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1 ccoa16th Feb 2012 04:48:07 PM from the Sleeping Giant
Ravenous Sophovore
It's been brought to our attention that there are almost 5000 open pre-tropes in YKTTW. Many of them are abandoned, and many should have been discarded but weren't. There may even be some that should have been launched but weren't.

We need volunteers for two things:

  • Go through the old YKTT Ws and discard those that were identified as duplicates or are disallowed by our current rules (like stock phrases).
  • Find and adopt or launch YKTT Ws that are good tropes that fell to the wayside.

Obviously, the first requires the least amount of effort, but both need to be done. :)

One way to view old YKTT Ws is to view them oldest first or the salvage list.

If you have a question about the tropability of any of them, if they are duplicates, or any other questions about specific YKTT Ws, feel free to ask in the YKTTW Workstation thread.

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Waiting on a TRS slot? Finishing off one of these cleaning efforts will usually open one up.
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This got me to take a look at the bottommost items on my flagged list. I hadn't even realized I'd accumulated that many. XD

I'll help with this as I can, although I'm going to work through the stagnant drafts on my flagged list first.
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Wait. "Oldest first" is by initial creation date, not reply date. That may be a problem.
5 Acebrock16th Feb 2012 08:33:42 PM from So-Cal , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Just a thought, but maybe message the owners of the YKTT Ws in question to see if they want to pick it back up, unless said YKTTW fits the criteria for a discard.

I know I have a couple YKTT Ws that I forgot about but would like to pick back up.
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Drafts are automatically considered Up for Grabs after 2 months of inactivity, so you don't have to ask permission. Not that it hurts, I suppose. *shrug*

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Rhymes with "Protracted."
I'm going through and discarding things like Stock Phrases and things that were abandoned because they were duplicating other tropes.
I just discarded a bunch of things and bumped some other things I though worth keeping.
9 SKJAM18th Feb 2012 08:29:05 AM , Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Bump Into Confrontation already had five hats, but needed a major overhaul to actually be ready to launch—please give it a look for last-minute polishing.
Maybe we need a page for "YKTTW drafts needing a good sponsor" to list abandoned drafts that look like they have potential. Sorta like Pages Needing Wicks.
11 SeptimusHeap18th Feb 2012 02:42:38 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Yes, but I'd rather call it Sandbox.YKTTW Needing Sponsors.
Stratadrake, are you still planning to do something with this?
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I think the Workstation thread is a better place for the actual conversation (though the effort deserves to be mentioned here). that way, people get used to using that thread and are more likely to continue using it even after the Cleanup is finished.

Also don't have to worry about figuring out what constitutes "finished" that way.
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14 ccoa21st Feb 2012 12:58:48 PM from the Sleeping Giant
Ravenous Sophovore
Good point, I'll add that to the first post.
Waiting on a TRS slot? Finishing off one of these cleaning efforts will usually open one up.
What with the changes in YKTTW, it will be a lot easier to go through and discard stale drafts that don't have potential (duplicate existing tropes, stock phrases, whining subjective tropes, drafts for work pages, etc).

One thing I would suggest is that if you find a draft that duplicated an existing trope, if the trope name on the draft is would make a good redirect for the existing trope, go ahead and make the redirect.
I'll volunteer. I'll start as soon as my homework and TV tropes in general isn't taking up my time.
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I've adopted a couple: Worse Than Chance (formerly Worse Than Luck) and Becoming Inanimate (formerly And Now You Get To Be A Tree), both dating from 2011.

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I saw the link to this thread, and while poking around in YKTTW I also ran across this one, which is old, incomplete, and has no answers. Is this something which it would be appropriate to discard?
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20 MarqFJA5th Sep 2016 08:53:30 AM from Saudi Arabia , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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... Is this project dead? If so, is it OK to revive it?
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Discarded four duplicates over the last few days and am waiting for a final bomb on a fifth.
Mind if we continue cleaning up the TLP backlog?
Isn't it impossible (unless you're a mod) to discard TLP's unless they have a certain amount of "discard"s? That's the problem with old ones. The button doesn't pop up.
24 LeoMR29th Nov 2017 05:52:33 AM , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
Going through the YKTTW Salvage List, there seems to be a whole ton of pre-tropes ready for launch. Mind if I go through them and launch as many as I want? Not all at once, of course. Just when I have free afternoons/evenings tongue
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25 Fighteer29th Nov 2017 05:54:39 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
OMG no, please do not do that. 90% of those will probably have to be sent back or cut.

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