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76 SeptimusHeap9th Nov 2012 11:29:00 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
^Redirects Are Free, but I notice that there is a series with that name.
Thank you to whoever did the redirect for me, I appreciate it.

Finished R and Q.

Wondering if it would be worth YKTT Wing a subtrope of Color-Coded Characters for the sentai color scheme (red, blue, yellow, pink, black, and sometimes green/white)? There are not a huge number of non-sentai shows using this, but there are few and it is a very specific color arrangement meant in invoke a very specific thing (sentai shows, pretty much).
78 SeptimusHeap13th Nov 2012 10:33:35 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
If it isn't The Same, but More Specific, yes, go ahead.
That is what I am not completely sure of. I _think_ it distinct and trope worthy, but I have never YKTT Wed anything and I am unsure. I mean, OK granted deciding if it is trope-worthy or not is YKTTW's job, but I am not keen on investing a bunch of effort into doing the write-up if I am on the wrong track :\
80 shimaspawn13th Nov 2012 10:45:38 AM from Here and Now , Relationship Status: In your bunk
It's The Same, but More Specific. I've watched enough Sentai shows to know that. It doesn't hold any more significance than the standard colour coding.
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Yeah, its pretty much Primary Colors + Black and White + Pink for The Chick

The Same, but More Specific as these are pretty much the most popular colors to code characters anyway.

Purple, Orange are relatively rare, and gold silver and metallic colors are typically reserved for extra special situations / people.

Hardly ever is there a 'Brown Ranger' in any series, or any of the more obscure tertiary colors.
I suppose I was thinking dropping orange and purple in favor of black and white was more of a boy's show sort of thing, as opposed to the Rainbow Motif more typical in girlier shows? But you are probably right.

O and P done, btw.
maybe, but stuff like Ninja Turtles have orange and purple rangers. And Teen Titans too
N and M are done.
85 SeptimusHeap12th Jan 2013 07:41:58 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Did L on Color-Coded for Your Convenience. The wicks here from A-L and here A-K need to be changed to Color-Coded Characters/Colour Coded Characters if the colour code is used to distinguish characters from each other.
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87 SeptimusHeap18th Jan 2013 03:16:59 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Butterfly Queen
D and E of Colour-Coded for Your Convenience is done.

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89 SeptimusHeap18th Jan 2013 06:37:25 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Will do F-J.

Did that. Now taking K-L Colour-Coded for Your Convenience.

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90 SeptimusHeap18th Jan 2013 07:32:00 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Colour-Coded for Your Convenience is now done. Moving on to Color-Coded for Your Convenience.

Macron, can you start at the bottom from K up so that we don't end up editing the same pages?

Did A, by the way.

And now B.

C is done.

D is done.

E and F are done.

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H, I, J, and K of Color-Coded for Your Convenience is done.

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92 SeptimusHeap19th Jan 2013 02:21:18 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Ok, seems that I and Macron have hit each other's edits in G.

Are there other letters missed? If no, we should close this up.
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According to the last page, Colour-Coded for Your Convenience is done, but L- Z wicks for Color-Coded for Your Convenience needs to be done.

I'll tackle Z.

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94 SeptimusHeap21st Jan 2013 03:34:08 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
I'll take L-N.

Done, now doing O-Q.

Now R and U.

That's done as well - moving on to V-Y.

That's done as well. Taking S.

S done too. Moving on to T without The

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95 SeptimusHeap22nd Jan 2013 03:45:10 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Did The.
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