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It was decided over at the Ron the Death Eater thread by one of the posters to delete examples with no sources. Basically, this resulted in non-fanfic examples being deleted, as fanfics were the only ones with sources (i. e. links to the fics themselves). The problem with this is that no other Audience Reaction pages require sources as of yet, and no one has made TRS pages for any of the related pages. What say you? Do you agree that all examples should be sourced, or that some examples, namely fandom, are just too broadly present to be sourced?

P. S. Whoops. Meant "Sources needed?" Punctuation is everything, indeed.

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2 VeryMelon5th Feb 2012 10:07:26 PM from United States , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
Needing a source for stuff like this is a waste of time.
By fanfics, do you mean that fans of the fanfic give a character in the fic leather pants/turn them into a Death Eater? Because those same fanfics would work wonderfully for examples for fandoms.

I'd say the fandom examples are too broad to be sourced. Linking to a well-known fic or artist might be a good idea though. And as [up] says, it's a waste of time. Wiki Magic should take care of the rest.
4 Deboss6th Feb 2012 12:05:27 AM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
I'm okay with requiring it to be used in a fanfic over a "general examples" crap.
No trope is ever too broadly present to be sourced.
Rhymes with "Protracted."
What about The Scrappy, The Wesley, etc. then?
Scrappies and Creator's pets can be measured with popularity polls, at the very least, and these are official sources. Now, the reason we limited things in Ron the Death Eater was to get rid of Thread Mode and things like "there are six people on the internet who don't like my favourite character, so Ron the Death Eater applies full force!". If the other pages do not present such problems, we shouldn't need sources.

Although, this might be an issue since this trope is the opposite of RTDE. We may want to treat them the same.
The Scrappy and The Wesley don't happen in individual works. They only occur as part of a larger fandom. Also, they're not about a character's role in Fanon works—they're just about popularity.
Rhymes with "Protracted."
DILP and RTDE are also about fandom perception irregardless of fanfic treatment, which is just one facet. Example of DILP in fandom: fans justifying Sephiroth's actions and/or considering him an eminently pitiable character. Example of Ron the Death Eater in fandom: Princess Celestia being misinterpreted as a tyrant and a "troll".

ETA: Tropes like The Scrappy and Creator's Pet have had their share of non-poll examples, many remaining through Wiki Magic.

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10 SeptimusHeap19th Feb 2012 01:52:47 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Fixing title
Thanks. So, between the two, what's the consensus on what will be done?
We should restrict this to sourced, in-work examples because there's a legitimate Fanfic Trope here that's being strangled by the Audience Reaction.
Rhymes with "Protracted."
13 SeptimusHeap19th Feb 2012 02:46:46 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
And fandom examples can still go to Alternative Character Interpretation.
Reiterating what I said in the RTDE thread:

Alternative Character Interpretation is already a mess of natter, Thread Mode and incomprehensible walls of text. These are subtropes of specific interpretations. Restricting to sourced examples should help keep these pages in a better state.

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Sourced examples only would all but limit these to fanfics.
[up] By definition, this trope can't appear in the original canon work. So...yes. The original canon work should not be cited as an example. That's kind of the point.

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Rhymes with "Protracted."
Again, I'm talking about reactions in fandom.
So should we move all examples there, and create subtypes (demonization for RTDE examples, and whitewashing for DILP examples) for each?
[up][up][up] And we should restrict this to sourced, in-work examples because there's a legitimate Fanfic Trope here that's being strangled by the Audience Reaction. =/

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Rhymes with "Protracted."
If we were to do that, would we move the fandom reactions to Misaimed Fandom?
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Bumping. We still need to settle this whole matter of inequity between this and the RTDE trope.

Perhaps a crowner is in order?
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Thanks. Now to create a crowner.

ETA: Can't believe that submit button was under my nose this whole time.

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What would be the best way to fix the page?
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