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Seems to be between Malcolm and Denise, but apparently it really could be any of them. And, they're heading off. Tribal time.

 152 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 7:06:13 PM from Right Here
Well hello, Abi. You look as pleasant as ever.

LOL. I think I'm actually looking forward to Abi's jury comments, just to see how much venom there is.

And Malcolm is out. Well, no surprise there, but man, that has to hurt. Definitely seemed like a lock to move on, but in the end, just too much of a threat.

 155 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 7:14:07 PM from Right Here
[up] yeah, can't say I blame him, though it would have been interesting to see Skupin actually go mono e mono against Malcolm in the end like he was talking about.

On the other hand, it's also going to make the final tribal council far more suspenseful now that there's not a clear frontrunner.

edited 16th Dec '12 7:15:04 PM by SpaceJawa

Completely agree - it really is anyone's matchup now. Will they go for Skupin, even though he's played the game before? Or maybe Lisa, who has played something of an odd and erratic game, but perhaps is reasonably likeable. Or Denise, who seems to be the most rock-solid, but I don't think has ever been much of a physical threat, and may have a hard time convincing them that she is most deserving.

It begins! The members of the jury are heading in.

Hmm, good speeches all of these. I really don't know what the mood of the jury will be. I guess we'll find out shortly. Could we have our first ever tie?

edited 16th Dec '12 7:31:53 PM by JMQwilleran

 158 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 7:32:36 PM from Right Here
Now might be the time to wonder what happens if there's a tie vote.

It couldn't happen when there was only a final two and 9 jury members. But ever since they moved to 3, I can't help but wonder what, if anything, their plan is if they were to get, say, a 4-4 split.

Oh! And look! He almost got Abi to smile! tongue

I'd be very curious to see what would happen in the event of a tie. We've never seen it before and this seems like the best chance of it yet. You figure it has to happen sooner or later.

 160 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 7:36:57 PM from Right Here

If Artis is any indication, this is going to be a tribal council full of really bitter players.

Mmm, that's for sure. Let's hope he's not an indication. Some bitterness is fun, but not when most of them are.

Carter doesn't sound bitter, thank goodness.

edited 16th Dec '12 7:37:43 PM by JMQwilleran

Hmm, I'm not really getting much indication from these questions which way the wind is blowing. Still anyone's game.

 163 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 7:41:50 PM from Right Here
I think the toughest thing about figuring out who the winner will be is not having any idea which way any of the jury members will vote.

I can maybe pin RC as voting Skupin, but otherwise I've got no idea which way anyone will vote.

 164 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 7:43:49 PM from Right Here

I love that quote - "There are three kinds of people in this world. People who make things happen, people who watch things happen, and people who ask what the [Exploding boat] just happened."

Here's Abi... hmm, simple question - why should I vote for you? Well, at least it's straightforward. Has some venom for Denise, though. An apology. Says that they didn't mesh. No, I don't think Denise has Abi's vote.

LOL - "Skupin, I don't think your name has been written down once." Right to the heart.

Oooh - outed her as the The Facts of Life star.

edited 16th Dec '12 7:49:41 PM by JMQwilleran

 166 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 7:50:17 PM from Right Here
Here's what I'd like to ask if I were ever on the council - I'd ask them to justify why one of the other people in the final running deserves to win more than they do.

And it's nice to see that Penner is amusing as always.

edited 16th Dec '12 7:51:15 PM by SpaceJawa

I think the which of the other question has been asked before, but not often. It is an interesting question when it does come up, though, particularly just to see how they react to it.

P.S.: Expect them to show us one vote, maybe two, during the actual Tribal Council voting. This is close, and they know it.

edited 16th Dec '12 7:52:58 PM by JMQwilleran

One vote for Lisa, one vote for Denise, one vote for Skupin (badly misspelled.)

 169 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 7:58:03 PM from Right Here
This is going to be a good one.

And the reunion show should be entertaining, too.

"Skoopin" [lol]

Okay, here we go. Off to the reunion show. I miss the fake helicopter sequence.

And we are live.

edited 16th Dec '12 7:59:05 PM by JMQwilleran

 171 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 7:59:37 PM from Right Here
[up] Yeah, that did make for an amusing transition when they still used it. Making it look like he flew all the way home with them in his arm.

Moment of silence was nice. Good choice. And here we go!

Wow... Denise? I really didn't expect that. Well, congrats Denise. Well played. I wonder if all the rest were for Denise.

edited 16th Dec '12 8:01:39 PM by JMQwilleran

 174 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 8:02:45 PM from Right Here
And Denise Wins it.

Can't say I'm surprised, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed that Skupin didn't take it.

Oh well.

EDIT: Though I'm actually not sure if I would have been surprised by any of them. Again, it was a close toss-up.

edited 16th Dec '12 8:03:23 PM by SpaceJawa

I actually was surprised, I didn't think their opinion of her was really all that favorable. But I guess that they didn't want to vote the win to the returning player, and they just didn't favor Lisa.

But yeah, only slightly surprised.

edited 16th Dec '12 8:04:20 PM by JMQwilleran

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