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Heh. "Penner's Ways to Get Voted Out Playbook"

Oh, here we go with the "what if." Those are always a bit silly, because it's armchair-quarterbacking. But it seems either way, Denise would have won.

 177 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 8:08:04 PM from Right Here
While we're at the start, I really hope we at least get a clip moment of Skupin's Amusing Injuries.

edited 16th Dec '12 8:09:26 PM by SpaceJawa

Oh yeah, that would be entertaining. Those were always good for a laugh after the way he left the first time.

Oh, here we go. The Mr. McGoo montage.

 180 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 8:13:12 PM from Right Here
'Mr. Magoo' [lol]

YES! YES! [lol]

 181 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 8:14:50 PM from Right Here
And you are welcome, Survivor. waii

Wow, still the most watched at 8. Nice. And yeah, thanks to Survivor too.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, soon we get to see where they're heading next. That's always fun to find out.

edited 16th Dec '12 8:15:39 PM by JMQwilleran

 183 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 8:17:41 PM from Right Here
[up] I've heard their doing another Fans vs Favorites season. Whether or not it's true, I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Hmm. I was kinda hoping for just a regular season without any gimmick, but I suppose another Fans vs. Favorites could be fun.

Heh, "a towel's going to just magically appear." Nope, not unless you win one on a reward.

Wow. Abi realizes that she has "growing to do" and realizes that she's "abrasive." Go, Abi.

 187 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 8:40:44 PM from Right Here
[up] It would be nice to see her grow up and turn into a nicer person. smile I wish her the best in that effort.

Me too. If she was able to truly get a take-away from this regarding things she needs to work on, that can only be a positive.

Well, up next, the fan favorite vote (my guess is Malcolm) and the reveal of the next season.

Wait, who won fan favorite? I missed what he said.

 190 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 8:47:11 PM from Right Here
Poor Malcolm. Seemingly destined to keep coming in just short.

EDIT: It was Lisa.

edited 16th Dec '12 8:47:26 PM by SpaceJawa

Thanks! Okay, time find out what's next, after the break.

So it is another Fans vs. Faves. Well, I look forward to finding out who's returning. Just so long as there's no Russell. Never again Russell.

And that's all she wrote. Well, this was a lot of fun. It's a shame nobody else could attend, but I enjoyed talking with you, Space Jawa, and I look forward to sharing thoughts with those who come to reflect on the episode.

edited 16th Dec '12 8:55:33 PM by JMQwilleran

 193 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 8:54:39 PM from Right Here
Yeah, looks like I heard right - a new fans vs favorites.

I wonder if the clips we saw of older players is a clue as to who we'll see returning.

And with that, I've got to go. Looks like we have about 3 pages between us.

That was fun. smile

Yeah, I'm gonna go too. That's a good question - I suspect most of the clips were probably red herrings, but maybe one or two weren't?

Again, been fun. Catch ya' later.

edited 16th Dec '12 8:56:17 PM by JMQwilleran

 195 Comrade Claus, Mon, 17th Dec '12 9:37:18 AM from Hecatomb Palace
Archangel of Beza-Dan
those damned googles... SHATTERED.

they should sue the company that made them.

instead of the lens just popping out, or breaking in a few pieces they became shrapnel!

vote surprised me too. though she never had any betrayer moments like skupin and lisa. they should've kept abi over denise and malcom

Fallen Survivors... nice oxynoron, that phrase.

fans vs faves 2013! i was just discussing that scenario.

also, jeff's "oh my god" moment before he got kissed was funny.

now, i used to like obama, but having a speech on survivor finale night? he couldn't wait till monday?

also, why are their more massacres during democrat presidencies? obama, clinton.. expect much more gun restrictions, rather than salvage our crumbling mental health services.
Slaying all enemies in the Name of the Goddess of the Force!
 196 phoenixdaughter AM, Mon, 17th Dec '12 9:50:29 AM from Cursed college Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Ultimate Gamer
Hi guys. Scotland is awesome and...Denise won!? WHOO-HOO!
I thought Skupin was going to win, and I was surprised to see Denise win. Still, I'm convinced that Malcolm would have won if they hadn't voted him out.

Hopefully, this new "Fans Vs. Favourites" doesn't bring in Colton. Ugh, that guy was nasty! surprised
Oh, Equestria, we stand on guard for thee!
 198 phoenixdaughter AM, Tue, 18th Dec '12 2:01:59 AM from Cursed college Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Ultimate Gamer
Let us never speak of Colton again. Unless they make us remember.
Comrad - I agree, more gun control isn't going to solve things. But you're laboring under a misunderstanding - Survivor was always going to start late regardless of whether or not he made that speech. Had he not, they just would have shown a full 60 Minutes.

And, yeah, I could do without more Colton. I really hope we get some good and likeable returnees on this new season. I'll be keeping an eye out for the announcement closely. Anyone by any chance heard any casting spoilers? I don't mind those as far as spoilers go, but make sure you spoiler it out for those that do.

 200 Space Jawa, Tue, 18th Dec '12 8:53:49 PM from Right Here
[up] I thought I saw Rupert's picture in the preview clip, but on the other hand I heard he ran for Governor of Indiana as an Libertarian this past election cycle, so I don't know how that would work out and make it a false lead. Presuming I saw what I thought I saw.

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