kill us in our sleep" the other policeman said, his gun still aimed at Alearth.

"I don't see how she'd pull that off when there's always people awake around here"* Ross stated simply, folding his arms. "If she is here as a trick, then the monsters didn't pick a very good one. Now go on, we've got more than one person so she doesn't have to be alone with someone for a kill chance" he added, bringing up more authority.

The hockey mask policeman only hesitated for a moment before going back down the stairs somewhat quickly. The other one kept his gun aimed at Alearth and glared at Ross for a few moments, before backing away down the stairs slowly, gun still aimed at Alearth.

Once the man was finally out of sight, Ross nudged Alearth's back with his foot. "Come on, on your feet" Ross told her in a friendly but still authoritative tone. He glanced down the stairs and spotted Blight, and blinked a few times. "You look new here. What's your name, kid?" Ross asked, finally unfolding his arms.

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"Blight." Blight answered. "I'm here for the bounty hinting gig." Blight kneeled down to pet the cat, who was rubbing against his leg.
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"Ah, good. Come on up here and lets see if you can't get you situated" Ross said, stepped to the side of the door and motioning his head at it. "You can call me Ross" he added, glancing down at Alearth again.

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Blight walked in, giving the demon a wide berth, the cat following.
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She wasn't in to shooting children.

That was the only reason the small demon was still breathing. Demons were monsters, creatures to be put down with extreme prejudice. Creatures without mercy, whose cruelty knew no bounds.

They weren't small children. Jadis's imposing form towered over the small girl. "I'm watching you." she almost growled. "If I even catch a hint that you wish to betray us, I will personally send you back to hell myself, with my own bare hands of neccessary. Is that clear?"

She was professional, but demons weren't anything to be professional about.
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Jared had a large smile on his face as he stepped into the buildings, and began his climb up the stairs. He began to hum an energetic tune as he drew closer to his destination.
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Ross watched Jadis tower over Alearth, and said nothing. Looked like the lady really hated her some demons, but at least she was holding off for now. "Any of you worked in a hunter team before?" Ross asked, to divert the subject.

"Also, I'll have to know what you're all good at" he added, remembering that was kind of important. He paused, and glanced down the stairwell. It sounded like there was... Humming?
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"Nope." Blight replied to the first question. Then he replied to the second. "I'm a winger. I can figure things out as I go, and it'll work out..." He paused. "I have a good aim, and I can build things."

At Blight's feet, the cat stared at the child, weary of it's demonic scent.
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Alearth stood up, hands on her back, as her gaze studied the floor. She repressed giving a raspberry to the scary woman, she was scary. "I'm Alearth. They said I had to help you—-" She froze, as her eyes met with a certain figure. Prey. Huggable prey.

"KITTY!" She said, as she leapt on Blight's cat, glomping him beneath her arms despite the obvious protests of the animal. Her tail began to wag happily as she continued to restrain the animal.

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"Watch it." Blight warned. He didn't like letting the act, but his cat had be pounced on by more dangerous things.

The cat hissed, and Blight nudged Alearth a little, uncertain about how he should treat her under Ross.

FYI, I'll be away from Wi Fi until about 9 pm, pacific time.

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This might be my last posting chance for the next 16 hours too. Roadtrip.

Jadis turned toward her employer, taking her eyes off the demonling. "I've worked in small groups before, working as overwatch. I'm a sniper." She reached over to her rucksack, and with a single motion pulled out her rifle.

It had once been an AR, although it now had more in common with a battle rifle then anything else. It had been expertly upgraded and modified, to suit the needs of it's wielder, namely long range combat. She checked that it was unloaded, and then pointed the barrel at the wall.

23 FirockFinion25th Feb 2012 06:31:22 PM from Red Desert Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Ross watched Alearth pounce on the cat, and noted Blight's reaction. "Alright, don't smother the thing" Ross muttered, scooping his arms around Alearth's waist and picking her up with a slight grunt. Still holding the young demon, he turned to Blight and Jadis, and nodded at their explanations.

"Sniper, that's straight forward enough. Blight, you're a junker* then? Could come in handy for making traps" Ross said, then looked around the large room they were in.

"Well, this is where we'll be staying. Those side rooms will be our bedrooms, so you might want to go claim one" Ross started to explain, motioning at what used to be offices and meeting rooms. "Out here will be for whatever. Briefing for a contract, hanging out, practice, you name it. Money from jobs and bounties will be split evenly. Ammo is to be shared by everyone but your weapons are your own; no using other people's weapons unless you get permission or it's an emergency. There's some guns left over that are unclaimed, so if you want another you can take a look over there" he continued, pointing at the pile of ammo and a few guns that was over against one of the walls.

"Everyone got that, right? Any questions?" Ross asked, putting Alearth back down.

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"Yes." Clark commented. "How long until out first job." He stood up as he spoke, rising out of the shadow that was, in hindsight, just a little too large to be explicable. He put back the hood of his coat and looked around. "Call me Clark. Pleased to meet you." He said.
"Your mission is not to nuke the squid god." —Faramir
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Ross glanced over and raised an eyebrow at the sudden arrival. Then, realizing the question, fished around in one of his coat pockets for a moment and pulled out something small and paper-like. "Closest thing we've got to a job right now is looking for someone who went missing. Stanley Sherman was one of the scavengers* here, but he went missing a week ago" Ross said, holding out the photo for everyone to see.

It was of a Caucasian teenage boy with shoulder-length brown hair, taken from a slight angle with a small smile on his face. "This is an old photo, but you get the idea. Nobody has any idea where to start looking for him, so we'll probably just go out on patrol and keep an eye out for clues" Ross explained, then glanced back at Clark. "I'm Ross Hayes. What do you do?" he asked, wondering how long Clark had been there.

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