Looking for a section for Eastern Animation:

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Is there a section in the forum for Eastern Animation? It doesn't seem right to place discussion of a Chinese animated film on the Anime & Manga section.
No, there aren't any threads for it in media. We should though, however the index was just split recently.

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We really do need an Other Media forum. For things not covered by the standard list.
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[up] Seconded. And if one media type (such as Eastern Animation) gets enough threads, we can move them into a new section.
Yep, I don't really now why we don't have this already.
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Not to sounds offensive to the opening poster or anyone else who is a fan of Eastern Animation, but I think Anime and Manga aptly fits the correct style, even if it isn't strictly considered an Anime. Personally, I'm of the opinion that anything made in the anime style, with the same themes and general colour scheme, then it's an anime. Avatar: The Last Airbender may technically be a Western Animation work, but I personally consider it an anime, even if it's a western-made one.

As the others have said, though, if there are enough threads generated about it, there's no reason it couldn't be split off into its own subgroup.
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