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Anti-Hero Nigel/Niko the Quiet One, the Shadow Bard, the Crow at the Crossroads: a shadow demon with Magic Music (violine and cello) Mind Control; he was abused by his father and neglected by his mother as a human - as a demon he can go unnoticed at will.

Randall the Laughing One, the Shadow Dancer, the Crow in the Woods: a shadow demon with Magic Dance mind control; his human life is a mystery but he is poisonous to traitors.

Complete Monster The Wicked One, the Fire Drummer, the Snake in the Well: a fire demon with Magic Music (drums) mind control; his human life is also a mystery but he can sense when he's being lied to.

The Dragon The Fierce One, the River Piper, the Duchess of Crabs: a water demon with Magic Music (flute) mind control; she was drowned by her greedy husband and became a demon by making a deal with a demon in The Underworld - as a demon she has the ability to smell greed in humans.

The Masked One, the Thunder Shaper, the Baron of Scorpions: a thunder demon who crafts masks that allow wearers to assume diverse forms; he was imprisoned and tortured for years during the grand war - as a demon he can endure massive amounts of pain.

Demons are defined by their abilities and their personalities are direct results of their experiences. There is only one important human in the series so far:

Bishop Lawrence Mallard, the director of the inquisition and author of 'Hammer of the Demons', which is an essential tool for those who wish to rid the world of demons and sorcery. He hates sorcerers because one failed to save his mother from a terrible disease; he hates demons because the Vile One (the Fire Drummer's sire) killed his father. Rumor has it he will be sainted after his (inevitably young) death.

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In a galaxy, where the United Earth Government has fought a civil war, losing several worlds to the Southern Cross and had a war with the Alien Cay Union, hope rides in a ship called Victory ” ~*cue the theme music*~

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A while ago, I came up with a team of heroes who defend the town of Kingsport, Massachusetts. They call themselves the Red Knights, and they are among or descended from the survivors of the terrible attack on the town by the Dark Stone Cutters in Volume III.

1. Akihiko Himura
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Description: The leader of the Red Knights, he was born during the reconstruction of Kingsport after the War. He has black hair and hazel eyes. He received the vision from the angel Raguel when he was 17, and met the other future Red Knights at the meeting place on top of the hill overlooking Kingsport.
Weapon of choice: Two-handed sword
Mount: Either a horse or a red dragon

2. Aislin Moore (née Maher)
Race: Human
Class: Shifter
Description: She’s Jayden’s wife, and used to be a stage actress. She’s often described as the most beautiful woman in town, with curly light orange-brown shoulder-length hair, silver eyes, and a silky smooth Irish accent. Thanks to her shapeshifting, she looks 24 forever. Her name means "dream" in Gaelic, which is appropriate because she is as beautiful as a dream. And thanks to her shapeshifting powers, she can change as quickly as one too.
Weapon of choice: She usually fights via her shapeshifting, though she carries some throwing darts around just to be safe.
Mount: Self-powered flight via shapeshifting

3. Anzhelika Maksimov
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Description: A Russian woman of 27, and also the only member of the Red Knights who was not born in Kingsport. Like Akihiko, she received the vision from Raguel during her younger years. Her father was a conservationist who went to America to participate in overseeing captive breeding programs. Unfortunately, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time; he was among the Kingsport townspeople who were killed by the Dark Stone Cutters. Raguel inspired her to become a warrior to preserve his memory. She has long blonde hair and a light hazel right eye and blue left eye. Her armor is based on the leopard.
Weapon of choice: Glaive
Mount: Horse (Black Holsteiner)

4. Jayden Moore
Race: Human (though technically he’s an outsider now)
Class: Monk
Description: He’s Aislin’s husband. He used to be a tour bus driver for Kingsport, and met Aislin after one of the plays she performed in. Thanks to his becoming an outsider, he looks 25 forever. His eyes glow blue. He used to have dark brown hair, but he shaved it as part of his becoming a Monk. He wears a sleeveless exercise shirt and a pair of exercise shorts. Since Monks usually don’t wear armor, nobody will see it coming.
Weapons of choice: Kama
Mount: Horse (Black Friesian)

5. Allen Harris
Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer
Description: He’s about 19 years old. His parents were among the survivors Demetrios and company saved during the Dark Stone Cutters’ attacks on Kingsport, as well as members of the volunteers during the demonic attack on Ahrinor Island. He has blue-green eyes and black hair that he wears in a swept back style, similar to Vergil in Devil May Cry 3. His specialty is fire magic, he carries a crossbow as a backup weapon, and he has the rock hyrax/mastodon/mammoth familiar (I still haven't decided which one yet), which also serves as his mount.

