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1 dRoy16th Jan 2012 06:09:31 PM from The Happy Place , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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Because, why the hell not. tongue

I'm sure that everyone read, or at least heard of Code Geass: Lelouch of Britannia, so I'm not going to recommend this one. Of course, it's a damn great one.

The one I want to recommend is Lelouch of Revolution. I doesn't have the sheer scope and details of CGLOB, but it much more than makes up for being just darn entertaining in so many ways. Characterization is very good and God, the awesomeness and hilarity...

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2 TrollPost17th Jan 2012 02:01:12 PM from troll post crusher
3 EvaUnit0120th Aug 2012 09:30:39 AM , Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
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Anyone know of any good Fix Fic? Spefically regarding the Euphinator, the Black Knights' betrayal, and Zero Requiem?
I read Geass fanfics over and over, so I can safely say which are my favorites, which I would recommend to just about anyone:

Alphabetically: Code Geass Megiddo by Wing Zero Alpha: A wonderful portrayal of if Lelouch was kept in Britannia after R1, and follows Kallen and the Black Knights five years later, attempting to restore their vanished leader. Numerous good OCs, and a high quality take on Lelouch's brilliance without stepping into Gary Sue territory. Be warned, not for Suzaku fans.

Dauntless by Allora Gale: Lelouch is returned to Britannia after being seen by Clovis in the Tokyo settlement, and his navigation of the political climate as he attempts so survive his siblings and his father, while concealing that Nunnally lives. Updates quite quickly, good OCs, and a wonderful political game.

Lelouch of Britannia by Cal Reflector: Need I say more?

The Sum of Our Choices by Juubi-K: The Black Rebellion succeeds, leaving Zero the statesmen the task of keep Britannia of his shores by taking the whole show worldwide. Wonderful OCs, brilliant storytelling. May or may not be Dead, but worth the read regardless.

On the funny side, Living Contradictory by erickmenk never fails to make me laugh, as the whole of the stadium listens in on Euphie and Lelouch's discussion prior to the Euphinator incident.

As far as Fix Fics, For Want of a Nail by Mith Luin isn't bad at all, but it's kind of short and might be dead. Averts Euphinator by Lelouch agreeing to go along and join the Special Zone.
5 EvaUnit0121st Aug 2012 09:36:00 PM , Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
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Can I get some links on that?

Also, I'd like to recommend Pokemon: Lelouch of the Rebellion. It's a Fusion Fic with, well, Pokemon, and actually pretty darn epic. Given that it's from the same guy who did Fairly English Story, this is to be expected. It also manages to be a Fix Fic for all three points I mentioned - Euphie lives, but has to believe that Suzaku's dead until she gets Geass Canceled and has her memories restored, the Black Knights' betrayal was Lelouch's idea all along and went exactly as planned, and there wasn't time for bullcrap like Zero Requiem because Charles unleashed Missing No. and its associates, causing The End of the World as We Know It.
The Sum Of Our Choices is not dead, but it's on hiatus until Juubi-K manage to incorporate information on Akito Of The Exiled and I talked with him once and he said that he probably will make a reboot.

That being said, besides the fanfics quoted above, one favorite is One And Only Son, from the same author. I never watched Gundam00, but I really enjoy that story.

By the way, is anyone know of a REALLY good fic where Shirley finally scores with Lelouch? The best fics are either Lelouch/Kallen (which I like) and Lelouch/C. C. (which I don't dislike, but doesn't interest me too much).
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7 EvaUnit0122nd Aug 2012 05:27:47 PM , Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
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Hey, I just had a thought - what if, instead of starting with Lelouch in Area Eleven... the story began with Xing-Ke adopting a masked persona to lead a rebellion against the High Eunuchs in China?

I will cheerfully admit I got the idea while playing BlazBlue, since Hakumen is both voiced by Xing-Ke (David Vincent) and somewhat visually based on Zero.

Good idea? Bad idea? Too mediocre to be graced with comment?
8 NickTheSwing22nd Aug 2012 09:42:49 PM from Ya really wanna know? , Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
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As I said in the main thread, I am thinking of making a fanfic based on this roleplay forum.

I have quite a bit of work to do, making all three main RP's into parts of a fanfic.

The main changes from the main continuity are:

  • The EU is pretty much politically dominated by a State Sec called the UNLE. Their leader is Alexander Krethandre, a Visionary Villain Emperor Scientist who has pioneered a new kind of powerful generator. And I am certain that Markos Alkhait, his enigmatic aide, is not scheming anything behind the scenes. Markos resembling Ribbons Almark is a coincidence.
  • In Britannia, there is a weapons company involved in Japan, which is making some rather nifty, if at times bizarre, Knightmares. This leads into a new "hero" character, Jason Amver. If I could characterize him with two tropes, they'd be: Byronic Hero and Revenge Before Reason.
  • Some individual Knightmares are so large and imposing, they create a sort of mini-arc devoted to dealing with them. While the Knightmares, according to some, would seem foreign and not too plot involved, in this fanfic, some Knightmares are central to certain plots.
  • Another heroic character is Bezide Ascato, "born" in the EU, and whose arc deals with defeating the forces of certain Britannian generals. His two trope description is The Ace and Lonely at the Top.

