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First of all, this trope has gotten itself partly merged with Sports Stories so it would make sense to make this page a purely non-sport game story genre. (Apologies if I'm not making myself clear). A good percentage of the examples are correct but there's a few sports ones in there. This should really be a sub-trope/sub-genre of it. So all of the Sports Stories examples need to be moved/destroyed and a better written description to separate them.

Next, there's no reason why it should be just for anime. I've only got six non-anime/manga examples but they still count.

Third, it should be an index. It sounds like a genre, it's in a genre index and there's no real way of classing the examples as anything else so it makes sense to turn it into an index.

I'm not sure what else on this page needs work but that's a start.
2 lebrel16th Feb 2012 09:15:51 AM from Basement, Ivory Tower
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The current purpose of Main.Gaming Anime is for the genre of manga/anime that focuses on sports and games. So yes, there is overlap with Sports Stories, but the latter is both broader (includes non-Asian works) and narrower (excludes non-sports games). The name is a bit clunky, but other than that I don't see a problem.
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I think the definition and usage is fine as it is, and I don't see a problem with including sports stories mixed in with things like card-battle stories. The two have very similar characteristics.

It could probably stand to be renamed to Gaming and Sports Anime and Manga.

I also support alphabetizing it and adding index tags, so that it can double as a genre index like Mystery and Detective Anime and Manga and Fantasy Anime & Manga.

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[up] Fine with that there.
There are a couple of things in Anime Genres that would benefit from index tags.

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So do we want to expand the name or not?
8 lebrel16th Feb 2012 01:44:15 PM from Basement, Ivory Tower
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I'd vote for a rename.
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10 Heatth17th Feb 2012 08:28:30 PM from Brasil , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
Eh, I find a rename unneeded. 'Anime' and 'manga' are frequently used interchangeably, so specifying both is not terrible necessary. And sports are games anyway, so the name is still correct.

I mean, the original 'problem' was that 'sport animes' were being added, right? And that the OP thought they should not? But now we have established the trope is gathering sport examples even thought the name do not include them. Doesn't that mean there is no problem at all? What are we trying to archive with the name change? What is the problem we are trying to solve?

Unless there is an actual problem needed to be solved, we should just keep the name. Maybe add some redirects to keep it more search friendly, but that is it.
Why exactly is this an anime only genre?
Nobody ever said that games and sports are "anime only", but that doesn't mean that we can't have an anime and manga only page for works that fall in those categories.

No one claims Fantasy is "anime only" but we have a Fantasy Anime & Manga index.

I think it best to specify "anime and manga" just to be avoid even the slightest potential of being misleading to our readers, who may or may not be familiar with the genres. Also, it is a naming pattern consistent with things like Fantasy Anime & Manga.

This is also a very minor name change that is being proposed, for something with only 22 wicks. It will hardly be difficult to implement or disruptive to the wiki.

The only issue I had with closing off all of the non-sports gaming was that it ignored the non-anime examples, but *shrugs*.

I moved all of the anime and manga examples from Sports Stories over so that's all sorted and added Gaming Anime onto the little side list. I need to go through the index again and sort out the namespaces and such. (EDIT: done)

Gaming and Sports Anime and Manga sounds good. It's not any worse than Mystery and Detective Anime and Manga.

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Hey, if someone wants to work on a general supertrope for stories of all genres about games, beyond what Gaming Anime covers, contribute to this YKTTW draft.

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15 Deboss18th Feb 2012 04:40:30 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
It's a [Genre][Medium] index if I don't miss my guess, which are mostly there for work sorting purposes, rather than being tropes.
Let me rephrase: It looks like what is being worked on in that draft there is a genre page like Sports Stories.

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17 Deboss18th Feb 2012 08:46:57 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
That's a problem.
I was the one who made that YKTTW and it's a mess and that's before I knew there was a Gaming Anime page. I will have to trash it and start again, and all of that.
19 shimaspawn19th Feb 2012 07:55:11 PM from Here and Now , Relationship Status: In your bunk
I think that there's nothing really anime specific about this and that Sports Stories all ready covers the sports bit of this perfectly. I'd rather remove the sports anime from this and expand it to all stories about gaming.
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[up] I'm going to add that as an option.
shimaspawn, there is nothing anime specific about Fantasy, but we still have Fantasy Anime & Manga.
"I will have to trash it and start again, and all of that."

No, don't do that! Make the page a genre page for Gaming Stories, like Sports Stories.

This page can serve as an index for Anime and Manga that falls in the Gaming Stories and Sports Stories categories.

EDIT PS: Oops... Just realized I double-posted. Sorry.

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[up][up][up] We have many indexes for anime and manga genres... Anime is so damn long and this makes for better sorting.

Making another broader page is fine just this should be left alone.

Or dividing all genre pages by medium and then connect those to the medium pages and genre pages (which we already do for big pages). big project but it would make the medium indexes a lot neater and make things easier to find..

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[up][up] I meant a huge clean-up.

So I'll change that to Gaming Stories of the non-Anime/manga variety... or change Sports Stories to including gaming as well? If the plan is for the anime sub-page to have gaming and sports together, why not all of them? Or would that be too messy?

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25 shimaspawn22nd Feb 2012 07:02:03 AM from Here and Now , Relationship Status: In your bunk
Sports Stories should not include gaming. The two genres have almost nothing to do with one another.
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