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Help restoring a works page:

 1 Enemy Mayan, Tue, 10th Jan '12 10:07:08 AM from A van down by the river
I have a writing project I generated a work page for under my old account. I posted it in Main while I was still a noob and unaware of the Troper Works section which existed at that time, then a helpful fellow troper moved it to Troper Works. When Troper Works was taken down and the page was redirected to Main, it created a recursive loop of redirects that makes it impossible to either view or edit the page. How do I get the page back? Or, at least, get the old one deleted so I can start a new one from scratch?
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Moved it to Darth Wiki and indexed it on Unpublished Works.

You can edit a redirect by editing another page and changing the URL. There's a similar process for viewing the edit history of a redirect.

edited 10th Jan '12 10:18:06 AM by troacctid

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 3 Enemy Mayan, Tue, 10th Jan '12 11:04:15 AM from A van down by the river
Thanks. What's the bare minimum of extra coding I have to do in order to get it to show up blue? Or do I have to do the brackets and the "DarthWiki.Title" and everything every time I link to it in a post now?
Jesus saves. Gretzky steals, he scores!
 4 Fighteer, Tue, 10th Jan '12 11:41:00 AM from the Time Vortex Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
Yes, you need the full namespace as part of each wick. DarthWiki/TitleOfWork.

edited 10th Jan '12 11:41:06 AM by Fighteer

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