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[up] Well, that's true. If Jonas had made it to the end, he would have been hard to beat for the million dollars.

Tarzan, on the other hand, is a crotchedly old man and an Insufferable Genius. Everyone knows it and he knows it. Strategic players will probably keep him around to the end, because they figure that nobody will want to give Tarzan the money by then! smile
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That was my comment when typing my thoughts on the episode. Indeed it is so if the person remembers the jury.

Not like -cough- Russel. -cough cough-
[up] Russel Hantz is the most memorable Survivor villain I can think of, and he just has Love to Hate written all over him! He made it to the end and didn't win - twice! Too bad for him that people got wise to him the third time around, and voted him out pretty early on. Too bad for his tribe that they fell apart and never recovered shortly after voting him out. Oops! sad

With that said, you're right. He completely failed to think about the people making up the jury. It seems that the hard part about this game is to try to get a jury that wants you to have the million dollars! What makes it hard is that you usually have little control over that. Besides, if you put them on the jury in the first place, they will normally not be happy with you...unless they consider you a Worthy Opponent! smile

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Yeah, the worthy opponet really comes into play if the person that manipulates can make the case that the other two didn't play as well as him...

...but then there's likability coming into play there.
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Hooray! We are breaking the bandwagon trend!

We all saw this vote comming as soon as the girls plotted together. The better thing is that the guys are going to fight it was well as they can, or at least, that's what the preview indicates.
I believe Russel Hantz is a supreme bastard, and nothing more. The game of Survivor is not screw over everyone and expect them to vote for you! It's be likable, be strategic, and maybe throw in an immunity win here and there, but even that's not necessary. People keep operating under the false belief that if you act like a jerkass to everyone and have an ego bigger than Jupiter, people will vote for you. It's stupid! But it does make for good TV.
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[up][up]nah, the 2 girls will stick blindly w/ the rest [even though they all treated the asian girl like shit] no one this season is showing much game. the guys had a chance to get her on their side, but tarzan blew it.

though his boobjob speech was lulzy. [didn't realize that girl had em]
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I have to say that Mike getting voted off was a wake-up call for a number of players. Christine and Tarzan getting some votes show that some alliances are not as united as some believed.

From the looks of this season, you have men vs. women, and then one tribe vs. another tribe, with both of them containing men and women. It started off with an equal number of men and women in the merged tribe. Now the women outnumber the men, and the conflict has apparently shifted back to men vs. women. The men had better hope that they can turn this around, or they will kiss that million bucks goodbye!
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[up] From the previews, at least, it looks like they're going to be doing something that I'd think players in the disadvantage would do more often, by forcing the people in the majority to ask 'where do you sit on the totem pole, and are you comfortable sitting there?'

If it works, it should certainly shake things up, possibly turning the tables once again.
So Jay got the boot? Well, I don't blame Troyzan for playing the idol, even if it turned out he didn't have to. What was scary was how Jay started off the episode as Properly Paranoid, and then grabbed the Idiot Ball (really, he jumped out of the challenge for food so impulsively that he was practically begging to be voted off!). Troyzan, on the hand, seemed to hold the I.B., but then became P.P.

Troyzan looks like he's in big trouble, and it looks like it'll take a miracle for him to not get voted off!
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If the preview was anything to go on, he's at least going to go out fighting as long as he can.
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Can I say that I love the auction reward. But why oh why did Christina not bet all in for the immunity boost when Troyzan wanted it so bad?!

Troyzan won the immunity, making him safe but also made him oh so very cocky. -sighs- Judging by the Facebook comments, he has the main public's support thanks to being an underdog. And if he makes a run for immunity, he'll defintnly win. Oh, and Lief got voted out.
[up] Poor Leif. I liked the little guy. Then again, he was rather wishy-washy, he didn't know when to keep his mouth shut, and he didn't really have any strategy of his own. About the only thing that set him apart from everyone else is the fact that he is a dwarf.

