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This is the sticky thread for questions related to the namespacing of works. As in, "which is the right namespace for this work?"

Ideally, questions already answered are covered on the Namespace Map. If you know a namespacing issue has already been resolved, but it is not yet documented on the Map, please update the Map.

If you want to suggest a new namespace, don't post here, but in Suggesting New Namespaces instead.
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All creators are "just" part of how a work is made. There are no (published) works that are made by a single person. Actors are part of it, directors are part of it, writers are part of it, producers are part of it, studios are part of it, advertisers are part of it, production crews are part of it..."Creator" can encompass all of those things. And as far as our mission is concerned, we should be treating all of those roles pretty much the same way, so it makes sense to lump them together.

Whereas if we went with People/, we'd have a namespace that encompasses a mix of Tropes (e.g. Santa Claus), Useful Notes (e.g. Theodore Roosevelt), Works (e.g. The Undertaker), and Creators (e.g. George R.R. Martin). That's awkwardly ambiguous. Much better to stick with Creator/ so the role of the page is clear.
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It's fundamentally tech. Yes, you can move it to /UsefulNotes/, but note that companies are still candidates for /Creator/

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Do we have anything that works for audio dramas in the drama cd form? They aren't radio.

Hi, would like to second this query. I know of at least one works page that's currently stuck in Main (StrikerS Sound Stage X) since, when we were migrating the rest of the franchise, we found that there was a lack of a namespace for Audio Dramas / Audio Plays that aren't in radio form.

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One more: What would a band/singer fall under: Creator/ or Music/?

It has been extensively used in the latter, with YMMVs covering their musical outputs rather than the individuals themselves. I did see one band get redirected to the Creator/ namespace, so I'm just wondering...

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Music/ is the correct namespace for a band's work page. They can have a Creator/ page as well; it should be separate.

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Tool was moved to the Creator namespace; was that the one you were thinking of?
Yeah, that's the one. That's why I asked.

Still, as far as YMMVs go, I think they should be fine as long as it concerns musical output rather than the individual/band itself.

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Music/ is the correct namespace for a work page for a band. Creator/ is the correct namespace for a creator page for an artist. So, for example, Music.Miley Cyrus should cover the tropes used in Miley Cyrus's music, and anything about her career as an actress should go on Creator.Miley Cyrus.
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Anime-ted, should the same intro be on both pages for a band?
Oh, and: Music.The Beatles should still remain in the Music/ namespace while individual members go to Creator/, yes?
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[up] That's right, although they can have individual Music/ pages for their solo careers.

[up][up] Copy-pasting seems sketchy. Probably not the way to go.

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So what to do then... leave the descriptions to the work page while still allowing the tropes (as applied to the band's members) on the creator page?
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As far as I know, there are no musicians that are currently split this way.

But it's really not any different from any other creator. Creator.Bruce Springsteen is to Music.Bruce Springsteen as George R.R. Martin is to A Song of Ice and Fire. The only difference is that the creator and the work happen to have the same name.
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I really don't think we should have Creator.Justin Bieber, though - considering how much of a Hatedom he has. This is gonna be a tough one to figure out. I remember, awhile back, there was a policy set in place to not include stuff about the musicians on the Musician - which, I believe, was extended to include the YMMV/ namespace. So, the question is, where do we draw the line?

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Just treat it the same as you'd treat any other creator page. Avoid YMMV stuff, and whatnot.
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No, I don't think we need to split a wrestler between his persona and his actor. If he's a creator for something else, you can make a separate page for that, but it won't have anything to do with wrestling other than "Is also a wrestler"

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You could do Creator.Dwayne Johnson and Wrestler.The Rock, as those are separate personas.
According to this, we currently have 5,549 creator pages - so I guess we have that much to be moved to the Creator/ namespace. If we're gonna be creating Creator/ namespace pages for Real Life tropes of recording artists, then should their Music/ namespace counterparts be moved from the "creator" page type to "works" page type?

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Watch it. People don't have Real Life tropes. I think you're getting some things confused. A Creator page has the same elements as a Work page because the purpose of such pages is to document the person's work. We don't care about their real lives; they are not relevant to the wiki.

For the purposes of a musician who is solely affiliated with their work, then having a separate Creator page is redundant. The only time you'd want a separate article is if the person has a significant body of work not related to their musical career.

For example, if we have Music.Rush, then that is about the band and their work. It discusses the band's members. Having a Creator.Geddy Lee article is pointless if the only thing we have to say about him is that he's a member of Music.Rush. Well, maybe it could serve as a redirect.

As a counterexample, Creator.Paul Mc Cartney makes sense to have as a separate article because his work has not just been about Music.The Beatles.

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