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 1 The Wanderer, Wed, 4th Jan '12 11:18:38 PM from New York Relationship Status: The new Mrs. Reynolds
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I saw this play the other night after having bought tickets as a gift for my girlfriend mostly because she loves Alan Rickman to death, and I was totally blown away.

The concept is that 4 young, wannabe writers and friends pay to have world famous writer Leonard (Alan Rickman) give them a private 10 week seminar on how to become better writers. Leonard turns out to be much more than they ever expected though, not the least because he is unable to and flat out uninterested in telling polite lies or supporting societal facades. (And is too addled/unimpressed/burned out to bother remembering their names or who wrote what story at times).

The foursome are quickly challenged on everything from writing bloodless, soulless stories that only exist to amuse themselves with their own wittiness to being over privileged, entitled kids with delusions of grandeur. In the meantime resentments, attractions, and various other dramas start boiling over between the four of them.

The result is a pretty damn funny and at times moving play. Plus, it has Alan Rickman swearing up a blue streak, good characterization and affectionate Take Thats at writers, etc.

Anyone seen it? Any opinions?
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