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 126 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 6:11:39 PM from Right Here
[up] I can see what they're saying about Malcolm, though. I'd say he's probably a shoo-in, too. He's likable, he's survived even in the face of a tribe that couldn't win anything, and he hasn't had to tick anyone off. He's got a lot going for him right now.

I'm also thinking they might not have just a final three, especially at this point. I think they're going to be surprised with a final 2 in the end.

EDIT: Or, maybe not. Guess they are just having one last tribal council yet.

edited 16th Dec '12 6:12:37 PM by SpaceJawa

Hmm, the reward this time is just a straight-up advantage in the final challenge. I guess car rewards are done for good. It would be neat if that came with some other more tangible reward, but I'm sure they'll compete just as hard for this.

A final two? Hmm, I think he just said there's only one more immunity challenge. So no final two.

edited 16th Dec '12 6:12:53 PM by JMQwilleran

 128 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 6:13:53 PM from Right Here
All things considered, I'm am surprised at just how competitive Skupin has been in challenges this season. He's a lot more dangerous than I would have expected.

Those are pretty neat looking dragons. Looks like it's neck and neck at the moment.

Skupin's fallen out of it. Lisa now falling out too.

edited 16th Dec '12 6:15:32 PM by JMQwilleran

 130 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 6:17:01 PM from Right Here
And ironically, just as I say how dangerous Skupin is, that's exactly when he succumbs to a puzzle. tongue

Yeah, Malcolm wins again. Let's see how he does in the immunity. As Lisa says, he was already a huge threat.

Wow, they really want Malcolm gone if they can do it. The question is, can they? Will he win immunity?

edited 16th Dec '12 6:24:17 PM by JMQwilleran

 132 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 6:24:53 PM from Right Here
[up] It would be a major upset if he lost, wouldn't it?

EDIT: either way, it looks like Skupin and Lisa are safe to the end.

edited 16th Dec '12 6:25:54 PM by SpaceJawa

Based on his track record so far, yeah. He really needs that immunity. If not, he's in trouble. He's just too much of a threat.

I'm so bored of these tablet/reader ads. "Our tablet has the biggest screen. We have the most selection! We've got the best network! Our tablet will get you sex." Mmm-hmm, okay. "Our tablet is another expensive electronic you don't really need, but might be nice to have!"

Ah, we go with the March of the Fallen Survivors. I thought they discontinued that, but I guess it's sticking around.

edited 16th Dec '12 6:31:38 PM by JMQwilleran

 135 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 6:33:38 PM from Right Here
No, they've had that since show 1, and I can't recall having ever seen a show without it.

Yay, cookie woman! waii

I was sad to see her go rather than getting to watch more of her antics. sad

Hmm, I could have sworn that there was at least one recently without the March of the Fallen, though I could be mistaken. I'd have to look it up.

Katie - hmm, can't say I really remember her much.

R.C. - yeah, I certainly remember her. That was a bad situation there, and unfortunately just bad luck on her part.

edited 16th Dec '12 6:35:50 PM by JMQwilleran

 137 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 6:36:03 PM from Right Here
[up] It's possible, there have been seasons where I haven't watched the finale (and a couple where I didn't watch the show at all), so I can't say with complete certainty that they've had it EVERY season.

I've always watched - no matter who they had on there or how boring the cast could be at times, I couldn't bring myself to turn away.

Abi - you still don't get it. There was a reason that people didn't like you and it was because you did so much, whether you were conscious of it or not, to just totally get on people's nerves.

edited 16th Dec '12 6:39:04 PM by JMQwilleran

 139 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 6:40:17 PM from Right Here
[up] Truly, you trump me as a fan of this show. *nod of respect*

Curious how they're still dividing people by way of their original tribes. Makes sense for the ones voted out before the merge, would not have expected it for the ones post-merge.

EDIT: Yeah, you clearly can not chalk her annoyance factor up to Manipulative Editing. Abi was just a pain in the surprisedsurprisedsurprised

edited 16th Dec '12 6:41:45 PM by SpaceJawa

Heh, thanks. Though I'm sure I'm probably only about halfway there in terms of fan devotions - I certainly couldn't recite the names of every winner of past seasons and I don't own any Survivor merchandise.

I guess dividing them by way of their original tribes is just an easy for way for them to stick to their narrative and make distinctions.

Immunity challenge begins. A second chance - nice advantage! I don't think there's ever been the advantage of a second chance before.

edited 16th Dec '12 6:46:17 PM by JMQwilleran

 141 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 6:46:21 PM from Right Here
Whatever the bonus is here for Malcolm, it's got to be a doozy.



Yeah, I'd dare say that's a big one.

Malcolm's already struggling? Hmm, that may not bode well for him, but then again, some of the others could have been and we just didn't see it.

Ooh, he dropped it! He's on the second chance.

edited 16th Dec '12 6:48:28 PM by JMQwilleran

 143 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 6:49:02 PM from Right Here
Wow, he used that bonus up quickly.

Maybe it won't do him as much good as it first appeared.

EDIT: Wow, this is surprisingly hilarious. [lol]

EDIT: Make that doubly hilarious. [lol]

edited 16th Dec '12 6:50:39 PM by SpaceJawa

Malcolm's just too nervous. He's psyched out. He's in trouble.

... He's out!

edited 16th Dec '12 6:49:57 PM by JMQwilleran

This is tense, but everybody else appears almost rock-solid at the moment. Oh no... Denise out!

Wow, this is getting really tricky.

edited 16th Dec '12 6:51:28 PM by JMQwilleran

 146 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 6:51:35 PM from Right Here
My mom (who's currently watching here) just commented that maybe Malcolm was pressing the rods together too much. That could have done it, given the shaking.

That certainly seems possible. I mean, he snapped them.

Skupin wins! He's in control. Well, good for Skupin. Let's see if another returning player can take the million.

 149 Space Jawa, Sun, 16th Dec '12 6:54:41 PM from Right Here
Skupin wins! YAY! grin

All he needs to do now is win he game and he gets full, straight on My Greatest Second Chance. grin

edited 16th Dec '12 6:56:06 PM by SpaceJawa

Oh, poor Malcolm. Distracted by the Sexy

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