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I couldn't find any other topics for this site. So, anyone frequent The Agony Booth? I used to, but I've lost interest ever since they stopped doing recaps, which is what I felt set them apart from other sites on the net. Now they just make video reviews like a million other sites, and frankly, I don't see anything in their videos that makes me want to stick around. However, I am interested in hearing other opinions about it

My personal take is that these days they seem to be targeting anything that's popular for the sake of tearing it apart as if to say to it's fans "hey, this crap isn't actually that good. Stop enjoying it so much." The whole attitude just rubs me the wrong way. It's like unless it's been thought out to genius levels, they don't enjoy it and seem to mock people that do. Especially when that one guy basically tooted his horn about not being a brony while bashing FIM. The whole lot just act like wine sipping snobs. And the fact that they blatant fan hate and allow fan hating is also sickening.

Whoa, did I get off base going on about They Changed Now They Suck? Yeah, as you can, I have a few issues with the overall feel of their videos, but their recaps of bad movies were hilarious.

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I do wish they did more recaps (they still do them just... infrequently. The Recap of Death Proof from Grindhouse is pretty good even if I disagree with some of it). Though I don't exactly dislike the videos either, even if the production values and sound quality is sometime a bit hard to listen to.

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3 JSNion5th Feb 2012 01:28:14 PM from Marlboro, Vermont
[up][up] I'm with you here. The recaps allowed for a much wider range of tone, and with the advent of their video reviews, it seems as though that's been sacrificed for out and out ugliness towards anybody they feel a need to target. I left after one of their writers told a Scott Pilgrim fan they were "looking for substance that just isn't there."
My brain is quite scrambled, but in the long run I don't really mind.
Yeah, at least in the early days Agony Booth tended to be a lot more fair and had some pretense of objectivity. These days, they're just a bunch of jerks.
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And bad writers, to boot. The chick who did the Bakshi LOTR was ready to tear it to shreds from the start. She claims she is an avowed hater of the books, which is fine, but it has no bearing on the review, which makes cracks about the 70's haircuts and the fact that Aragorn isn't an Olympian god like Viggo Mortesen.

Granted, even their best recappers are guilty of that; Like Ed Harris, who went on for yards about Vanessa Ferlito's alleged Butter Face. I get it. You have a thing about noses. Can we get back to Death Proof?

I usually give recappers the benefit of the doubt, since they're comedians and thus get annoyed by little everyday things. For instance, TWoP had two or three Lit majors covering the Buffyverse, and they couldn't shut up about Eliza Dusku's "tiny calves." Well, okay. It's a given that these guys are paid to be petty. But if a critic doesn't even pretend to be objective and comes out with both barrels blazing, then we've entered the realm of trolling for money.

edit: I do enjoy Sophie Liv. She used to lurk around Spoony's forum before getting her own review show. Just a good natured, gushing fangirl with a Zsa Zsa Gabor accent.

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I'm not too fond of the TGWTG-lite direction Agony Booth took. I'm not going to cry Ruined FOREVER because only morons do that but it's just disappointing, that's all.
To be perfectly to myself, Bat Dan, I was never a big fan of the Agony Booth, so it didn't take too terribly much to completely ruin any enjoyment I got out of it.
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I think it has become kinda TGWTG Lite overtime. But the major problem with that is that most of them lack the on-screen charisma that the better members of TGWTG have. I don't think they are any harder on movies than before, just more critical of fan bases. But the major problem with most of their video shows is IMO they are just boring. Michael A. Novelli seems to have few facial expression and can't seem to get up any enthusiasm at all. It is like he is trying to do deadpan comedy but his deadpanning comes across as really forced I don't really know how to describe it outside that.
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Plus TGWTG might Accentuate the Negative, but they're also all fangirls and fanboys who (mostly) appreciate that you can like or dislike whatever you want. I don't get that from Agony Booth.
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I should have taken a hint from the recap of Tron Legacy. Poorly written, did not deserve to be recapped. Then the shit storm continued with awful videos an an equally bad recap of Transformers 3, where you could tell he was ready to hate it from the start.

