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Eheh, big discussion while I was asleep? XD

Firstly, both the Gentle Giant and the Goblin are accepted. I have to make sure though, with the Giant, is that tree supposed to be six inches or six feet in diameter? XD

Now, regarding guns, I'm afraid I'm going to have to say no. While I do find that it wouldn't be impossible for them to come up with guns, since I DO picture them using cannons, it just doesn't fit my setting. The only kinds of gunpowder weapons I'll be allowing are cannons that'd be too big to carry around, like on ships to sea and defensive towers and such. XD Also before anyone asks, I just kind of don't want to see a Giant carrying a Cannon in this RP.

The reference to Dwarves having higher ranked weapons was more to the idea that they are the better smiths, so their weapons are more likely to cut through things, probably less likely to break, and would be lighter, and maybe even have more room for enchanting than the usual weapon. Not to mention their mines reach farther into the ground, and find much more suitable (sometimes mythical) materials.

Alright, that was kind of long but I hope it cleared that up. :)
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[up]Six inches. I figured that a normal staff would be like 2 inches, so for a guy three times as big, I'd just triple it to half a foot in diameter.
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Ah, I see. That makes sense, actually. Alright, so here's our Discussion thread!

We'll try to keep discussion in this thread minimum, so that we aren't wading through discussion to try and find character sheets. XD
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  • Name: Marshmallow, more commonly called Squishy. Yes, she likes being called Squishy, deal with it.
  • Age: 9
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Fairy. As in, the small, be-winged things? Yeah, she's one of them, and she's still a child, so she's absolutely TINY. Excellent at Green Magic, to the exclusion of all else, though they're not very good at most other species' norms due to normally living on their own.
  • Appearance: Not shown: wings. They're more dragonfly-like than butterfly-like, though.
  • Personality: She wants to play! Though playing is somewhat hard, given height differences, but she'll happily swim and play with her (nameless) kitty, as well as talk of it. Marshmallow is somewhat skittish around large groups of people due to her absolutely tiny (she's about four inches tall) size, but she'll happily stick with Sari. Especially because her kitty doesn't have indefinite endurance and needs to be carried at times.
  • Brief Backstory: Fairies, being extremely social, normally don't end up with their child on its own. When a forest fire kills them, though, and the child is lost to the others... well, normally they die. However, Sari found her! So far, not much success on getting her to dress properly or act like a civilised person, but she's inclined to give hugs and rest on Sari's shoulder rather than hiding as normal, so progress has been made.
  • Non-Magic abilities: Swimming, though fish try to eat her if she isn't careful, and riding her kitty. Yes, she uses a small cat as an oversized mount.
  • Magic: Green. She's especially good at growing and shaping plants (it's something of an instinct, in fact), which is how she dresses herself (sort of, the above shows what she ends up with the half the time she doesn't end up with a few leaves as a sleeveless dress) when she remembers to. Animals she's not so good with, but she can talk and they're somewhat inclined to listen, which is why her cat likes her so much. On the front of buffs, she's absolutely terrible, so her combat abilities tend to be 'make people trip up'.
    Marshmallow is too innocent to imagine such things as having a tree stab someone in the back, shooting thorns, or following people in their sleep and growing vines into their gut that will kill them if removed and converting them into a human trapped eternally in a leafy coffin that sees to their every need.

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  • Name: Rex Alastor
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Werewolf
  • Appearance:Woof woof.
  • Personality: Despite his somewhat frightening appearance, Rex is very friendly. He likes being scratched behind the ears, and is more natural on all fours than on two legs. He's fiercely loyal as well, doing most anything he is told without question, and protecting his friends always. Though good-hearted, he's not very bright, and is a bit clumsy. He also dislikes cats.
  • Brief Backstory: Rex was born a werewolf by blood, and shortly thereafter locked into his werewolf-form with green magic sacred to his werewolf pack. He didn't like their violent ways, however, and instead opted to be left at an orphanage at a nearby town, where he was adopted by a knight and his wife, a nature mage. He lived a mostly normal childhood, except for a few incidents involving the neighborhood stray cats. He joined the rebellion because his foster father always told him tales of how evil the king was.
  • Non-Magic abilities: His strength is obviously greater than that of a human, and he uses his claws as his weapon. He has an incredible sense of smell, like that of a dog, and is a bit knowledgeable about plants and animals.
  • Magic: Green, though limited to small amounts of plant growth and a bit of self-buffing. He also, uniquely, can use this to speak with wolves, dogs, and other canines.
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Heheh, Marshmallow.

Alright, looks good. Fairy's accepted.

I like the Wolfman concept, very nice. The fact he isn't very violent in general is good. *nods* So yeah, also accepted.

