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Midnight Rambler Explains Dutch Stuff:

 226 Rvdz, Sun, 19th Jan '14 2:58:36 AM from Alblasserdam, Netherlands Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
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All the MR:EDS are absolutely brilliant. Especially the one with the swear words, it made me realize that we indeed swear like sailors. I live in Alblasserdam myself: it's alright, not a lot happens, but Dordrecht, Rotterdam and Utrecht are all close by.

 227 Midnight Rambler, Mon, 24th Feb '14 3:15:57 AM from Germania Inferior
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My very first MR:EDS episode was about our love of ice skating. Let's see what it has gotten us...


  • 2 x 500 m: sweep (M. Mulder – Smeekens – R. Mulder) *
  • 1000 m: gold (Groothuis), bronze (M. Mulder)
  • 1500 m: silver (Verweij)
  • 5000 m: sweep (Kramer – Blokhuijsen – Bergsma)
  • 10000 m: sweep (Bergsma – Kramer – De Jong)
  • Team pursuit: gold (team: Kramer, Verweij, Blokhuijsen)


  • 2 x 500 m: bronze (Boer)
  • 1000 m: silver (Wüst), bronze (Boer)
  • 1500 m: sweep (Ter Mors – Wüst – Van Beek)
  • 3000 m: gold (Wüst)
  • 5000 m: silver (Wüst), bronze (Kleibeuker)
  • Team pursuit: gold (team: Wüst, Ter Mors, Leenstra, Van Beek) *

All in all, we took home 23 out of 36 medals in speed skating, including 8 out of 12 gold. Every speed skating event had at least one Dutch athlete on the podium.

We also got our first ever Olympic medal in shorttrack: Sjinkie Knegt took the bronze in the men's 1000 m. With 8 gold, 7 silver and 9 bronze medals, we placed 5th in the overall medal table – the most succesful Winter Olympics ever for our country. Glory to the Fatherland!

Here is a cool picture of Sochi roommates Koen Verweij (1x gold, 1x silver) and Ireen Wüst (2x gold, 3x silver) showing off their haul.
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 228 Anna Our Little Alice, Fri, 14th Mar '14 3:24:14 AM from Here-ish-esque Relationship Status: Every rose has its thorn
The Guy Who Is Anna Yet Is Not
I just found this thread and I love it!

Living in the east of the country, Twenthe to be exact, I've always thought it to be interesting how the country seems to be divided between three areas: the Randstad, with the four biggest cities in them; the South, with Zealand, North-Brabant and Limburg and maybe even part of southern Guelderland (Nijmegen etc.) and the North, with Overijssel, Drenthe, Groningen and Fryslân (since I live in a province directly bordering that province I am socially required to write it in Frisian). I also found that there is this thing of trusting, liking and linguistically understanding all the others within their region, but not liking people outside of it - e.g. Randstedelingen will generally considering anything at the other side of the I Jssel to be "abroad" and Southerners to be "Bourgondic", whilst the rest of the country semi-believes that the North is full of barren wastes and surly people (they're not entirely wrong on the last one).

And eh, thanks for all the fun. ^^

edited 14th Mar '14 3:24:29 AM by AnnaOurLittleAlice

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Midnight Rambler...! Where were you when I needed you?? XD

As a long-term expat in the Netherlands (I am Spanish, but I have been living and working in NL for quite a few years already), your advice would have been GOLDEN when I first arrived :)

Keep the good work, man — keep the good work.
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