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problem with editing:

 1 Chugger Joe 79, Fri, 20th Jan '12 8:29:44 PM from Lost-Angels-us.
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Hi, i just joined TV Tropes and when i tried to edit the Petticoat Junction page and after i added a trope example and i went back, i only saw my example and not the others.happened again when i tried to add something to Western Animation. i'm scared.what does that mean?
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 2 Madrugada, Fri, 20th Jan '12 9:15:27 PM Relationship Status: In season
It looks like you accidentally deleted the whole Petticoat Junction page when you made your edit. Final Starman restored it, then moved the whole page to the correct namespace. Your addition is still there.

On the Western Animation thing, I can't track anything down, there's no edit made today in the page history, from you or anyone else..

edited 20th Jan '12 9:16:47 PM by Madrugada

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 3 Final Starman, Fri, 20th Jan '12 9:16:23 PM from Clinton, Massachusetts
[up][up] You don't seem to have made any edits to Jerkass.Western Animation.
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