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TvTropes Collaborated Webcomic?:

Why, hello! I'm The Thnikkaman, and absolutely none of you have heard of me before now. I would like to launch a webcomic created by tropers.

"But, Thnikkaman!" you are probably thinking. "Have you even thought this through?" And the answer is, yes.

For example, I have found a free webcomic host, Smack Jeeves. I will not start the account until we are ready to begin the creation process.

Obviously, we will need an artist. If no-one else is willing to draw, I will do it, although if I draw, I would like someone else to be a colorist, as my coloring skills/color choices are poor.

We will need a premise and a plot. I have a few ideas to start us off with which you may change/elaborate on.

  1. Takes place in the Gilded Age of America (OR The Fifties).
  2. Urban Fantasy
  3. A visitor from the future, trying to prevent The End of the World as We Know It.

We need people who want to help make this. Although my goal is for this to be produced my the community at large, I'd appreciate if I had 10 or so (maybe more) regulars to the project.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to post them.


edited 13th Feb '12 4:44:48 PM by TheThnikkaman

Scrap premises 2 and 3. Set it in the Gilded Age and introduce aliens that are harmlessly bodysnatching.

Ooo, that's a good idea.

I think that I'd like to narrow down the time frame to during the construction of the Empire State Building, but I'm not sure.

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Is this still a thing?
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