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101 JMQwilleran5th Dec 2012 06:13:30 PM from Dayton, Ohio , Relationship Status: Singularity
I'd be very surprised if Abi wins immunity next time without a crutch. And I wonder what kind of hell, if any, she's going to catch now that they know for sure she doesn't have an idol.
102 phoenixdaughterAM5th Dec 2012 08:13:54 PM from Cursed college , Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
Wiping All Out
Eh, hint at a Lisa betrayal. But considering how the immunity challenges have been going, Denise will win the next one. CALLING IT!
So, given the current theme of people winning immunity just as people are prepared to vote them out, anyone feel up to accusing the game of rigging that last immunity challenge in Malcom's favor? tongue
104 phoenixdaughterAM6th Dec 2012 07:43:24 AM from Cursed college , Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
Wiping All Out
Or Denise. And yeah. That was my thought. tongue

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I bet Lisa is going to try to get into the driver's seat and use Abi to do it. Weeks ago, I would never have guessed this. But her brother came in and helped her to straighten out her priorities.

If there's one dangerous player in Survivor, it's the player who has a clear focus close to the end of the game! evil grin[lol]
Oh, Equestria, we stand on guard for thee!
106 phoenixdaughterAM12th Dec 2012 05:58:49 PM from Cursed college , Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
Wiping All Out
That was a huge fun immunity challenge at least for the "fun" aspect. MALCOM! You sinking my ship! YOU ARE DENISE ARE MY OTP!

Ah well. And There Was Much Rejoicing. Abi is finally gone. YAY! GO MATSING! And heh, there was laughter by Lisa and Skupin on her voting out. And Skupin was even dancing.

Well, I would love to be with you all and see this finale for myself, but I shall be in Scotland and six hours ahead of you all. I'll be asleep. So...MATSING! MATSING!

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107 JMQwilleran12th Dec 2012 06:14:05 PM from Dayton, Ohio , Relationship Status: Singularity
Ding dong, she's gone. And good riddance too.

So about the finale, anyone that is going to be available interested in having a live chat during it here?
Good RIDDANCE, Abi. You will not be missed. On the one hand, it'll probably hurt Skupin and Lisa having to go up against both Denise and Malcolm, but on the other hand I suppose there's a limit to how much you can tolerate from a single individual even when there's a million dollars on the line.

[up] I'd be up for trying something like that. smile
109 phoenixdaughterAM14th Dec 2012 11:06:16 AM from Cursed college , Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
Wiping All Out
Yeah, and I will be gone and where I am going I won't need pants I'll be six hours ahead of my usual Central Time Zone and will miss it. So...keep posting and tell me who wins!
110 JMQwilleran14th Dec 2012 07:42:29 PM from Dayton, Ohio , Relationship Status: Singularity
Cool, well, I'm definitely on-board for the live chat idea, then. And if anyone else wants to join, welcome in!
[up] Just to be clear, does that mean anything beyond being on this board while it's happening and typing up new posts as the finale goes on?
112 JMQwilleran15th Dec 2012 12:29:22 PM from Dayton, Ohio , Relationship Status: Singularity
Nah, I was just thinking something like what's done over in the My Little Pony thread where you post your reactions to what's happening as the show airs. Which means that if you're not on the east coast, then you either have to find a way to watch it, stay outta the thread, or live with spoilers.
113 JMQwilleran16th Dec 2012 04:39:00 PM from Dayton, Ohio , Relationship Status: Singularity
Well, we're a little more than an hour away, given that the football is running late. So will anyone be joining me for a live chat? Can't have a party of just one.

(sigh) Scratch that. They just switched into another game that's tied in overtime with over 14 minutes on the clock. This is going to be a while...

Hmm. "Shortened edition of 60 Minutes. I wonder if that means they're still starting Survivor at 8:30.

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I've got the show scheduled to start at 7:30 right now, no idea if it'll be held off till beyond that.

Can't say I blame them for waiting on Football, nor am I nearly as surprised on them not skipping 60 minutes given the subject matter.

EDIT: Ok, it says 'Shortened edition'. So barring anything else, it SHOULD be starting at 7:30 central. We staying here for the live chat?

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115 JMQwilleran16th Dec 2012 04:59:28 PM from Dayton, Ohio , Relationship Status: Singularity
Yeah, they just said "shortened edition," though. Wonder what that means, exactly...
I think "Shortened edition" means that they're unofficial 30 Minutes tonight.
117 JMQwilleran16th Dec 2012 05:03:50 PM from Dayton, Ohio , Relationship Status: Singularity
Yeah, I'm thinking 30 Minutes also, which means that Survivor would start at the time they scheduled. I'm definitely sticking around.

So, any thoughts on who you want to win? I kind of like Lisa for it, though really I don't think I would be dissatisfied with any of the choices now that Abi's gone, not that she had a snowball's chance anyway.

You know, I normally get an e-mail from CBS about start times. Let me see if I have anything...

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118 JMQwilleran16th Dec 2012 05:05:54 PM from Dayton, Ohio , Relationship Status: Singularity
Revised start time - 8:56 P.M. (7:56 P.M. your time) according to the e-mail. So if it is shortened, whoever was in charge of sending out the e-mail didn't get the memo.

(Edit - Well, it's obvious it's not ending at 8:30 P.M., so who knows just what they mean by "shortened.")

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[up][up] Of course I know who I want to win. I've been rooting for Skupin since day 1, so I'm not going to stop now.

That said, now that Abi's gone I can't say there's anyone left where if they won, I'd be overly upset about it.
120 JMQwilleran16th Dec 2012 05:37:10 PM from Dayton, Ohio , Relationship Status: Singularity
"For those of you who are watching Survivor?" So some are already watching? Great. And now they've cut to Obama.

They'd better not cut off even a second of the broadcast, I don't care what. Or I am going to be majorly annoyed. If they want to have Obama on, that's fine, but I still want to see my show.

Hmm, I'm not a big fan of Obama, but I like the things he's saying right now. Good speech. Let's see if anything comes of it.

NB - if this runs much longer and they do show the whole program, the finale and live reunion show are going to end after midnight in some markets. I think that would be the first time that's ever happened.

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121 JMQwilleran16th Dec 2012 05:57:48 PM from Dayton, Ohio , Relationship Status: Singularity
Okay, we are starting! So, previously on Survivor - everything! We had three returning players, but only one of them is left, Michael Skupin. Well, here we go. I think it could be anybody's game and I'm excited to see how things shake out.
Alright, ''finally'.

And good news, they're starting from the beginning, too. smile
123 JMQwilleran16th Dec 2012 06:00:11 PM from Dayton, Ohio , Relationship Status: Singularity
Indeed we are, beginning with Jeff's recap. Oh, gee, here's Abi. Well, hopefully we won't have to see much more of her this episode. Though I'm expecting some jury fireworks from her.

This has been a very good cast - I remember most of them well.

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[up] Yeah, there aren't many I don't remember, though it could just be because the season is recent yet.

I'd also say that this is probably the best season we've had since at least Heroes vs. Villains. I haven't enjoyed Survivor this much in a long time.
125 JMQwilleran16th Dec 2012 06:10:00 PM from Dayton, Ohio , Relationship Status: Singularity
Yes, it has been an exciting season. Interesting what Skupin is saying - people seem to think Malcolm is a shoo-in. We'll see. First hurdle - making it to the final three. Tree-mail's in...

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