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Why was the Sex Education Thread deleted?:

 1 Leradny, Tue, 3rd Jan '12 11:24:29 PM from Alameda, CA
A while ago I brought up the subject of a sex help and education thread. I assumed that an admin and a mod correcting me to post it in On-Topic Conversations instead of Yack Fest was a symbol of support, so I posted it. I waited for people to post. I edited the first post a few times more than necessary. And then this happened when I saw that it was no longer on my watchlist, nor within the first ten pages of OTC.

Please give a reason as to why no one bothered to warn me when they deleted a thread I asked permission to create and, to the extent of my knowledge, got permission to create—from both blackcat and Fast Eddie. It is a thread which I would have diligently worked to preserve as a safe, serious, informative, supportive place for discussion of healthy sexual habits, and in the worst case scenarios, the proper course of action to take after a crisis has occurred. A thread which, despite being given general support, got deleted even while a thread consisting entirely of over-the-top sex jokes has over 10000 pages.

I did not post anything lewd in that topic. I specifically warned future posters to take the thread seriously, and refrain from linking to porn or other NSFW sites. I put up a collection of websites which exemplified the emphasis on serious discussion and education.

The only links I posted which could possibly have been considered not-safe-for-work were links to pages which concerned themselves with informing rape victims what acts were defined as sexual assault and abuse, what to do in the case of sexual assault, and links to counselors and crisis hotlines. But I made them in entirely good faith, because I was sure that assisting rape victims in the recovery process, no matter how indirectly, would be a valid reason to post about uncomfortable and highly triggering subjects.

Again, I ask permission to post a general sex education thread in On-Topic Conversations which is geared towards giving examples of a healthy, realistic, and responsible lifestyle in regards to sex for people who may have received inadequate or outdated information—as well as providing support and information to people recovering from abuse, rape, and other forms of sexual assault.

 3 Blixty Slycat, Tue, 3rd Jan '12 11:34:01 PM from Driving the Rad Hazard
|like a boss|
Do not make assumptions, Izaak.

It's possible it was deleted by accident or due to a misunderstanding. Have you PM'ed Fast Eddie about it?
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 4 Leradny, Tue, 3rd Jan '12 11:40:38 PM from Alameda, CA


I don't know if that makes things better or worse.

In either case, I want this to be out in the open so we can laugh about how melodramatic I'm being before this thread gets locked due to the issue being resolved and I go about collecting links and formatting the first post. Again.

 5 Deboss, Wed, 4th Jan '12 12:14:14 AM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
It might have fallen under the "no sex threads but Fetishes" but I don't think so.
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[up]I'll assume it did until stated otherwise.
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 7 Bobby G, Wed, 4th Jan '12 5:07:51 AM from the Silvery Tay
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Leradny, your post was exemplary. Unfortunately, most of the discussion that ensued, after a couple of on-topic posts, was barely-on-topic, school boy immaturity, and the thread was consequently deleted, IIRC by Eddie himself.
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Was there a warning before the deletion?
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 9 Caissas Death Angel, Wed, 4th Jan '12 10:29:41 AM from Dumfries, SW Scotland Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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The thread was likely deemed unsalvageable without a total deletion of all posts after the first. Which is more effort than it's worth, really.
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If I remember correctly, it was because this is not the proper place to look for sex Ed.
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 11 pvtnum 11, Wed, 4th Jan '12 10:38:23 AM from Kerbin low orbit Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
And this is why we can't have nice things; some folk can't act mature enough.
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 12 Caissas Death Angel, Wed, 4th Jan '12 10:45:17 AM from Dumfries, SW Scotland Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
House Lewis: Sanity is Relative
I also recall a link to pictures of genetalia - an educational site though it was, it was still a site for young people to look at to see "what you have between your legs really isn't scary or horrible". Not what this site wants.
My name is Addy. Please call me that instead of my username.
 13 Sharysa, Wed, 4th Jan '12 1:10:31 PM from Alameda, CA Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
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But she said right in the first post that she got permission from Fast Eddie AND Blackcat to make the thread in the first place. And I'm pretty sure most of her links were to legitimate sex-ed sites that had numbers and mailing systems for any questions people had, so the whole concern about "we don't want people to rely on TV Tropes for sex-ed, " while valid, was covered right from the start.

edited 4th Jan '12 1:10:50 PM by Sharysa

 14 Blixty Slycat, Wed, 4th Jan '12 1:12:49 PM from Driving the Rad Hazard
|like a boss|
It's been stated that the reason it was shut down was because apparently everyone but Leradny was acting immaturely. It's a shame we can't discuss sex here without it turning into either "kinks you have" or "ewwwww, sex", but that seems to be the case.

That's rather unfortunate, honestly. That could've been a very good thread.

edited 4th Jan '12 1:13:18 PM by BlixtySlycat

go ahead and do every stupid thing you can imagine
 15 Leradny, Wed, 4th Jan '12 1:58:23 PM from Alameda, CA
Are you telling me that in a forum full of heated debates about abortion, politics, and dead celebrities, a thread that concerned itself with "giving sufferers of sexual assault and abuse access to resources they might not know about or remember in their state of distress" was deleted because people couldn't handle it maturely?

I am appealing to Fast Eddie again. Tv Tropes is not going to be a forum which is unable to show respect for rape victims.

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[up]I think you mean 'TV Tropes should not be a forum which is unable to show respect for rape victims'. It's a bit late for the other one.
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 17 Joesolo, Wed, 4th Jan '12 4:46:22 PM Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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I imagine this one won't last much longer.
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 18 Bobby G, Wed, 4th Jan '12 5:05:30 PM from the Silvery Tay
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Well, in fairness, there's no general rule against abortion threads or whatever.

FWIW, if Eddie gives the go-ahead, I promise I'll keep an eye on the replacement thread and thump any immature posts as off-topic, rather than lock/zap.

edited 4th Jan '12 5:05:52 PM by BobbyG

[up][up][up][up]Are you saying that all those other topics are handled maturely? If so, I think we've been looking at different OTC threads.
 20 drunkscriblerian, Wed, 4th Jan '12 5:43:28 PM from Castle Geekhaven Relationship Status: In season
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@Bobby: If you're willing, babysit the thread for a few days (Like Auntie Maddie was nice enough to do with my Polyamory thread) and make sure it stays extra on-topic. That's what it took for the Poly thread, and it very quickly went good places and stayed there. Maddie only had to pop in occasionally to bitch-slap idiots who didn't read the OP.
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 21 Madrugada, Wed, 4th Jan '12 10:07:20 PM Relationship Status: In season
I didn't have to babysit the Polyamory thread for a few days. I babysat it pretty much the whole time it was active. And as Drunkie points out, I still had to do some head-thumping and reminding at several points, despite the fact that most of the people posting in it were babysitting it right alongside of me.

edited 4th Jan '12 10:07:53 PM by Madrugada

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 22 Flyboy, Wed, 4th Jan '12 10:09:53 PM from the United States
I don't know that we had a lot of opportunity for immaturity in the sex ed thead. Wasn't it only some 20 posts long...?
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Why do we need a sex Ed thread? Is it really neccassary?
if everyone owned a horse, the country would bea lot more stabilized
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Why is it so bad to have, I don't understand
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 25 Leradny, Wed, 4th Jan '12 11:53:06 PM from Alameda, CA
dontcallmewave: For the same reason we need a thread devoted to insecurity, sadness, anxiety and such matters, martial arts, the military, medicine, and language.

Besides, it might help to inform the debaters here on abortion, rape, love, GLBT related issues, and various gender topics because they come up so often.

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