6. Felicia Mason
Race: Ghost
Class: Bard
Description: She’s of English descent. Her hair has often been described as being the color of coffee, and she has emerald green eyes. She looks 32. She used to be a junior high school music teacher and would even play during the Renaissance Fairs.
Weapon of choice: Dagger and violin
Mount: Horse (Black Thoroughbred)

7. Cameron White
Race: Ghost
Class: Pale Master
Description: He dabbled in the gothic crowd in high school, though he finished with it by the time he graduated. He still looked into it in his spare time. Despite his robust 37-year-old appearance, he has white hair and his narrow eyes (which are blue-grey) give him a mysterious look. Since he’s both a Pale Master and Lawful Neutral, he comes across as stern and aloof. His familiar, by contrast, is very humorous.
Weapon of choice: Scythe, the scarlet kingsnake/Titanoboa familiar
Mount: Skeletal Horse

8. Sabrina Zhang
Race: Ghost
Class: Divine Champion
Description: She was fascinated with the Moon throughout her life, and upon becoming a ghost, was chosen as the champion of a moon goddess. She looks 23 and has blue-violet eyes. Her previously black hair has become silver in color, like the Moon.
Weapons of choice: She wears black and silver chain mail, has an arming sword and shield engraved with a symbol of the Moon
Mount: Pegasus

9. Hannah Wright
Race: Ghost
Class: Mage
Description: She always liked magic, and hoped to become a professional stage magician. She looks 17 years old and is a Dark-Skinned Redhead. Considering the career she wanted, she has a habit of speaking a bit theatrically. Her specialty is arcane magic (kind of like what the Mages in World of Warcraft or the Wizards in Diablo III can do), and she has the tiger shrike/Phorusrhacos familiar. She also uses a sword like this one.
Mount: Red Unicorn

10. Carter Phillips
Race: Ghost
Class: Bronze Dragonsoul Heir
Description: When he was killed by the Dark Stone Cutters' curse, he feared that he was going to hell, but a bronze dragon, living in a secret cave near the sea and was also killed by the curse, offered to merge their souls together to save each other. He looks 27, he has black hair and his previously brown eyes are now bronze in color. He also has dragon wings that are nearly as tall as he is.
Mount: Self-powered flight

There is also an unofficial 11th member: Michelangelo “Mikey” Gagliardi
Race: Ghost
Class: Mage
Description: A 10-year-old boy who lost his family and became a ghost after the Dark Stone Cutters destroyed Kingsport with their curse. He has blue-grey eyes and reddish-brown hair. His familiar found him and took pity on him, and led him to Felicia, who adopted him as her own. He's unofficial because the other members consider him too young to join, but considering what happened to him, he steadfastly refuses to leave his new mother's side.
Weapon of choice: Lightning magic, a wand, and the tegu/Tyrannosaurus rex familiar, who also serves as his mount

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Here is a list from a, as of yet, unnamed story.

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Characters from multiple books:

  • Silmarill: A complete and utter prick. I cannot emphasize this enough. Believes serving the Demon Lords means wreaking havoc, erupting volcanoes and causing wars. He fights Matthew numerous times; the first few are hopeless boss fights, but the last one really doesn't paint him in a flattering light.

  • Dhalak: A Geig that serves Silmarill, though he really, really doesn't like the new boss. He's actually a Forgotten Childhood Friend, Collin. Dhalak mainly functions as The Dragon, though he would rather not do this kind of work for one like Silmarill.

  • The Gray Knight / Daindred: An amnesiac Geig from the past. Gray Knight is a Blood Knight that enjoys high power battles, and is one of the stronger of the Geig Legion, and given they're all Bosses In Mook Clothes, this is saying something. He brutally curbstomps the heroes, the villains and most others in his first fight in Book II. He's a back from the dead friend of the Hero of Terra, Vonh.