Already writing up a profile for my character, by the way. Shall be a Red Mage, since nobody has made one yet. I'm sincerely surprised. XD
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  • Name: Jessica Iffericks
  • Age: 14 (Only one year in her current life; see below)
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Phoenix
    • While they are often known and depicted as being large flaming birds of prey, they are actually human-shape for most of their life. They cannot shift into bird form until they are of an appropriate age, and once they do, they cannot shift back to the human-like form. Upon death, they explode into ash, and an egg comes from the ashes. The egg will hatch a newborn child, who will age very quickly compared to humans, until they reach the age they were in the previous life. They have relatively short lifespans, but they repeat their life eternally. Due to having such eternal lives, they rarely mate.
  • Appearance: Aw, she's so new~*
  • Personality: Shy, very shy. She forces herself to interact with others but it ends up being very awkward as she has no idea whatsoever to say in a casual conversation, and so ends up muttering an excuse to run away as quickly as possible. She wants to be better socially, since almost every other phoenix in history has been a very social and influential part of things going on. But she... just has trouble with it. She's also fairly stubborn, however, and will not back down on situations unless it becomes embarrassing. Her wish to help others has gone so far as to get her to join the resistance.
  • Brief Backstory: This is Jessica's second life, having been reborn one year ago after dying in an accident at thirteen. She matured very quickly but stopped at her previous age, as a phoenix does. She somehow got caught up in a mess involving some soldiers, and got rescued by members of the resistance. She's actually not from the kingdom, and having discovered how things are run here, she has elected to help out the resistance to make things better.
  • Non-Magic abilities: She can cook, and she can run really really fast.
  • Magic: As a phoenix, she has control over fire and can shift slightly into fire, and finally is also immune to fire. Wounds will heal over while she sleeps. Her tears can heal any wound except her own. She lacks any magical singing abilities beyond it being very good, and is able to spread the sound of it across a city's length. This isn't an overbearing sound, but rather a gentle and smooth sound that doesn't sound any louder up close than at the edge of it's distance.

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Image not found, Davey.

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  • Name: Robert "Bob" Drake

  • Age: 29

  • Race: Good ol' human

  • Appearance: "You know, I really didn't want to do this, but..."

  • Personality: Robert has always been the nerdy pushover kid, not being able to say no to pushy people. He is shy and clumsy in social environments, leading to being chewed on by people who are usually less savvy than him. He hates fighting. However, if he's pushed to the limit, he is revealed to posess nerves of steel as well as a pragmatic mentality, which won't hesitate to exploit weakness or underhanded methods to get the upper hand.

  • Brief Backstory: A human gifted with the power of magic, he has spent almost his whole life in libraries and wizard towers. However, he sensibly acknowledged that a physical workout was needed to keep a sharp wit and thus he trained as warrior and learnt to use armor. Robert was coaxed into joining the resistance (read: She was pushy and had a nice rack) and helping them with his skills. Although most of the time he's running errands, he is a target of pranks, and sticks to reading books.

  • Non Magical Skills: Sweeping, Administration. He also makes a good coffee. Also, he's trained in the ways of the sword and armor and is fitter than most wizards, but he's still far away from being considered a great swordsman.

  • Magic: Blue Magic. He can wield Ice and Wind effectively for magical combat, and is at least minimally proficient manipulating the water flows and weather. However, he's much better at dispelling hazardous magic elements. He can't do an illusion to save his own life, though, all the ones he produces look like 4-year old paintings. He finds manipulating minds abhorrent but that's because he's actually good at doing it and fears becoming drunk on power.
I'm showing some interest, but let me think about my character for a second...
Shutdown sequence initiated.
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Same here. Are lycanthropes fair game?

[down] Whoops. *facepalm* Hmm... I'll come up with something else.

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[up]Considering kagescorpionakki's werewolf character got approved by Simply David, I'd assume so.
Some people say I'm lazy. It's hard to disagree.
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This looks interesting. Hope my character's okay.

  • Name: Goes under the alias Tarlin.
  • Age: 74, appears to be in 20's.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Race: Mostly human, partly elven from her father's side.
  • Appearance: She's tall for a part-elf and muscular, with sandy blonde hair. She has black eyes and slightly pointed ears that indicate she's not entirely human, and her elven roots make her appear much younger than she is. She wears a black cloth around her head like a bandanna, with a brown tunic, trousers and hunting boots.
  • Personality: Despite her bloodthirsty nature and sharp tongue, she's quite laid-back when not fighting, though not exactly friendly or easy to approach. When she does fight she's fearless and refuses to back down, even if that would be the best course of action.
  • Brief Backstory: After leaving her childhood home in her sixties she travelled to Nirn, where she learned of the King's tyranny. She teamed up with a red magic using dwarf, but after a few years of them rebelling against the king (mainly by robbing goods meant for the royalty and ambushing unsuspecting soldiers) he was caught and killed, leaving her with a bigger vendetta against the king. It was soon after this that she joined the rebellion.
  • Non-Magic abilities: She's talented with her own bow, and has learned how to use her friend's axe she carries around. She can also wield a sword decently enough in close combat. Out of battle she's an expert scout, and can cook well enough.
  • Magic: White Magic. Manipulates light, usually used to blind enemies, and is able to heal most non-fatal injuries (She's practising on how to heal deadly wounds and illnesses.)
reset myself and get back on track

goes by they/them, not he/him or she/her.
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Robert's accepted, just remember my note about mind controlling. ^^''

