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It's pretty hard to get any writing done by sunset when you have a day job. I suppose I prefer writing by night (alone, quiet, etc.), but I don't limit myself to it if I don't have to.
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Most definitely a Night Owl. Not good if you have to get up super early in the morning like myself, but it sure is worth it when you write something awesome.
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May be a late entry, but I'm a Night Owl writer, hence my Berserk Button in mornings.

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For me, writing during the daytime is not as fun as writing at night. It seems like once the sun goes down, a switch flips on in my brain and I have to write or edit.
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I'm more of a night owl writer... though there was one story I only seemed to work on the week before my period for quite some time. O_o

I can write during the day, but my brain works faster at night.
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For some reason, Night Life gets worked on more in a darkened room.
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Yep, another night owl writer here. Mornings aren't exactly the best time for me to get anything done. That and I write mostly horror, so darkness and silence fit the tone of my works.

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Well, I try not be unless I have a good sleep then I don't need to.
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Another nocturnal writer here. My personal theory on the matter is that there's an optimum level of tired that occurs in the early hours of the morning where I'm awake enough to write and have my imagination working but tired enough for my internal critic to stop working so that I can write without second guessing myself every five minutes. The fact that I can only write sucessfully during the day when I'm sleep deprived supports this theory.
I just entered a normal (sleep at night) sleeping cycle ... crap.
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My creative part in writing doesn't kick in until 10 pm and starts to boom at like 12. Weird, my mom's art ideas did the same but more at the time frame of 12am and 3am
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Yeah, writing at night is easier for me because I'm used to staying up really late at the university library. Even in high school I did most of my work at night.

It's a bit of a double-edged sword, though. I sometimes have really good ideas when I'm tired, but just as often I'll look at what I've written when I wake up the following morning and think "Oh shit, how much did I drink last night?"
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Heya quick question to us Night-Owls. For those rare days where you do get "normal" sleep, and wake up in the morning do find it easier to read at all.

The reason I ask is when I'm awake in the morning I can read page upon page, quicker than I can at any other time of day and get a much better understanding of what I'm reading than if I try to red in the evening or at a night. So is there a correlation between the two or is this just me.
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40 JHM24th Mar 2012 09:15:39 AM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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[up][up] I love university libraries! *swoon*

[up] Not really sure. Generally I'm most intent on reading on days when I am completely clear in mind. But then again, I am more inclined to do many such things on those days.
I have a tendency to feel really braindead in the morning- no matter how much sleep I got the night before -until at least lunch, and generally feel my most creative and in the mood for reading either in the evening or when I'm trying to fall asleep.
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Another Night Owl writer here! I don't sleep at all during NaNoWriMo— I just write. Would make a good shirt. "Writers don't sleep... they write."

I also find it very easy to write in class (yay, high school), especially if I just need to get out of my head. The more tired I am, the more careful I have to be for fear of my handwriting becoming completely illegible due to tiredness.
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