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Coping With Anticipation
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Coping With Anticipation:

Tomorrow I'm finding out whether I've got in to Cambridge. What are your favourite ways of passing the time/getting ready to hear this kind of earth-shatteringly important news?
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My heart did never quake, nor courage faint."
 2 Silent Reverence, Wed, 4th Jan '12 7:33:03 AM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
adopting kitteh
Mine is trying to do something I haven't done in ages, like playing a NES videogame or visiting a store at the other end of town (if it is still open). I find it helps me discard weird, pessimistic scenarios that tend to pop in my head when I hear this kind of news.
 3 Rocket Dude, Wed, 4th Jan '12 4:48:46 PM from AZ, United States
This hat doesn't fit!
So, you're burning with antici...[SAY IT!]...pation?

Joke aside, play some games, watch some videos on YouTube, or go for a walk.
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