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So we have another one of these problematic "Acceptable X" filled with natter and whining. If you look at the "People who talk funny" entry, the description is too short and overly defensive and there's only one example. And even this is better than some of the other entries that have no examples and are just tiny descriptions, such as "Cultures that no longer exist" and "Cultures That Do Exist, But Are So Faint On The Global Radar That You Can Get Away With Picking On Them" (wtf). The description for The Wealthy is awkward to read and I can just see the guy who wrote it getting up on their soapbox and airing their grievances with society, which is not what we want in a wiki.

tl;dr version: Too much whining, natter, and whining natter and not enough examples to justify this page.
So basically, the same problems Acceptable National Targets had?
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Do any Acceptable X Targets pages not have these problems?
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Probably, but I just happened to come across this one.
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Yes, Acceptable Nationality Targets was TRS'ed a while ago for that. It was voited to be cut, then redirected by admin fiat because it had too many inbounds (likely too many)
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Yes, let's cut this.
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I get a feeling that most of these individual stereotypes could be turned into tropes, assuming they aren't already. I'd rather have list of proper trope pages than this.

It doesn't help that there is a lot of duplication between the pages. Rich people are listed on this page and Acceptable Lifestyle Targets, for example, and the United States was listed under political targets and national targets until I cut them.

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8 Martello21st Feb 2012 09:59:37 AM from Black River, NY
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Yep. We already have National Stereotypes anyway.
I don't think National Stereotypes covers most of this.

I do see some real tropes that could be split off of this though, that I'm surprised we don't already have:

The Redneck

Amish Country

Long Hair On Men Is Effeminate (Needs a Better Title)

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12 lebrel22nd Feb 2012 07:12:55 PM from Basement, Ivory Tower
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^^ Deep South, Useful Notes/Amish, and a subtrope of Long Hair Is Feminine
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Long-Haired Pretty Boy to be specific on that last one. Though there are a few that fit better under the supertrope.
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14 lebrel22nd Feb 2012 07:19:32 PM from Basement, Ivory Tower
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[up] Longhaired Pretty Boy is for men where the long hair makes them attractive. Long Hair On Men Is Effeminate would be a different subtrope of Long Hair Is Feminine, since you can be effeminate without being attractive and vice versa.
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Acceptable Targets is just a noticeable trend: "it's okay to mock X", which of course is visible only if it's not okay to mock Y and Z. I.e. you can't exactly bring Cyanide & Happiness as an example of this. =)

Thus it's almost by definition limited to "someone somewhere" - just like Politically Correct History. But the only YMMV-ness here is whether it's really a trend or cherry-picked random coincidence. It exists, did exist, and will exist, for obvious reasons. In some very wide circles there are definitely trends to posit that it's okay to mock Emo, "concerned" semiliteracy, The Amish, "Weaboos" or "Rednecks", etc. But it's definitely not the same circles, of course.

There isn't that big a difference in the performance, all Acceptable Targets variations work the same way. So either take out all subtropes other than mentions on the main page, or don't nibble on the edges of specific subsets.
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I don't have time at the momment, but we need a page action crowner.
I'd say keep with reform and rename. We still need some place for works that view theses things as acceptable targets in the modern era, whether they are or not. And place a Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment on there.

Theses do exist and they are tropes and we can't just ignore them because we don't like them.
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Crowner tacked to thread.
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Bumping for more votes.
22 ccoa17th Apr 2012 03:11:00 PM from the Sleeping Giant
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Calling crowner in favor of renaming to Cultural Stereotypes.
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23 SeptimusHeap18th Apr 2012 06:08:32 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
OK, I went through Acceptable Cultural Targets and its wicks and renamed them to Cultural Stereotypes. I also made a note on Renamed Tropes and the FAQ thread.

Also, given that the new name isn't part of the Acceptable Targets family anymore and most examples were about stereotypes, i.e objective anyway, I went ahead and pulled Cultural Stereotypes from YMMV and moved examples back to mainpages if they were good enough.
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What would be the best way to fix the page?
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