  • Azekred: The Dark God of Power, Ascension and Deals, Azekred is called the King of the Crimson Throne. He makes several deals throughout New Dawn, and most of them seem to have the odd effect of helping the heroes defeat his own allies. Despite a grotesque appearance, its insinuated that Azekred is not really that bad.

  • Khaos: Another of the Dark Gods, and despite his name, reputation, allies and powers, he's pretty much a big softie when he's not on the job. His whole reason for being "Dark" is that the Lord of Light, a Zeus-like figure, abducted his love interest to complete a harem. Hence, Khaos opposes the Light Gods in order to rescue all the women abducted in such a manner. Otherwise, he really seems too nice for his job.

  • Zandal: Khaos' most loyal Geig, and the only Geig not to fight Matthew and company. He's a very Servile Snarker, whether its to Silmarill or Khaos. Its implied that he was created by Zayufur to be Khaos' best friend, through thick and thin. He's the biggest snarker in New Dawn, and that's saying something.

  • Seinac: A Combat Doll and brother of Alina that follows the heroes around from Book II on. Seinac seems to look older than Alina, but the truth is she is his older sister. He is obsessively protective of her, even glaring at Matthew if he gets too close.

  • Daaj: A Kouval that functions as an emissary and messenger from Zayufur between him/her and the heroes. Daaj is a recurring boss, together with other Kouval, with him wielding an axe unlike the other, spear wielding Kouval. This differentiates him from them, which was the intention on his part.

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I'll join in.

The Wafflers

Golbolco Yolker Mc Awesomepants XVIII: Leader, protagonist. Charismatic, clever, and a trained swordsman. He's the heir to the Kaiser throne. Human, 19 years old by the end.

Isaac Pie Jr.: Lancer, self-taught gunslinger. He's eccentric, friendly, and by the end of the book a family man. Human, 20 by the end of the book.

Wolf Pie (Nee Pilot): Wife of Pie. Big girl of the group. She's quiet, trained in the arts of ripping people to shreds, and a warrior by nature. Werewolf, 20 by the end of the book.

James "AD" Fisher: Sneaky guy of the group. Quiet, cunning, and small, but can take down a trained police force. He's an amnesiac dhamphir, 21 by the end of the book.

Cornelius Waffler: Smart guy. Original founder of the Waffler Gang. When Golb takes over, he takes a quiet back seat. Human, 20 by the end of the book.

Monkorili Mc Awesomepants: Brother to Golb and sixth ranger of the group. He's like his brother, but a lot more straight forward. Human, 16 by the end.

Quarella Mc Awesomepants: The youngest of the Mc Awesomepants siblings. Sixth ranger like her brother. She goes right for the kill when presented, never talks things out. Human, 14 by the end of the book.

Graile Mc Awesomepants (Nee Oli): Wife of Golb. Chick of the group, provides moral support and gives Golb the ability to go on. 19 by the end of the book.

Sneaxy De Horse: Obi-Wan of the group. Drives the team to save him in the second act. Human, 22 by the end of the book.

Gale Cross: Engineer of the Typhoon, Golb's ship. Team Benefactor. Human, 20 by the end.

Bobaccino Rayokroli: Potato farmer-turned pilot and cloud cuckoolander. Doesn't quite get what's happening. Human, 19 by the end of the book.

To be continued.

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Here it is, from my Cyberpunk novel "DUSK.exe"-

Helga(Escaped Test Subject in a classified research facility): MacGuffin Girl, Cloudcuckoolander, Fiery Redhead, No Social Skills, Mysterious Waif, The Pollyanna, Gadgeteer Genius, The Technopath, The Playful Hacker, Walking Techfix, Ditzy Genius, Constantly Curious, Plucky Girl, Wide-Eyed Idealist, Significantly Green-eyedRedhead,Hot-Blooded, Badass Damsel. So stubborn and determined that she's the Leader of the Five-Man Band. Created by a Mega Corp. ruling a Police State (four industrial countries combined), and it attempts on claiming her back for their original purposes many times in the story. (She is the vessel to the start of an Assimilation Plot that will lead to The Singularity because of her exceptional connection and empathy to the Cyberspace's Database of life, the universe, and everything.;)

Rey(Her sociopathic kidnapper/keeper, who promoted himself as her bodyguard. Resourceful, great at repairs. Helga's Vitriolic Best Bud.): Action Hero, Badass, Foil, Freudian Excuse, Deadpan Snarker, Sociopathic Hero,The Lancer, Socially-Awkward Hero, The Stoic AND Stoic Woobie, Dark and Troubled Past, Satisfied Street Rat, Badass Biker, Unwilling Roboticisation, The Engineer, Shock and Awe, Implaceable Man, The Spock, The nfettered, Anti-Hero (Type 3 to 4), Good Is Not Nice. Definitely the cynical, loner type, in contrast with our Leader: The Lancer.