I'd like to ask for some help, namely, if I should try to streamline the fic, and how to present things.
9 EvaUnit0130th Aug 2012 09:10:32 PM , Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
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Sounds like it might be interesting.

Here's a repost of a thought of mine from another thread, which probably belongs here more than it does there, due to the style in which it would be written.

Even better if it's read with this playing.

Lelouch fell to his knees, as his beloved sister Nunally begun her transformation into a Witch.

The battles he'd fought... the miracles he'd worked so hard for.... his entire life ever since their mother's death....

All of it no longer had any meaning, without Nunally.

Off to the side, Kyubey said, "It's amazing how much you cared for her, Lelouch. Perhaps we should have contracted you as well."

As the little girl morphed into a monster, Lelouch turned to the Incubator, and with tears streaming down his face, coldly spoke.

"Incubator... Absolutely nothing can justify driving human beings to their doom, harvesting their despair!"


Lelouch's rage poured out, and before Kyubey could react, the Hive Mind was overwritten.

Even though the fallen Britannian prince wasn't above using people for pawns, there was no excuse for driving middle-schoolers to become monsters.

Then, turning to the various Magical Girls around him, Lelouch used his Geass once again.

There will never be another one of these Witches again.

"I command, all of you - NEVER GIVE IN TO DESPAIR!"

The girls, too, had their minds over-written, but rather than a limitation, they had been given power.

From then on, they could use magic without limit, because no matter how dark their Soul Gems got, they would always shine with light.
10 EvaUnit011st Sep 2012 12:39:45 PM , Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
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Here's a fan-made alternate intro to the series!

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So one idea I've had for a while is a sort of Ultimate Universe version of Code Geass - largely the same shape, but with the details rejiggled, and with some unusual new angles thrown in. For instance, rather than being Bismarck-in-a-bottle, Lelouch is a seventeen-year-old boy who's a quick learner, good at chess, and somewhat traumatized by his experiences during the invasion of Japan. In other words, he's way out of his depth. Also, the setting and history makes even less sense (Norse mythology replaced Christianity as the dominant religion, for a start), sakuradite explicitly defies all other laws of physics, and historians and scientists who focus too much on such details tend to just... fade off the academic map.
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12 EvaUnit012nd Sep 2012 03:29:22 PM , Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
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Hrm... interesting. Go on...?
13 NickTheSwing2nd Sep 2012 09:11:26 PM from Ya really wanna know? , Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
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here is the Knightmare List of what's gonna show up in R1 and now, some R2 machines mixed in there.

And yes, one of them is a giant lobster.
14 EvaUnit011st Oct 2012 09:45:32 AM , Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
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During the trip to Diagon Alley in the first book, Harry Potter gets separated from Hagrid and eventually bumps into an unusually-dressed witch with green hair who offers him a contract - she will give him the power to change his life and his world, in exchange for his agreement to grant one wish of her own in the future.

Innocent, naive Harry accepts the contract, and the next day finds himself with the same Geass power that Lelouch would've had.
15 EvaUnit0113th Nov 2012 09:09:40 PM , Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
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I just had a thought that would make Lelouch totally broken - change his Geass from Mind Control to Save Scumming.
16 Hyp3rB14d314th Nov 2012 08:06:16 AM , Relationship Status: In another castle
There would need to be some sort of limitation for it, initially at least. Like he can only have one save at a time. Or he can only go back 10 minutes or so.

Of course, if anyone were to write a fic about that, there would have to be at least one instance where he saved just before something bad that could no longer be prevented happened. Like the Black Knights' base is raided out of the blue by Britanians.
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Well, we already know that overuse of your Geass causes it to go out of control and do weird things. And that sounds like the kind of Geass that Lelouch would be spamming a lot.
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18 EvaUnit0114th Nov 2012 09:28:15 AM , Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
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But since it's effectively Mental Time Travel and reverts his body to the way it was at the last 'save', would the Geass abuse carry over? If he knew and found out about the overuse problem and went back to before that became an issue, could he be able to plan around it?
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[up]The universe exists to fuck Lelouch six ways to Sunday. Of course it would carry over.

Alternative option - we get a conceptual crossover with Steins;Gate.

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For some reason, I remember a Darths & Droids-styled Code Geass parody being somewhere on the web...

Am I insane?
21 EvaUnit0117th Nov 2012 06:01:25 PM , Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
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I just realized that not having Mind Control makes the Euphinator incident pretty much impossible.

Whaddaya know, Code Geass might actually get a happy ending, even if Lelouch himself doesn't!
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Not if one goes with the Steins;Gate option.
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23 EvaUnit0120th Nov 2012 09:03:12 AM , Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
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Perhaps, perhaps not.
I had a cool idea. What if instead of being exiled to Japan, the Lamperouges request political asylum in the European Union? Almost a decade later, Lelouch is leading the European Union's armies against the Britannian homeland.
25 EvaUnit0127th Dec 2012 08:32:56 PM , Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
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Would probably be more interesting if we knew anything about the EU.

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