Split Off "Medical Procedure" Variant as Separate Subtrope: Ass Shove

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The second paragraph of the description of Ass Shove,

A variation of this trope is to give a character a rectal examination, an enema, a rectal laxative, or some other similar medical procedure, whereupon Hilarity Ensues. Often, just having the character bend over while the physician or Battleaxe Nurse snaps on a rubber glove is enough to play the joke.

I feel that this could be branched off as one or more separate subtropes (along with police cavity searches, which aren't mentioned but are likely intended to be cataloged here all the same).


1.) As a specific convention, it's related to other tropes, namely other forms of medical humor like Turn Your Head and Cough and Creepy Physical, which don't have much business being listed on a page outlining something much more general.
2.) When specifically referring to prostate humor (and other jokes about similar medical routines), one typically calls it exactly that, Prostate Humor.
3.) A doctor checking a patient's prostate =/= absurdly and forcibly getting other things stuck up a person's hind quarters.

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2 Martello17th Jan 2012 07:00:57 PM from Black River, NY
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I never even knew what this trope was. I thought it was using your ass to shove somebody else, a la Ass Kicks You. I think I actually was pretty sure it was just a redirect to that.
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3 shimaspawn17th Jan 2012 07:03:12 PM from Here and Now , Relationship Status: In your bunk
I think it's a valid split. I never understood why the two were combined.
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4 FinalStarman17th Jan 2012 07:21:30 PM from Clinton, Massachusetts
This is a very good idea. You're saying that police cavity search should also be a subtrope, right? As in, not lumped together with this one?

[down] Got it.

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Bump. (Has it been split up yet?)
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Edit- sort of ninjaed, I see the OP does mention Glove Snap.

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Cure Candy
Which one would the Leek up the butt as a folk remedy to cure colds thing go? [1] It is both really. (or is that a third trope?)

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"Both" would best entail the two separate concepts outlined in point three in the OP—(1) getting a foreign object that one would never expect to find in a person's hindquarters absurdly and/or forcibly jammed up the hindquarters (in this case, a leek) and (2) having someone put on a rubber glove and try and find the item in the person's rectum—something like the episode Dead Like Me where Mason has a bag of cocaine stowed in his ass at an airport and is later subjected to a cavity search by members of airport security.

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