Big spoiler: Armor Piercing Question

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The image used to illustrate this page is huge spoiler for Superman: Red Son. It's essentially the climax point of the whole series. I know any pic used to illustrate a trope like this is probably gonna spoil something, but it'd be nicer if the image at least wasn't from the finale of a work. Any suggestions for an alternative?

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If it's a spoiler then pull it asap. I'd do it but I'm on mobile.
Pulled it.

Are there any suggestions, or is this better left blank? I can't really think of anything that's much more than simple text.
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For reference, here's the pulled image:

Suggesting these. It's not much of a spoiler. Though, I couldn't crop out the right part of the bottom image. Maybe someone else can do it better.

I like the first one (the manga one, that is). It's the reaction that sells it to me. The second page doesn't seem necessary, just the question and the eye shots.
Yeah, the top image is the one pulled. Didn't want to doublepost, is all.

I thought putting together both the manga images illustrates the reaction better, but I guess only the first works too.
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Lets see This? [1][2][3]

Attempted cut out panels.

optional panel

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I like Yue's verbal smackdown. The funny part comes after, though, when she feels like a bully.

The manga above in #4 just isn't as clear to me.

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The Internet misuses, abuses, and overuses everything.
The Negima ones seem a bit too dialogue-heavy.
Yeah, an ideal pic should emphasize the question itself and not have much other dialogue.

The series of manga panels in #4 is too long, but I think you could just use the first three panels (the question panel and the two eye panels) to get the message across. They show the question and the obvious dramatic reaction it causes, I don't think anything else is needed.
Also, using just the three panels doesn't require reading the dialogue from right to left, which is confusing to many people (myself included) not very familiar with manga.
The manga pictures in post 4 are two different images. The top image includes the question and the eyes, while the bottom has the panel where he's screaming.
It seems like this trope, by its very nature, involves twists. But there might be a way around it.

Can someone post the original Superman image? If I'm correct, then it should be possible to crop out the panel with the note. In other words, I think showing a panel with Superman collapsed, holding a note would be sufficient to demonstrate the article.
I just don't see the armour piercing part of #4. It doesn't make sense to me, which makes it completely useless.
The Internet misuses, abuses, and overuses everything.
[up][up] The original image is on the top of post 4.

[up] He asks a question, the other guy starts screaming. I'd say it's pretty armour piercing. Especially since the one screaming is The Stoic.
^^^ It might, but Superman is not holding the note.

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Becky: Who are you? The Mysterious Stranger: An angel.
Huck: What's your name? The Mysterious Stranger: Satan.
[up][up] I wouldn't know he's The Stoic from that, and he mostly just seems insane screaming like that. I also don't see how that question would have much of an effect.
The Internet misuses, abuses, and overuses everything.
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Blast. Well it was a good theory while it lasted.

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[up][up]Yes, I don't know anything about the series either so the screaming is... odd. That's why I felt the eye opening panels worked - it gives across the impression that the person is shocked and implies a big impact. Personally, that's enough for me to under what the trope means.
Okay, here's a couple more:

Those look good. smile

Also, how was the previous image a spoiler? I am curious. smile
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The second one's a little better than the first, but I'd un-stagger the panels.
I dunno, to me the pics in #20 look more like the kid is confused (or bored) rather than being particularly shocked about those questions. (Also, I think an ideal pic should have only one question, not several in a row.)
How about a Vorlon?
The picture in #20 can't really count. It's not, say, a one person politely asking a question why they are so rude, and breaking down their entire tough person fašade, or anything like that. That picture is just the antagonist known as Johan attempting to break down a little kid. The quote from The Crucible could work well, as would the very quote used by L. And, course, I support only having one question, since it's in the name anyway. Ask one question, break the other person's character quite possibly, gain an upper hand, delay whatever they're doing, etc.

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