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Summary of the thread: A Worldwide Punomenon was redefined and renamed to World of Pun. The supertrope Pun was created. The wicks for that have been gone through.

The trope part of Incredibly Lame Pun has been shifted to Lame Pun Reaction, with Incredibly Lame Pun made a redirect to Pun. We are currently in the process of sorting through the Incredibly Lame Pun wicks: any wicks that refer to the in-universe reaction (the actual trope) should be changed to point to Lame Pun Reaction; pothole magnet wicks should be left alone; and generic in-universe puns should be wicked to Pun directly.

Wicks to be sorted:

  • D-Z

Finished wicks:

  • A-C

Original post: It is rather unclear what, exactly, this trope is trying to be. The description and laconic seems to point to "puns are used", which is extremely broad, nearly to the point of being People Sit on Chairs. From an informal survey of the examples and wicks, it seems to be primarily being used for works which are pun-heavy ( l World of Ham for ham-heavy works).

In this case, given the vagueness of the original description, I would suggest rewriting the description to be about pun-heavy works.

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2 DragonQuestZ30th Dec 2011 03:21:59 PM from Somewhere in California
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It's supposed to be that puns are included just for the hell of it. Actually, do we even have a Super Trope for puns in general? Should we instead make this into that?
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For one thing, now that Incredibly Lame Pun is back to being the pothole magnet, I take it we have the go-ahead to change A Worldwide Punomenon potholes to Incredibly Lame Pun potholes accordingly?
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I would think so, yes.
Meh, I'm still putting them under the Pun redirect. Let's just re-redirect it to whichever's appropriate.

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Nitpicking it a bit but a Single-Issue Wonk in the description is it has "Overuse" when talking about other pun tropes... Hurricane of Puns is not overuse (which would make it YMMV) it just simply a lot of them which is not a bad thing.

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If ILP is back to being the Pothole Magnet, then why does the page say puns shouldn't be sinkholed to it?
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[up] Because no one watching the TRS thread had noticed that note on the page. I've deleted it.

And getting back to the original purpose of this thread, we have two suggestions for what to do with the description:

  1. Define it as pun-heavy works.
  2. Turn it into a (exampleless?) supertrope for puns in general.

EDIT: Isn't (2) already covered by Punny Stuff?

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[up] Punny Stuff isn't a trope, it's an index for pun-related tropes.
What about just cutting it / turning it into a redirect?
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Cutting isn't a good option, as it does have 635 inbounds.

Redirecting could work, but what would we redirect it to?

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12 nrjxll9th Jan 2012 05:30:56 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
I personally favor turning into the pun version of World of Ham - we don't actually have that, though it's certainly a trope.
[up]I support this.
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The article starts with "Everything's better with puns...", and it's quite an indicative start. Just like with most Everythings Better With X tropes, this one also looks like it's prone to be misused as "list all works with puns you know".

I support rephrasing it into a pun-related version of World of Ham.
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That's a bunch of support for redefining to be the pun equivalent of World of Ham, and no objections. Do we need to put up a page action (or single prop) crowner, or can we proceed with writing up the new description?
People have given plenty of reasons for why such a page would be good.

But none of A Worldwide Punomenon's 1500+ wicks are about worlds filled with puns. We'd have to change them all over and then fight against the term's entrenched meaning. Mightn't we better off leaving A Worldwide Punomenon as a redirect to Pun (retaining the inbounds, removing the urgency to change the wicks) and YKTT Wing World War Pun separately, if we really want that page?

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[up]Sounds like a good idea.
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[up][up] I agree.

But then what about Incredibly Lame Pun? Isn't it also a commonly used pothole for "pun"?
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A Worldwide Punomenon is not the official pothole for puns and should not be used that way. Incredibly Lame Pun is the official pothole magnet.

Redirecting is not an excuse for not cleaning. If A Worldwide Punomenon is being misused (and it is), then it needs to have its wicks cleaned regardless of what happens to it. With a few exceptions (such as irregular plurals and gendered trope names on non-gender-specific tropes), redirects are not supposed to be used.

And Pun is not an article; it is currently a redirect to A Worldwide Punomenon.

Now I'm off to do an example and wick check.
Why a wick check? Don't we already know it has 100% misuse (since the page has no definition)?
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I'm trying to figure out what it's actually used for.
I thought Incredibly Lame Pun was in-universe groaning about a pun, and A Worldwide Punomenon was a pothole target for calling attention to your pun (because nothing makes a joke funny like explaining it). Not that that's right, just saying.
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I think that's what those who initially created A Worldwide Punomenon were hoping for, but that's not the actuality. Incredibly Lame Pun has a long history of being the pothole magnet (was created for that purpose, in fact—the in-universe part, while a valid trope, was apparently added later) and TRS voted to keep it as the pothole magnet.

Alternative Titles: Incredibly Lame Pun
24th Jul '12 4:51:24 AM
Vote up names you like, vote down names you don't. Whether or not the title will actually be changed is determined with a different kind of crowner (the Single Proposition crowner). This one just collects and ranks alternative titles.
At issue:
Note: The lameness being acknowledged In Universe is an important part of Incredibly Lame Pun. It's not just about lame puns and a name like "<Adjective> Pun" will almost certainly be misused as a Pothole Magnet.

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