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Gunpla is amazing!
Okay, I know the title is misleading but I just finished the first episode and its one of the few anime that actually had me unable to breath from laughing so hard.

The entire scene on the river bank had me in stitches.

Give this a look, its actually pretty relatable in some ways.

If you want to know what its like its a VERY silly slice of life show about 3 guys.
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This is pretty much the humor of Gintama transposed over a high school setting. That's not bad at all, really.

And yeah, I was in stitches for most of the sketches, the last one in particular with the Literature Girl.
3 fillerdude12th Jan 2012 02:17:24 AM , Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Literature Girl was the only skit that had me actually laughing.

The other skits were okay, but just that; the humor has been a miss for me so far. Though I can at least appreciate the execution of the gags, even if I didn't really find them funny.
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Literature girl was funny. The rest were meh.
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Not finding this show funny at all.

I thought the literature girl segment was interesting though.

Suddenly, an awkward situation is defused by invading someone's privacy. Wherein you find out they were trying to play out a fantasy. So you make fun of it with your friends...

Funny, I don't remember it being that mean.
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Gunpla is amazing!
Way to rain on my parade guys sad
I didn't get the literature girl part. Why was she grinning like an idiot, while acting out the scene that she planned?
Gunpla is amazing!
Because she was reenacting almost exactly how her novel was going and was Squeeing over the fact.

Her mindset must have been "omgomgomgomgitsactuallycomingtrue"

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I suppose I'll give this a look.
10 fruitpork12th Jan 2012 01:27:40 PM from the lowest pits of hell , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
This was pretty funny, I must admit.Is it based on a manga or something?
The "horror story" segment.

A razor. Why did he use a razor to... *facepalm*

Yeah, so I enjoyed it. A little less than Kimi to Boku, but they're different shows with different merits, and this only just began.
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I'm going to say that as silly as this show is, it's way more true to life than Kimi to Boku...
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To be honest, I really like this whole four boy ensemble trend we're starting to get. It's ironically refreshing from all the Four-Girl Ensemble shows we seem to be getting a lot lately.
Don't mind me. I'm just a creepy little lurker.
Gunpla is amazing!

The show is surprisingly relateable. During the skirt scene I went "Knowing my asshole friends I'd end up being the only one to do it" And sure enough....
15 neobowman12th Jan 2012 07:26:11 PM from Unidentified Proxy , Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
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I'm relating more to the blonde guy. And no, I don't remember their names.
16 fillerdude13th Jan 2012 03:37:23 AM , Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
You guys can relate to the characters? Huh. Must be why you guys enjoyed the show more than I did.

@ Jen I gotta agree, this genderflipped stuff is actually pretty good. But so far the four-girls anime have been better, but that may just be because these four-guys anime are relatively new to the scene.
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Episode 2, first segment...

I swear that exact thing has happened to me. Except it was LOTR and not Final Fantasy, but still.
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19 fruitpork17th Jan 2012 05:51:58 PM from the lowest pits of hell , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
I died laughing from the lingerie segment. Here's to hoping that'll become a recurring theme. (Need I mention what a fujoshi I am after that previous statement?)
20 Augustine17th Jan 2012 06:55:00 PM from the Church on the hill , Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
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I crack up every time Sugita yells "IMOUTO!"
21 dRoy18th Jan 2012 12:25:15 AM from The Happy Place , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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I just watched Literature Girl skit.

Truly Tomokazu Sugita at his finest! XD

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Gunpla is amazing!

Also his reaction upon seeing the underwear had me in stitches. I could just imagine him mentally going "Oh god dammit."

The mirror thing from the pizza girl was hilarious too.

@17: When the girl walks by and kills the mode was great.

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23 fillerdude19th Jan 2012 04:16:40 AM , Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
So this was actually a pretty enjoyable episode. I was expecting them to parody an RPG at some point, and it's hilarious.

The lingerie scenes are weird. This episode's skit on that was really funny, but I still don't get why they do it in the first place... IMOUTO is comedy gold, though.

Boring lit girl skit this week. The ghost stories one is still as funny as ever, though, wish Tadakuni pulls off more of that!

Convex mirror girl made me smile too.

Nice to see that the principal is a goof too.

And regarding the girl with the three butlers... a resounding meh.

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24 Clarste19th Jan 2012 10:03:14 AM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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So I noticed that all the sister characters have their eyes permanently covered. I wonder what that's meant to imply.
I would be interested in some kind of plot or character development with lit girl.

Hey, even the other Nichijou did it, with Nano going to school.

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