Whizzerd, there's two main problems with your elf. Someone who's Bloodthirsty would have a hard time using White Magic, at the very least it would be very weak, but I'd suggest giving her something else that fits her personality. Also, a Red Mage Dwarf doing stealthy sabotage raids? That is a bit, ah, inconsistent, but can be easily changed I imagine. Uhm, also it's a bit odd that she didn't join the rebellion immediately rather than working alone, but that bit can stay the same since she might have had her own reasons or something.

So yeah, other than that I'm fine with your character.
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Argh I resisted for as long as I could.

Name: Treia Josephia
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Appearance: Weahr'll jooged fo'mor thn weahr due. That be t'truth o' Providence.* If the accent is too annoying/forced I won't type with it.
Personality: An extremely pious and militant woman. When she speaks it is almost always with some fire and brimstone idea or allusion, and whether picked up on or not, Treia is too impatient and uncaring to even desire that her message come across. She is the type to let everything fall under the Providence of a higher power, and refuses to believe in the idea that mortals can change their fate. She is incredibly stubborn, her ideas have been rooted in her mind from an early age and are now all but impossible to even shake, let alone change. She is in no way nice, and while she will treat others with the minimal amount of hospitality, it is in grudging respect to the commandments of Providence. However, her tongue is smooth if coursing with damnation, and she knows how to get her way when she needs to.
Brief Backstory: Treia was born in artic wastes far beyond the borders of Nirn, where the harsh environment made everyone tough and god-fearing. When the ability to find food from day to day was almost solely dependent on luck, one drew quickly to prayer as part of their routine, and every generation of the poverty stricken Josephia family was raised with that. Treia however, had intelligence and cruel ambition, she was able to escape her hovel of a home- and vanish without a care given for her families feelings on the matter- and make her way into Nirn. Here she talked her way into a temple and studied to be a cleric, a missionary, and has adeptly performed this job since. Her sole occupation for almost twenty years has been the conversion, forceful or otherwise, of others to her faith- the worship of Providence, a relatively minor but aggressive goddess.
Non-Magic: A hardy and self-reliant woman who is used to doing everything on her own. She can cook food, butcher and prepare animals and fish, and perform basic carpentry and smithing jobs. She normally lacks for tools though, and just does these jobs when necessary while in a town. She has a dagger enchanted with runes of light, that blinds enemies with each stab when Providence wills it, which is often.
Magic: White magic. While Treia is theoretically a healer in service of Providence, her healing and barrier magics are virtually non existent due to disuse. Instead, she has honed the power of light manipulation to bind enemies with chains of light, and smite them with it's concussive force.

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[up]Alright, now normally I'm all for a violent Religious nut, but there's a bit of a problem in this group. XD

She violently forces people into believing in her God, yes? Well, that wouldn't work well with most of the other characters, and would lead to a big fight when they're actually sort of supposed to be a team. This also kind of goes with the whole "Used to working alone" bit, but that alone could work out just because it might cause her to be a bit distant from the group and have to be pulled in. The main issue here is she's violent with her attempts to convert people, other than that being a bit of a wacko is fine. XD

Oh and, how did she come into the rebellion? Sounds like she's in a good position already, and not like someone who'd rebel against the King. Though I could be wrong.
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In the case of the rebellion, she sees it as her 'Crusade', her chance to have even more of an excuse than ever before to be even more violent in converting people and pull more influence for her god. As for how she meshes with the group, she puts up with their 'heresy' because she knows she needs their help. But she's definitely going to be constantly dropping hints and egging the others to convert, just subtly.

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[up]That sounds good. Accepted~ Try not to push the religion too much, though, lol.
Um, sorry to make an objection after David's accepted the character. Although it's a really minor one, the picture. Um, it doesn't really look 31 years old. Or particularly fantasyish.

Also, I'd probably recommend against typing with the accent, it's a bit tough to read. >.>

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Hm. I happen to like the photo though. I will refrain from using the accent.

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[up]Actually yeah, I didn't notice that myself. But uh, Tachi is also a GM just to remind everyone~

The age thing is kind of a big deal, though admittedly it is a nice picture... but someone I know once used it for a fourteen year old. ^^'' So it'd be nice if one of those two things worked a bit closer towards each other.
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Oh, didn't know Tachi was also a GM. I'll look for a better photo.

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Thank you. :3
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That any better?

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