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I suppose at least some of it could be misdirection on the part of the promo people, but it seems obvious something pretty major is going down either way.

Also, "holy hotcakes"? Heh. I think I may just have to borrow that one.

 252 Space Jawa, Wed, 13th Mar '13 5:10:10 PM from Right Here
Looks like we're on the verge of chaos already. <___<

Yeah, we're not even finished with the second commercial break and already we've seen the seeds of drama.

 254 Space Jawa, Wed, 13th Mar '13 5:26:05 PM from Right Here
As much as I don't want to defend Boston Phillip and his crazy behavior, technically he did win that immunity challenge for them.

Yeah, as Television Without Pity noted, Phillip has been something of a challenge monster so far this season, and who knew?

Ooh, Brandon just had a Dumbass Has a Point moment. The whole "Stealth R Us" thing is childish.

 257 Space Jawa, Wed, 13th Mar '13 5:43:34 PM from Right Here
And you've got the problems associated with throwing a challenge popping back up.

I'm willing to admit that Brandon probably would have snapped eventually after that, but talking about throwing the challenge to get rid of him only made things worse and set him off sooner. Really not helpful to talk about that when you've already got the guy upset about the whole voting situation.

 258 Space Jawa, Wed, 13th Mar '13 5:48:26 PM from Right Here
Wow, this is far more entertaining than I expected.

I especially enjoy the way he's calling Boston Phillip out on his behavior and how the only way he got to the end was as Boston Rob's fall guy. grin

"I'm doing this for you, Jeff"? grin

Yeah, the calling out, great.

"Why don't we just cut to the chase? We're having Tribal Council right now."

edited 13th Mar '13 5:52:59 PM by JMQwilleran

 260 Space Jawa, Wed, 13th Mar '13 5:54:10 PM from Right Here
I have to admit, I'm highly impressed with Jeff's behavior throughout this whole thing. Guy really knows what he's doing.

I have to give that one to Jeff too. He was a class act and skillfully defused what could have been a very bad situation. Well, that was quite the episode. Guess we'll just have to see if this does signify any sort of momentum shift, though the Fans still need to start actually winning challenges.

Ooh, big shakeup of some sort next week.

edited 13th Mar '13 5:58:26 PM by JMQwilleran

 262 Space Jawa, Wed, 13th Mar '13 5:59:48 PM from Right Here
[up] Plus, it looks like Boston Phillips time could very well be at hand. Brandon wasn't the only one annoyed by him, he was just the most vocal about it.

It's a good thing Jeff was able to handle that situation so well, or else I think Brandon would have gotten physical with Philip or maybe someone else.

Almost 100% sure it's a tribe switch. It's too early for a merge, and any other twist they wouldn't have both tribes together.
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 264 phoenixdaughter AM, Wed, 13th Mar '13 6:16:29 PM from Cursed college Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
Wiping All Out
Nwehehehehehehehe. Here's a gif to say my feelings about tonight.

Alright still time to note some things.

Fans: Once again, I do not think they are going to give clues to these things, ever. And if there is a tribal shakeup, which I highly suspect, that idol is going to be handy for Reynold. Wouldn't it be lolz if he and Sherri ended up on the same tribe?

Oh and didn't anyone else note that Sherri and Reynold were just close enough so that the camera can focus on their reactions. I see what you did there, Survivor.

Favorites: I don't like Boston Philip and didn't care too much for Brandon. I feel sorry for Andrea and Dawn as they (and the rest of the tribe) were just caught between two people who hated each other.

And yeah, I don't think that fight between Philip and Corinne is going to play out. Maybe. We shall see what the supposed tribal shuffle will do.

edited 13th Mar '13 6:21:12 PM by phoenixdaughterAM

 265 Byakuko, Thu, 14th Mar '13 1:55:21 AM from Great Prosperity Sphere
Imperial Court Minstrel
ahh, but the thing is...

the favorites number 8

while the fans number 6

most likely the swap will create 2 teams where faves outnumber fans 4 to 3.

as long as the faves stick together, it'll be a massacre. like the faves could throw a challenge 3 times in a row, wipe out their fans, then go into a merge 8:3
"I will strike down all that threaten my clan!"
 266 phoenixdaughter AM, Thu, 14th Mar '13 7:00:10 AM from Cursed college Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
Wiping All Out
But the "allience" will be broken up, (along with potentally Reynold and Eddie) and Philip may be cut off from significant support from "Stealth R US." Who knows.
[up] But does anyone on the faves tribe really support Stealth-R-Us?

 268 phoenixdaughter AM, Thu, 14th Mar '13 11:41:11 AM from Cursed college Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
Wiping All Out
True. But who knows what will happen?
Yep, the promos for the episode are promising a tribe switch.
this has been a post
So I re-watched the big blow-up and I have to say: Brandon Hantz is Brandon Hantz crazy. It's sort of like how when Tom Cruise went off-the-rails and it was a sort of crazy that was so nuts people had never seen it before. He had essentially patented a new kind of crazy— Tom Cruise crazy. Well, Brandon Hantz is Brandon Hantz crazy.

 271 Space Jawa, Wed, 20th Mar '13 9:29:48 PM from Right Here
It's interesting to note how personality and the methods by which people go about trying to 'take over' can affect opinion on people.

On the one hand, you have people like Boston Rob, Russel, and (Boston) Phillip, where you root for them to fail in their efforts to take over and win because they come off as jerks or crazy people and their methods make them come off as bullies. But the on the other hand, when I see mention of Malcolm planning to take over the game, I actually wouldn't mind if he pulled it off because he comes off as a nice guy where it's not hard to root for him.

 272 phoenixdaughter AM, Thu, 21st Mar '13 2:11:49 PM from Cursed college Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
Wiping All Out
Onto the episode at hand, tribal switch up actually forces us to learn the names. Gota is Bartender, Reynold, Eddie (Woo. The bros are together) Andrea, Brenda, Erk and Sherri. (Woo. Bros vs Wrong Genre Savvy lady, that's gonna work in your favor totally with the more gel of the fans going to manipulate that.)

And then we have Bikal. Philip, Corinne, who outed herself as a Fag Hag, Dawn, Cochran, Mike, Matt and Julia. Very lopsided in terms of strength. So guess who's going to tribal? The favortes, though sick of Philip, decided to take out what they thought would be more challenging later on. A duo!

Matt got the boot, though Julia's name was teased a lot. Goodbye, excellent beard! (Though if Julia was voted out, I figure we would get more screentime with her)

So, Bartender controlling the game? Me be happy!

edited 21st Mar '13 4:12:03 PM by phoenixdaughterAM

This has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but it amuses me that Corrine's underwear covers more of her body than her swim suit does.
"I watch a lot of TV. I love TV." - Summer Glau
 274 Byakuko, Fri, 22nd Mar '13 2:42:31 AM from Great Prosperity Sphere
Imperial Court Minstrel
i liked calling matt's beard dipthong (that's the word popping into my mind when seeing it)

my aunt thinks sherri looks like a blond Sandra Bullock (i think she looks gross)

it doesn't bode well for the fans. (aside from the BR Oliance malcome is creating with reynold)

edited 22nd Mar '13 2:43:13 AM by Byakuko

"I will strike down all that threaten my clan!"
And another Fan bites the dust. At this point, it'd be real upset if one of them were to win this game, given that they were already well down on numbers.

And next week... Merge!

edited 27th Mar '13 5:58:02 PM by JMQwilleran

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