Blade( A deceitful tag-along who's got the street smarts, and Rey reluctantly let him go with them to help them out in the maze-like, extremely complex and scary mega city with his knowledge and connections.): Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep", Red Baron, Knife Nut, White Hair Black Heart, The Trickster, Guile Hero, Fragile Speedster, Stepford/Perpetual Smiler, Cunning Like a Fox, Street Samurai,Straw Nihilist, Bounty Hunter, The Sociopath, Jade-Colored Glasses, Manipulative Bastard, Loveable Traitor, and The Smart Guy.

Plus Ju Lia, who has a Heel-Face Turn and joined the three of them. The Big Girl for being a deadly Blood Knight and fights with strong gun-fu. A Vaporizer who uses More Dakka to beat out Mooks. Uses brute force more than necessary. She's the youngest, only 16 years old. Used to be a Corporate Samurai in one of the big corporations that wants to abduct Helga. Said Mega Corp. is an evil version of Apple Inc. Ju Lia is also a genetically-engineered Tyke-Bomb.

And finally, Gerald, the poor Action Survivor, the Salaryman who got dragged in with the screwed-up four. The Only Sane Man and The Chick. He was fired from the evil corp and had his knowledge about the government-controlling corp's password-protected areas memory-deleted, but the Chekhov's Gun metal plate in his head prevented his memories from being deleted. A Straight Man, The Woobie, Butt Monkey, The Chew Toy, Unfazed Everyman, and Weirdness Magnet. Soon, he'll be a Badass Normal fro real hard Character Development.

The others: Lars-Morally ambiguous captain of a troop in a big city, one of the masterminds in the Military organizations interested in Helga. Also Rey's estranged old man.

Edward Allen-One of the witnesses to nearly everything that's going on. A Conspiracy Theorist, and Properly Paranoid. A private 1st class soldier under Lars's leadership. He realizes way too many things, and ends up raving mad by the end of the story. The only one who will not be affected by Helga's sacrifice to Retcon herself and anything that took place after her creation.

Lenn-Virtual Ghost, her Cyborg physical body the router of a hacker organization to cyberspace. Also interested in Helga. She created a subconscious code in the roboticized (he was maimed and beaten nearly to death by his own biker gang in the dump that Lenn's followers had found him)Rey's mind to protect Helga from the shady organizations pursuing her at all costs, much against his will (though he finally accepts it in the end). She was a formerDragon Mook of the Mega Corp.. The World's Most Asskicking Hacker/Cracker is her In-Universe title.

Marvin-One of the hackers in Lenn's organization. Sardonic and a snoobish Seen-It-All. Lenn's right-hand.

Quentin-A n00b hacker, Allen's best friend and Marvin's colleague and often slave. He soon delves into madness after sleepless, obsessive nights of researching and obtaining illegal information about Helga and the conspiracies surrounding her. He betrays Lenn's organization and sides with the Mega Corp., supplying them information of Helga's whereabouts. In the end, he was brainwashed into becoming one of the soulless people of the Mega Corp.'s regime.

Renee-An excellent hacker, not considered a member of Lenn's organization but often cordial with them. Partner of Jacob. Harvard scholar and graduate, but the pressure and repreessed feelings of rebellion against the Dystopian government's systems made her suffer a breakdown, leading her into becoming vicious and becoming an anarchist, willing to destroy everything concerning the government. She was entrusted by Helga's original and missing human creators a drive that is integral in unlocking her subconscious, but she herself does not know the drive's password.

Jacob- Renee's hacker partner and fellow "vigilante" who commits crimes against the government to save the mind-controlled citizens that did not live in the squalor ghettos. Serious and earnest, opposite of Renee, but lacking intensity and dedication to his work.

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The Good King Mistletoe: A boy who was born from the bloom of a Mistletoe and later becomes King after saving a kingdom from a dragon. The story surrounds his origins, his rise, fall and his lasting legacy.

