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Most profound Flash game you ever played???:


Platform racing 2 and Transformice.

Shame I dont play them anymoree -.-
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 27 Jimmmyman 10, Fri, 17th Feb '12 9:39:53 PM from polan Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
cannot into space
Profound, to me, means made me think about a lot of stuff, and had me sitting at my computer wondering for a couple of minutes afterwords.

Here are some great examples of this. (Note: I got all of these from Jayisgames, so that's where the links go to.)

Anything by One Mr. Bean but that was yesterday, [Together], The End of Us, How my Grandfather won the war. This guy has talent for making you feel like you just did something transcendent.

Small Worlds I really can't say anything about this. Go play it, it's an exploration platformer.

Someone mentioned The Company Of Myself, and that's a wonderfully artistic depressing game. Here's another one by the same author: Viricide. Just don't expect to be filled with happiness.

A chess game This is brilliant, from a computer standpoint.

Silent Conversation Books and games meet, in a way you wouldn't expect. Relaxing and ejoyable to someone who loves books.

Seasons. What was that? I don't know, but it made me feel happy.

The Asylum. The ONLY flash game to make me cry. Don't worry, there's a happy ending.

Gray. Takes some work, but is worth it. Makes you think.

WARNING: The last game on this list is NOT similar to the above.

Scrape Scraperteeth Personally, I hate this game. But I'm putting it here in the interests of fairness.

Any thoughts on these games?

Go play Kentucky Route Zero. Now.
 28 Yinyang 107, Sat, 18th Feb '12 6:16:39 AM from the Greater Toronto Area Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
In all things, balance.
But That Was Yesterday is my absolute favorite art game, then The Company Of Myself.
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 29 eternal Noob, Mon, 20th Feb '12 1:25:28 AM from yer mum Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Yeah, how about, dad game, an absolute beat em up blast
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 30 Noaqiyeum, Fri, 9th Mar '12 11:34:02 AM from across the gulf of space Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
the it-thingy
The Majesty Of Colors - and anything else by the same artist, really (I Want To Be The Moon). The Bright in the Screen. Possibly Looming, though I haven't finished it yet. There are others but I don't remember them at the moment. -_-
 31 Zeromaeus, Fri, 9th Mar '12 11:45:18 AM from Neo Arcadia
Mighty No. 51345
Profound as in deep... uh... I dunno.

Profound as in good... the Epic Battle Fantasy series as a whole comes to mind. Incredibly well made.
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 32 pvtnum 11, Fri, 9th Mar '12 11:45:59 AM from Kerbin low orbit Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
Every Day The Same Dream.

It got me to sit back and think for awhile, yes.
Happiness is zero-gee with a sinus cold.
 33 betterthanstrawberry, Sat, 10th Mar '12 12:20:08 AM from back in the atmosphere.
Dreaming out loud.
The Majesty Of Colors

How I really should have suspected where you would get the idea for the Eldritch Colour Thing. >_>
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 34 eternal Noob, Sat, 10th Mar '12 4:57:24 AM from yer mum Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Holy shit. I actually remember The Majesty of Colors, and how i always couldn't help but kill...
If you wanna PM me, send it to my mrsunshinesprinkles account; this one is blorked.
 35 Master Inferno, Sat, 10th Mar '12 8:30:46 AM from Ideal City Relationship Status: Cast away
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One Chance is pretty neat, except for its creator's douchey "you can only ever play this once" attitude. That's insulting the player, which I think is the worst sin a game designer can commit.
I'm in the apocalypse business.
[up] That's the point. You only get one chance. You're not supposed to be able to do things over. Besides, if you're really that hung up on it there are various ways to get around that particular issue.

edited 11th Mar '12 1:05:04 AM by fillerdude

 37 Sabbo, Sun, 11th Mar '12 3:51:23 AM from Australia Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Porn Private-browsing mode!

edited 11th Mar '12 3:51:32 AM by Sabbo

 38 hnd 03, Sun, 11th Mar '12 7:13:11 AM from [REDACTED]
Parasol Star Memories
Deleting Flash Storage for that site also works.

I can't remember, is that the one where you're responsible for curing cancer but also basically dooming the human race?

edited 11th Mar '12 7:16:58 AM by hnd03

So. Let's all pause for a moment to smell what the Rock was, is, and forever will be... cooking.—Cave Johnson
[up] Yep. I was surprised to see I got the best ending, mainly because it didn't look like a best ending at all. XD

 40 Major Tom, Sun, 11th Mar '12 7:45:25 AM Relationship Status: Barbecuing
Eye'm the cutest!
Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar. Barring that, seconding Robot Unicorn Attack.

Either that or Katawa Crash. (You can find a version here but because of Danbooru do not expect the ads to be Safe For Work.)

Or you could always go with Time Fcuk.

edited 11th Mar '12 7:46:28 AM by MajorTom

Endless Conflict: Every war ends in time, even supposedly this one.
That One Troper Guy
I wouldn't say it's really all that profound (it seems to me like it was meant to be a parody of those types of games), but Time Fcku is a pretty great game regardless. And Goime 500 and Looming have great atmospheres.
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 42 Noaqiyeum, Sun, 11th Mar '12 6:27:26 PM from across the gulf of space Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
the it-thingy
Berry: Guilty as charged! XD
 43 ironcommando, Wed, 22nd May '13 1:22:45 AM Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Intrusion 2. It's not a web game but it's made on Flash. The whole game is one of the most epic things made on Flash, ever. Especially the final boss.

 44 Sabbo, Wed, 22nd May '13 1:36:55 AM from Australia Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Looks neat... but not terribly "profound". :/
 45 Disco Dancer, Wed, 22nd May '13 7:26:22 AM from A Floating Island Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Demon Suitcase
Seconding Vorpy about :The Game:.

It's hilarious!

edited 22nd May '13 7:27:21 AM by DiscoDancer

Anybody here like Loved? Love is also fun, but in the "profound meaning" field, it mostly just seems douchey to me. In terms of profundity, Loved is the way to go.

(also loved and love are totally unrelated, but they are the first two games that haven't been mentioned that i thought of)

edited 22nd May '13 3:52:44 PM by DAStudent

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 47 Meklar, Thu, 23rd May '13 12:48:55 PM from Milky Way Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Dungeon Cleaner, Star Dust I, and Epic Battle Fantasy 3 are pretty impressive.

However, they aren't necessarily the deepest. For that title, I would suggest Spectromancer (old FWG version, updated Kongregate version - these two are quite different), Fantastic Contraption, and maybe Creeper World (Training Simulator, User Space, Evermore).

This isn't counting multiplayer Flash games, of course.

 48 Noaqiyeum, Sun, 26th May '13 1:59:40 PM from across the gulf of space Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
the it-thingy
...I love Fantastic Contraption, but in what sense is it profound or deep? :/
 49 Feanfox, Sun, 8th Dec '13 8:07:43 AM from Sevastopol
No-one has to die. Unbelievable masterpiece.

 50 thespacephantom, Mon, 9th Dec '13 10:50:41 AM from penny dreadful memories
New York's Jojo
Seconded. That game was rad.
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