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Is "rename Commuting on a Bus" a reasonable option to add? Sort of requires familiarity with the meaning of "Put on a Bus", and clarification might address problems of underuse. (This is a case of something else, rather than nothing else, being used instead.) I think "the name is unclear" has been demonstrated.

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Becky: Who are you? The Mysterious Stranger: An angel.
Huck: What's your name? The Mysterious Stranger: Satan.
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[up] Yes. It is generally a bad thing to require a reader to be familiar with another trope before understanding this one.
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Bumping. By the way,
Leave this page as it is, but fix Demoted to Extra. Most of the misuse comes from people citing that trope when this one is more accurate.
- what is this exactly?
[up] I'm going to be lazy and copy+paste my explanations from the previous page: "Commuting on a Bus is for when a character is moved to a less-prominent role in their work, appearing less frequently than they used to. Demoted to Extra is when a character loses prominence/significance between sequels or adaptations, and has nothing to do with singular examples — it is meant exclusively for discrepancies between multiple works."

"Demoted to Extra is specifically for when characters lose importance between sequels or adaptations, and only that. Demoted to Extra is heavily misused as The Same, but More version of Out of Focus, but it isn't, and this merge seems to be based on that sort of mistake."
It is unclear to me why anyone would vote against renaming Commuting on a Bus, that name is terrible. I am fine with esoteric trope names, but having to understand one trope (Put on a Bus) to understand the name of another is really sloppy. Renaming that might also address some of the misuse of Demoted to Extra.

And (echoing ^^), what does "fix" mean?

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Becky: Who are you? The Mysterious Stranger: An angel.
Huck: What's your name? The Mysterious Stranger: Satan.
[up]I don't think it's a problem when they are so closely related. You pretty much have to understand the Put on a Bus concept to understand this one, regardless of what they are named.
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[up]There is a difference between concept and name. You might know the concept from the description; the name however stays obscure.
You don't have to understand the Put on a Bus concept at all to understand this one.
Becky: Who are you? The Mysterious Stranger: An angel.
Huck: What's your name? The Mysterious Stranger: Satan.
I think the name is fine, myself. Again, a commute is, by definition, "regular travel between one's residence and another location, usually work", so it seems to suit the idea of trope (returning to the series regularly/semi-regularly from wherever they went on the "Bus"). I'm certainly happy to hear out any alternate names (if there are any suggestions), but I think it's perfectly alright as a name. The connection to Put on a Bus also seems OK, since that trope is referenced in the description and is fairly well-known. Maybe something like "Commuting Cast Member" or "Irregularly Appearing Character" could work, but I don't know… they don't seem to have the TV Tropes "charm" to them.
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I notice that Commuting on a Bus has far less wicks and inbounds that the other tropes (like Demoted to Extra). Degraded To Recurring Character?
I think the trope should be written to include characters who also get upgraded to regularly recurring cast members (hey, how about Regularly Recurring Cast Member?), so that no secondary trope is needed. "Degraded" makes it sound as though it's a negative change regardless of context. And Demoted to Extra only sees that much activity because people use it both for what it actually means and erroneously using it in place of Out of Focus. Really, if any trope needs work, it's that one.

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Really, if any trope needs work, it's that one.

This would be a lot more believable if we knew that the opaque name of this trope isn't to blame for the latter's misuse. Similar situation to Missing Supertrope Syndrome (or, to be exact, Opaque Sister Trope Syndrome), alas.
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In my opinion, the chief difference between Commuting on a Bus and Demoted to Extra is that the former has some sort of in-story explanation, whereas the latter does not. And I agree that Demoted to Extra is also misdefined; a separate Trope for "Commuting" without the in-story explanation should be created and relevant examples placed there.

Actually, the way I see it is that Commuting on a Bus is redundant to The Bus Came Back, the difference being in the number of appearances. By definition, Misty qualifies for "Commuting" (1 2-parter ending Togepi's character arc, 1 inter-arc of 3 episodes, and a Made-for-TV Movie), but is a better in-spirit fit for "Back" (especially in light of her lack of appearances since.) Gary Oak's Sinnoh appearances are similarly borderline (except that he spent the whole of the Hoenn/BF arc absent, as well as the Orange arc prior to).

EDIT: Regularly Recurring Cast Member would, in theory, be indistinguishable from Recurring Character. Perhaps Part Time Regular for the "Former Regular who got his 'hours' cut" case. This has the advantage of not requiring a "reason" for the "hour-cut", making it a Super Trope to "Commuting".

And Demoted to Extra does have an inverse Trope in Ascended Extra.

EDIT 2: The original Trope, "Isn't It Sad," which is about the removal of characters in later seasons/adaptations would still not be addressed by my proposals... What we may have overall is trying to gauge motion along a previously undefined Sliding Scale. Perhaps we should first define a "Sliding Scale of Cast Membership", grouping the types of character appearances, and then try to cover the different types of motions.

EDIT 3: Here we go for DoE:
  • Out of Focus: A Regular or Recurring Character still pops in and says his/her Mandatory Line, but otherwise has no significance to the plot or individual episodes. (Recurring as defined as in roughly half the episodes or more)
  • Demoted to Extra: A character, who was formerly a Main or a significant Recurring, has fewer appearances (no more than about 1/2 of the episodes in an arc/season and no more than 1 focus episode per 13 for a small cast, 26 otherwise).
  • "Isn't It Sad"/Demoted To Memorium: A character, who was formerly a Main or a significant Recurring, who doesn't appear in future seasons/adaptations.

Again, "Commuting" is (the above) Demoted to Extra with a Watsonian explanation along the lines of "Character now works in the branch office".

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Calling crowner: fix Demoted to Extra.
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I vote to keep the trope and change the name. Fake Guest Star makes for a good opposite.

Maybe something related to The Character Died with Him or Absentee Actor; as well as Demoted to Extra and Put on a Bus. "Imperfect Attendance" "Has A Job Now" "Got Another Job" "Long Commute Character" "Semi-retired Character" "Not Quite Retired"

...I dunno.
42 DonaldthePotholer6th Dec 2012 08:07:29 PM from Somewhere in (not)Miami
What's needed is a TRS topic regarding Demoted to Extra. Either that, or a redesignation of this topic.

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Demoted to Extra is a mess we don't have time for right now. Once TRS clears up, we'll fix it.
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