Tatterhat: A hunter who made a fox skin cloak to escape a debt and later found himself forever trapped in the form of a fox. Serves as Mistletoe's most trusted companion and later his advisor.

The Witch in the Woods: A mysterious old crone who was responsible for the circumstances surrounding Mistletoe's birth. An opportunistic schemer who ultimately has a good heart.

The Girl in the Blue Cloak and The Boy with the Scarred Heart: Mistletoe's parents. His father was transformed into a bear by The Witch in the Woods at the request of the girl's father. His mother saved him from his fate by not shedding a tear for three years.

This is still a working progress so theres more to come.
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I felt like doing this for some reason.

Bu Xamoda: A wealthy war veteran whose frustration with the lack of advancement in the Verandi Empire's stratified society led him to side with the rebellion against the monarchy. His experience and reputation as a pillar of society among the non-nobles led him to be appointed commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Verandi Forces, where as such he leads and coordinates the rebel fleets and armies of the interstellar empire.

Queen Amelia II: The young and accidental queen of the Verandi Empire. Never really trained to rule, the inexperienced monarch deals not only with a country split by civil war, but backroom politics led by nobles who wish to make her a figurehead and rule by themselves. Increasingly attempting to run the war by herself.

Shannon Katoran: A crafty and headstrong man from the first planet to rebel. His righteous convictions are matched only by his recklessness, which leads to several resounding and attention grabbing successes for the rebels but high casualties among his men.
  • Arcadia: A Synthoid, synthetic human illegally created for combat who was "rescued" by Shannon from a military lab. Lack or normal social behavior has made her distant and cold.

Sharon Katoran: Twin brother of Shannon but on opposite sides of the war. Cautious as opposed to reckless, and more caring for those around him, Sharon shies away from the spotlight, preferring to work more in the intelligence sector. Prone to make mistakes when angry, something his brother exploits.

Saya Sey Rannah Terra: A noblewoman who dreams of being a Star Knight, the elite warriors her great-great-great-grandfather founded. The rebellion has given her a chance to shine like the heroes of old and fight for the glory of the empire. The fact that her best friend has joined the rebels has put a damper on those heroic dreams though.

Tarot Escolha: Formally an employee for the Terra household and formally the close friend of Saya. As children they always played together, and as they grew older they were confidants. Tarot's interest in Saya grew to wanting to be more than just friends but as a commoner that dream of his could never materialize. His support for the rebels and their promise of equality led to the end of his friendship with Saya, but he still hopes the two will reconcile after the war.

James Stuart: The reluctant revolutionary. James worked with progressive minded nobles to reform their world and became the first commoner captain of the planetary guard. When the rebellion broke out, sides had to be taken and the Revolutionaries convinced him that for the good of the people, his noble patrons had to be deposed. With his old allies now in jail, he become a general among his new ones and takes a leading role in fighting the war.

Jonas Skye Sebastian Alveres: A minor lord whose lack of connections and family names did not stop him from using his brain and his relentless drive to gain more power and glory. His plans allowed the Imperial fleets to maintain their hold on the star systems that hadn't joined the rebellion just yet. Confidence in his ability grows and more fleet responsibilities are placed on him as tine goes on.

Varina Capistrano: A fighter pilot who joined the rebels. Though largely confined to taking out enemy ground forces, she relishes the chance to go head-to-head with enemy planes almost with bloodthirstiness. Her daring is backed up by her incredible skill

Gil Hiben: A fighter pilot still loyal to the crown. Quiet and thoughtful, he is one of the older pilots but that hasn't dulled his senses. Keeps turning down promotions to stay in the sky.

Veronica "Vero" Terapashi: A civilian girl from an inner world who stumbles upon injured rebels hiding out after the failed uprising on their planet. Keeping their secret from her Imperialist family, she bonds with them and becomes a secret rebel herself.

Onlee Terapashi: Vero's cousin. More like a brother due to them being raised together, their warm familial bond is shattered when Vero's rebel actions lead to the death of his girlfriend. Joining the military, he swears vengeance on her.

Elliot Khanh: A reporter sympathetic to the revolutionaries who leaves his wife and daughter behind to chronicle the stories of the soldier fighting and dying on the front lines.

