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True Remembrance. Anyone else play this? It's a freeware VN and can be downloaded here. It's also a Kinetic Novel, so it's not very large.

...I have a whole lot to say about this, but they're all pretty much spoilers. Suffice to say that there's probably merit to rereading this to catch all the foreshadowing. I'd say it's very much worth a read.
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I've finished this back when it was first released. Back then, I caught many of the important points as I coursed along the story — especially about La's true identity. Heck, I kinda liked her.
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Surprise - it looks like True Remembrance is being released for Japan's 3DS Nintendo Eshop.

This bit of news may be best placed in the "A New Market" thread on this section of the forum.
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I wrote a review of this vn. I really liked it :)
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