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Trope is (apparently) Narrower than the title and quotes indicate: Menstrual Menace get usage counts

Trolling Swordsman
Most of the description of this trope talks about fantastic or supernatural applications of the menstrual cycle. But the quotes and some examples just talk about mundane normal menstruation. One of these things need to be fixed.

"Only supernatural by analogy, but this trope's list is pretty short" — in other words, examples are really being shoehorned in here.

The bad examples have to go.

(But that's nothing compares to No Periods, Period, which is supposed to be about the absence of periods on TV but instead tries to list examples of every fictional reference to periods ever... because they're "aversions".)

 4 jkbeta, Thu, 16th Feb '12 6:08:40 AM from right behind you Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
I've just removed most of the obviously bad examples and also added some markup to examples where I could not tell due to lack of context whether they were appropriate or not (search for percent signs). Now, what is the appropriate trope for all entries based on PMS? No Periods, Period seems not to fit here.

edited 16th Feb '12 6:09:41 AM by jkbeta

We don't have a page for that, but one's in YKTTW

Trolling Swordsman
The name is still nonindicative of the trope itself. Something like Supernatural Menstruation would work better.

Hmm. Is a Trope Transplant called for here?

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