Philip Sheridan: Poor, angry, lashing out at the injustice of the world, Phil embraced the revolution wholeheartedly and champions it's goals with zeal. Stuck in some of the worse theaters of combat have made him wonder if it is really worth it though.

Haruka Sora: Left her homeworld to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. Fate dictated otherwise and she finds herself on a rebel ship helping with refugees. The more time she spends with them the more attached she becomes to the rebels, eventually joining the fleet officially.

Nemuri Starrez: Like Haruka, a singer pressed into service aboard a Revolutionary star ship. Not really caring for either side in the conflict, she joins the rebels when Haruka does and acts as a realist and down-to-earth adviser.
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Here are the characters of my book, roughly in order of appearance. I only included the characters of the first book to avoid doing this 'til Christmas.

  • Mike Thurson: The main character. Wise-cracking, surprisingly clever for a 12 year old. Gets kidnapped by Space Pirates.
  • Camilla Valentine: Mike's best friend in school.
  • Jim Hopkins: The class bully and Mikes's frequent tormentor.
  • Principal Kramer: The school principal. Nicer than his reputation would imply.
  • Sam Rackham: Captain of the Iron Lump, the Space Pirate Ship in the center of the plot.
  • (Roland) Hooks: The first mate of the Iron Lump. Somewhat saner than his shipmates.
  • Jin Fu: Sam's second-in-command. A bit of a bad temper.
  • Max Turbo: The mechanic of the Iron Lump. Old and sleepy.
  • Ray Cooper: A reporter living in Tokyo in 2500's. Used to live in the same orphanage as Sam and Jin Fu.
  • General Victor Stein: Military dictator in the late 2400's. Appears only in flashbacks. Direct reason to why Ray grew up in the orphanage.
  • Axel Rackham: The main antagonist. Big brother of Sam's. Owns third of Sigtron, the biggest weapon manufacturer in the Galaxy.
  • Dr. Anthony Edwards: A psychologist. A family friend of Rackhams. Used to treat Axel.
  • Jade Lockhart: An assassin and an ex-lover of Sam's. Also Leonard Nixon's daughter and heiress (see below)
  • Dr. Ego: The foster father of Sam, Axel, Jin Fu and Ray. Also a renowned scientist and the resident Mr. Exposition of the story.
  • Prof. Kirk Williams: One of the Four Philosophers who ran the orphanage with Dr. Ego. Appears only in flashbacks.
  • Prof. Cid Garland: Another Philosopher. Older than the rest. Also flashback exclusive.
  • Dr. Vladimir Svensson: A Philosopher. Flashback exclusive. Only Philosopher who didn't die under shady circumstances.
  • Hotko: The orphanage cook. Weird creature with a long tongue.
  • Vincent: Enigma of a man dressed in a half-armour, half-robe. Not quite human.
  • Kenaita Xumbali: Owns the second third of Sigtron.
  • Leonard Nixon: Owner of the last third of Sigtron company, at least until his death.
  • Number 23: Mysterious man in a pinstripe suit. Seems to know more about the things happening than anyone else.
  • Cadet Prodden: The newest addition to DOOM elite squad. Quite nervous of his new position.
  • Captain R.O. McBeth: Captain of the DOOM elite squad. Ready for retirement and under heavy medication. Not at all happy about his new prodigy.
  • Schlonko Fjodor: Runs a ship repair shop in Casablanca. Dishonest little bastard.
  • Grant McBlack: An acquaintance and ex-colleague of Sam and Hooks.
  • Truman De Odorant: Earth's top crime lord. Big, fat and ugly. Sam and Hooks used to work for him back in the day.
  • Rose Lavién: Ray's girlfriend. A bit of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl especially when compared to her boyfriend.
  • Wolf: Member of the DOOM TOTEM Unit. A lone wolf.
  • Eel: Member of the DOOM TOTEM Unit. Psycho Electro with a hair-trigger temper. Has a thing for Wolf.
  • Tortoise: Member of the DOOM TOTEM Unit. Slow. Tendency to blow things apart.
  • Panda: Member of the DOOM TOTEM Unit. Despite his horrifying exterior a gentle soul, making him the exact opposite of an actual panda.
  • Spider: Member of the DOOM TOTEM Unit. Creeps out even his/her teammates.
  • Vampire: Member of the DOOM TOTEM Unit.
  • President Cloudhead: Snarky President of Earth. Not shocked by anything.
  • Admiral Geraldina Sagittari: Head of DOOM. Makes only a small cameo here, becomes more relevant later on.
  • Praetor Zimmermann: The Religious Leader of Earth.

