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Transformers pages created under the wrong title:

About a year ago, there was a Special Efforts project to split up the Transformers Generation 1 article. Anyway, two offshoot articles created under said project were created under the wrong name. Series.The Transformers should have been WesternAnimation.The Transformers.

The other wrongly-named article is Transformers Ongoing. It should have been made as Comicbook.TheTransformersIDW and custom-titled as The Transformers (IDW). "Ongoing" is something the fandom calls it. But it's really just descriptive, and not in any way an actual title. The publisher describes it as "their firs ongoing series", since it's in comic serial format, instead of mini-series like they previously did.

Now, I know I can move pages by cutting and pasting, but can those pages at the original titles be deleted? "Series" is the wrong namespace and "Ongoing" is a description, not a proper noun. Plus, even the Marvel Transformers comic was "ongoing" when it was still, well, ongoing. Even if we need to keep with the attribution requirement of CC-BY-SA, I can just write a list of people who edited the pages at their original locations, since the pages just weren't all that active. (click on hottip to see)

Anyway, yeah, I'm asking if it's okay to move the pages and if they can be deleted.

edited 12th Jan '12 6:19:20 PM by ThatHuman

Just replace the old pages with redirects. No need to break the inbounds.
Yeah, unwritten rule number one: follow all the unwritten procedures. - Camacan
[up]Well, thing is, the original pages aren't correct. "Ongoing" is only a description, not the proper title, and we don't have cartoons under "series". Even as redirects they're a bit wrong.
Redirects serve two purposes: to aid searching and avoid breaking inbounds. Series.The Transformers has nineteen inbounds in twelve days, so it's clearly worth preserving for that fact alone; Transformers Ongoing sounds like something folks would actually search for from your OP, so it's also worth preserving.
Yeah, unwritten rule number one: follow all the unwritten procedures. - Camacan
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[up] Nineteen inbounds in a year and 12 days. Current inbound count started Jan. 1, 2011.

[up]Yeah, basically, nineteen inbounds since the page actually started. Anyway, if the Series namespace is kept as a redirect, wouldn't somebody looking at the Western Animation page be all "WTF why is there a series page for this? Was there a live-action Transformers show?" due to the series button showing up?
Alright, moved Series.The Transformers to WesternAnimation.The Transformers and Transformers Ongoing has been moved to ComicBook.The Transformers IDW. Not too many wicks, so those won;t take too long to correct. Also, requested custom title so ComicBook/TheTransformersIDW shows up as The Transformers (IDW).

Anyway, I think the Series/ page should be deleted since it's just not the correct namespace. "Ongoing" might still be useful for people searching, even though said comic is no longer ongoing.

edited 13th Jan '12 9:06:41 AM by ThatHuman

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