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Nebilim. Oh my god, Nebilim. So tough, but so rewarding when you finally beat her. That battle pushes you to the very brink and forces you to use everything at your disposal. You have to go all out and makes use of all your skills and strategies. I even managed to steal the Tutti Capacity Core, only the second time in the entire game that I actually used the steal ability.

And man, oh man, the Tactical Leader costume title is really awesome looking.
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[up]Wait, you can steal?!
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Green FSC thingees on some techniques.
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Yeah, I had a Grass Chamber equipped on Luke's Swallow Fury. I can now take the best C. Core in the game with me into my next playthrough. waii

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Just to be sure, there's only one Tutti in that game, and that's the one you get from her, right?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure. You can only carry one of each C. Core to each playthrough anyway, and most people strongly emphasize remembering to steal Tutti from Nebilim.
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Does the 3DS version fix any of the glitches from the PS2 version? Or am I still pretty well off with it?

Also, is it just me, or does this game have some of the coolest character designs in the entire franchise? My only problem is, before I bought the game, I was under the impression from his costume and the intro that Luke was some sort of wandering mercenary. I don't know, the clothes, the hair and the way he wears his sword didn't really say "spoiled rich kid" to me.
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The reason I asked about the Tutti thing was because I remember a while back someone made the topic about what C.Core's they used. The person got a lot of "Tutti, that's the only answer, duh!" responses. But since you don't get it till the Ex-Boss of the Bonus Dungeon in the postgame, it's one of the last C. Cores you get, I assume. Yes Tales loves its New Game+, but I think that topic question was still a good one.
[up][up]I heard it fixed a lot of the Game Breaking Bugs that the PS2 version had, as well as vastly improve the loading times.

I picked the game up again after letting it sit for a bit and played other things. I'm going to Mt. Roneal and I realized exactly why I put it down: the pacing is starting to flag. There hasn't really been an entirely new city or vast dungeon to explore in hours, the villains are being very halfhearted in trying to stop the heroes, and the amount of backtracking is getting to be quite tedious. The game was pretty good up until the conference at Yulia City, now it's just grinding to a halt.
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So, I've started playing it.

...It is natural to want to strangle Luke at the start of the game, right? That's what they were going for, right? Because good lord. I haven't wanted to harm a player character this much since Joshua.
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[up]Yeah, that's what they were going for. He gets better.

[up][up]Yeah...the backtracking in the last half or so of the game is pretty bad. And assuming you're talking about the first trip to Mt. Roneal...there's still about a third of the game left.
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Oh my god I love this game. Guy is fucking awesome. Fucking Guy.
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