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What should I put here?
Praetor Zimmermann: The Religious Leader of Earth [up]

That just caught my eye on account of being at the end. While I'm sure it's a coincidence, that could lead to some Unfortunate Implications.
I write stuff sometimes.

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[up] Ehhh... How exactly?
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Well, a praetor is a political position, for one thing.
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Oh, that. No, that actually ties into the 'verse. Politics and Religion are in many ways tied together. Also, the title "Praetor" has a bit different meaning in Ancient Rome and in the 2500's.

I thought it was something about the name.

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It might. I was just pointing out the part that caught my attention.
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I think it is good that you did. Some of my stuff surely contains enough Unfortunate Implications as it is. It is a good thing that someone notices the ones that might fly past me.
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Well, you're welcome, then. :)

(The other thing that struck me as implicative is the idea that the world will eventually become a One World Order, spiritually AND politically. I assume that's a conscious choice you plan to address...?)
Anyone who looks dangerous is dangerous.

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Yes it is. Though most of the power isn't held by the government rather than corporations.
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"I thought it was something about the name."

I think it is. Because "Zimmerman" has been in the news for quite some time over here and a hot button issue on account of the George Zimmerman Trial - Trayvon Martin Shooting.

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Ah, right. The Sanford Neighbourhood Watch thing.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. Besides, the other "n" makes the name German.
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Yeah, I was referring to the name.

It's probably a non-issue, but I just felt the need to point it out. If its a work in progress now, he'll probably have been largely forgotten by the time it would be finished.

And it's pretty obviously a german name even without the other N.

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I write stuff sometimes.

I also sometimes make youtube videos:
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James Turner - likeable but a bit of a rogue, disregards some laws if they seem unimportant and briefly took up armed robbery as a means to get funds to get himself out of a nasty situation.

Aubrey Williamson - rather bigoted with regard to race, sex, social status and the type of work you do. Views himself a paragon of virtue.

Ian Wolff - down-to-earth, crude, opinionated but otherwise laissez-faire and tolerant.

Teri Walker - independent, self-made, accepts she has limitations and, if necessary learns to overcome or work around them.
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Here are my characters from an Urban Fantasy story I'm writing.

  • Kieran Gray: The Hero, an introverted young man and a First-Person Smartass who gets wrapped up in a murder case in his hometown. Often described as being "serious", Kieran regards himself as nothing more than an Ordinary Secondary School Student. He has few friends, but he would trust the people he loves with his life.
  • Jordan "Dev" Devereux: The Lancer. More relaxed and laid-back than Kieran, also a bit of a Casanova Wannabe. But it doesn't mean that he can't get dangerous when he needs to.
  • Aisling Rourke: The Big Guy. Aisling is the hardy, tomboyish female of the group. She is the most physically capable, and sometimes shows a gentler side when interacting with her close friends.
  • Matthew Smith: The Chick, occasionally the secondary Big Guy. Matthew is, at first glance, tough and intimidating, due to his size and strength. In truth, he harbours insecurities about his own sexuality and masculinity. He finds it hard to be accepted by his peers because of this.
  • Nathan Kelly: The Smart Guy, of the Kuudere variety. Nathan becomes involved with the investigation after his older sister is murdered. Largely unfriendly to most people, but he becomes more open when he is with his close friends. Very open.
  • Leanne Powell: The Sixth Ranger. Daughter of the local police chief, Leanne also takes an interest in the serial murder case. More feminine than Aisling, she uses her "charms" to get what she wants from people. Initially, she takes an antagonistic role with Kieran's group, but eventually joins with them to find the killer.
  • Amelia Kelly: The sister of Nathan, and ex-girlfriend of Kieran, who is one of the victims in the serial murder case. She is largely a Posthumous Character, since she is killed near the beginning of the story. May or may not be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, due to cheating on Kieran with the young man who turned out to be the killer.
  • Seta /Setanta: Sixth Ranger Traitor mixed with Double Reverse Quadruple Agent. A mysterious person from another world connected to ours. He takes on the appearance of Kieran when talking with the main characters. Although michievous, he helps out Kieran and the others in solving the case. Most of what he says turns out to be lies. He is the spirit of an ancient warrior, Cú Chulainn, who serves the Morrigan as The Dragon after she takes his soul. He intentionally misleads the heroes while also working on his own agenda: namely, defeating the Morrigan and Lugh once and for all.
  • James Collins: A friend and classmate of Kieran's, James is a seemingly decent chap who, while often hanging around with the main characters, is Locked Out of the Loop. He's the killer. He is granted power by the Morrigan to cause chaos in his hometown, the entrance to the Morrigan's realm. He uses this power to pull people into the Morrigan's realm, where their souls are devoured by monsters. He enjoys this job immensely. Serves as The Heavy for most of the story, playing mind-games with Kieran and the others, which eventually leads to him being found out and caught at the end of the second act. It is then that Seta reveals his betrayal, before betraying James himself. James is killed and the heroes retreat.
  • Morrigan: The Goddess of Chaos and Darkness, who wars against Lugh, the God of Order and Light, once every millennium. She and Lugh do battle using human champions that they select themselves. The Morrigan chooses James Collins as her champion, and orders him to disrupt the order in his world. The Morrigan feeds on disorder and fear, giving her strength for the upcoming war.
  • Lugh: The God of Order and Light, who guides Kieran and the heroes from another world. He chooses Kieran and five others as his champions in the war against the Morrigan, granting them fragments of his power. Despite seeming good in nature, he views humans as little more than pawns in his game of power. The war with Morrigan is all that matters to him.