Now it's just unbearable. I told Albert that the video recaps suck and he retorted with a very snobbish retort.
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@Propane Nightmare: Really? What did he say if you don't mind sharing that?

You know I don't recall them having any more unjustified hatred than before but than again my experience is pretty much just watching Ryan Lohner and one or two MN videos. Ryan Lohner is kinda the only one I can stand watching on that site. Yeah Ryan did dismiss the awesome Turtles Forever special cause he felt it made fun of the 1980s cartoon too much but it apparently wasn't as bad as the rest of the hate they may or may not spread around.

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I don't give their videos the time of day. And Ed Harris is the only recapper I pay attention to.
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I don't think any of the people on it really have any desire to do video reviews. You can see it in their eyes.
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Is it just because it makes them more money than just text reviews?
Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there. With open arms and open eyes.
[up] Correct. Better money from videos than Amazon ads.
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Why not start up another video site than? Just using The Agony Booth name won't attract a whole lot of people who weren't fans before. A lot of the ones that were feel kind of alienated.
Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there. With open arms and open eyes.
From what the creator of the site said in a tweet or something, he just expects them to deal with it.
@Wild-Card. I can't recall exactly but he said something to the effect of "that's sad, I spent a lot of time organizing and editing them all together! If you don't like it, too bad".

Really, it's sad, they actually used to be worth visiting because of their tongue in cheek analysis. Even if I disagreed it was still fun to read.

Mainly, I blame Chris Swanson (his Tranny 2 recap was a fluke, clearly) and and the video ecaps. Chris' Tron Legacy recap and Tranny 3 recaps were awful and were just pages upon pages of bitching, and were painfully DULL. The Stig gag on the TL recap was funny until he repeated it over and over and ran it into the ground. Also, in both mentioned recaps, he uses Monty Python and the Holy Grail gags, definitely showing he's clearly running out of ideas. I really don't like his prose either. I get he's trying to recap like he talks but it just comes off as showy and his constant pop culture references are annoying. His bitching about not seeing certain guys shirtless makes it worse (I'm not homophobic, I myself am gay) and rather quite desperate. Yeah, Garett Hedlund is an attractive guy and yes it'd be nice to see him shirtless but come the fuck on, we are reading to see you rant, not complain about seeing guys shirtless.

And the video recaps. Ugh. The Nostalgia Critic is funny because his style is original and the way he delivers the deadpan deliveries as well. I tried getting through the Sherlock Holmes video and turned off halfway through, just awful.

This used to be a wickedly funny site but now it's just people using it to complain about things they don't like.

Anyone else like the recaps of Eragon, The Dark Is Rising, and the Bashki Lord Of The Rings?

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20 Wildcard12th Apr 2012 10:19:37 AM from Revolution City , Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
Yeah they were well written and quite funny.
The most recent recap was Advent Children. I starts off extremely detailed... Then gets to the 40 minute Mark at page 4 and blows through practically the whole movie in a few paragraphs.

Oh and it wasnt funny either.
22 johnnyfog14th Aug 2012 01:33:55 PM from the Zocalo , Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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Wait. When did that Spoony-wannabe hack "johnny oldschool" get picked up by the site?
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23 Wildcard14th Aug 2012 02:02:18 PM from Revolution City , Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
[up]Sometimes this year I'm guessing.

Does anybody have any opinion about the video shows that isn't exclusively negative? I think Ryan Lohner isn't so bad and probably best actual video reviews on the site.
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Well, Sophie is pretty cute. She was a forum poster on TSE before joining up.
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I remember finding the site about three years ago and enjoying a lot of the written recaps, especially the Bakshi Lord of the Rings (Admit it, the movie is hilarious) and Ang Lee's Hulk.

I rediscovered them recently and... What the fuck happened? Why are there mostly video reviews on a site that prided itself for its absurdly long written recaps? I tried watching a few of them, and they're really bad. They have all the amateurism of TGWTG (Already not inspiring hope), but none of the charm.

Just go back to written recaps. Please.

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