Troyzan won the Immunity Necklace, and good thing for him. He would have been voted out if he didn't get it. It doesn't look too good for him. Then again, there are signs that the women's group might fall apart, and if that happens, you can be sure Troyzan will take advantage of it! evil grin

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Well, Troyzan got the boot. You could tell that it was a Foregone Conclusion the minute he didn't win Immunity. Somehow, I don't think Tarzan is going to be voted off. He strikes me as the kind of guy who's just not going to win the million dollars, and if the girls are smart, they'll take him to the end, knowing that he won't win. Kat just might get a Took a Level in Badass moment! grin

Hey, what did you think about that sequence with the pig? That was pretty fun to watch!
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Eh, Tarzan might get sympathy votes/underdog votes.
[up] Oh, yeah! I forgot that there's 5 or 6 men on the Jury, and if Tarzan is still standing by the end, the men might all vote for him just to flip off the women.

Out of curiosity, is there a rule in Survivor that covers the scenario in which the number of votes at the end of the game ends up as a tie? I know that has not happened once, but I keep wondering what would happen if the Jury's votes ended up as a tie!
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Nine members...doesn't matter when the votes can spilt three ways. I don't think that'll happen but...I'd wonder if we get another fire challenge. -laughs-
[up][up] They certainly have to have put at least SOME thought into how it would work.
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Oh I loved this episode. Most flagerent use of editing-up villians yet. Well, not villian, just bratty.

Kat got the snuff tonight. I think it was kinda obvious when she picked the non-sympathy families at the reward challenge, instead focousing on the "fun" people. Shooting in the foot there, you have four people after you. And then going into a near-miss at Immunity and not being happy for Kim. (Though I didn't consider that to be too bad) But I found it interesting that Kim voted for her as well.

Favorite part? (My pharaphrasing)

Kat: I love blindsides. They are so much fun. grin

Kat (on snuffed camera): I LOST TO CHRISTNA AND TARZAN! WAAAHH! (Okay, okay. But she was sobbing all through it. Not helping with the image)
[up] Well, ouch! There goes that one! sad

By the way, may I just say that Alicia is a Jerkass? I mean, she's a special ed. teacher, and she says at one point that Christina is just like her students: stupid, and she will do what you tell her to do. Maybe she didn't say it in those exact words, but she might as well have. She sure is acting insensitive for a spec. ed. teacher. What do you suppose her students and/or their parents would have to say about that?
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Yeah...the few times she comes on, Alicia just appears as a jerk. This time claiming the game was in her control even though she's been following along with Kim. -sigh-

I have a feeling Kim's going to be a returner from this season. Her and Troyzan or Trazan.
[up][up][up] Frankly, the '22 and naive' thing couldn't have been good for her in any situation. Either it gives them reason to vote her out or, if she had made it to the end, it would have been a good argument for not voting to give her the million bucks. If she's really that naive, then it's easy to reason that the only reason she's there is because the person who's truly deserving of the win let her ride their coattails.
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Reminds me of Sugar, who lost to the good guy.

Speaking of which, Trazan. The teaser indicates that he's acting more crazy next week but...wouldn't standing out just remind the girls that he should be voted off? As I said before, last man standing gets sympathy/nice guy votes.

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It was just as well that Kat got the boot. I mean, she goes around blundering several points, like picking the wrong people to come with her when she wins the reward challenge, being a Sore Loser when she lost the immunity challenge, and then coming across as a total Jerkass at Tribal Council. No wonder they voted her out! That's what I call Break the Haughty! evil grin
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50 ComradeClaus8th May 2012 01:06:53 AM from Hecatomb Palace
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i'm thinking alicia will lose her job.

it is a cardinal sin for a spec/ed teacher to disrespect their pupils.

i have to say though, Christina & Jonas really subvert Nerdy And Asian.

they were clueless the whole season.

& kat has no excuse for being so stupid.

didn't know what an appendix is?! she never knew a single person who had one removed? & never saw one on tv or film? [The Simpsons for example]

i've been wondering if christina had any breast work done. the camera gives them far less focus than christina's, or even kim's {Pettanko} ones. maybe she asked the producers to give them less screen time.

im rooting for sabrina, since she's nicer & a smarter player.

tarzan has no chance, guys lose this season.

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