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  • Erik Watanabe: An 18-year-old high school senior who's smart and gets good grades but is constantly getting himself and his best friend, Johnny, into trouble. Through a series of events, he gains powers to control metal and becomes the superhero, the Black Knight. Red Oni to Johnny's Blue. After the whole "superhero" shtick goes to hell, he decides to fight crime legitimately and becomes an FBI Special Agent. He remains much more accepting of his powers than Johnny in his adult life.
  • Juan "Johnny" Alvarez: He's been Erik's best friend since kindergarten. He's more calm, low-key and cautious than his friend, and keeps him in check; their mutual friends say that Johnny and Erik negate the worst in each other while bringing out the best. Through the same events that gave Erik his powers, Johnny gains Ki Attacks; he can build up energy within him and release it in a blow (though it only works for direct blows). He in turn becomes the Monk. When the superhero gig blows up in their faces, he renounces his powers and vows to never use them again. He becomes a lawyer, remaining in his native Honolulu after Erik leaves.
  • Jack Vanderbilt: An 8-year-old boy whom Erik often babysits. Jack's father died of cancer when Jack was 3, so Erik has become his father figure and Jack is one of the major sources of joy in Erik's life. This makes it all the more heartwrenching when Jack is killed by home invaders, setting off the chain of events that leads to Erik and Johnny abandoning the superhero mantle and creating a lifelong obsession for Erik; one of the primary reasons Erik joins the FBI, though he won't admit it, is to find the person who killed Jack.
  • Hugh Stark: A career lowlife who starts out small, mugging people, robbing banks, etc. At one point, in his mid-thirties, he does a home invasion job. This leads to Hugh shooting Jack. Fifteen years after the fact, Hugh has risen to the top of a criminal cartel. He finds the islet where the meteor crashed that gave Erik and Johnny their powers, and the residue from the energy blast gives him superpowers as well; he can shoot small "beads" of energy, which explode at his will. He thus becomes the supervillain Bombardier. When Erik finds out that Hugh shot Jack, all hell breaks loose; the Black Knight soon resurfaces, and the Monk trails not far behind.

The first half of the story is really character and conflict-driven; the second half is a much more action-packed, traditional Superhero vs. Supervillain story.
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Since I've been working on some of the details for my Sheep Mythos, here's a list of the Baa-ing deities I have so far.

  • Baazathoth, The Blind Idiot Ram

  • Amunhotep, God of a Thousand Flocks

  • Shet-Landggurath, The Wolly Ewe of the Forest With a Thousand Lambs

  • Baathulhu, The Master of Ar'Ies

  • Ithoxford, The Wool Walker

  • Rackstur, He Who Must Not Be Shaved

  • Yemenig, Father of Suffolks

  • Shudde Maltese, The Bovid Beneath

  • Rhan-Tebaa, He of the Keratin Throne
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