Is the ideal society socialistic?:

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101 Flyboy29th Dec 2011 04:11:10 PM from the United States
I am reminded of a memorable quip about Prohibition in the US, made while they were still in the process of passing the 18th Amendment.

It went something like this:

"Every man in the South will staunchly vote for a dry United States... when they're sober enough to get to the polls."
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102 Inhopelessguy29th Dec 2011 04:26:06 PM from Birmingham Ctl, UK , Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
Brits go to France and Spain to drink.


Hey, that's a stance for pro-Europeanism. If you want yer booze, you want an EU!



In any case, the Romans came to Britain and they were shocked at the amount the early Britons drank.

To answer the question - yes, to an extent.

I believe that capitalism is a neutral thing. By using in within a socialist construct (progressive, not Marxist) it can be used to further the socialist cause of egality.
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103 TuefelHundenIV29th Dec 2011 05:02:25 PM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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@ OP No. There is always something that causes a serious or potentially serious issue with any society overly focused on one ideal over all others. The ideal society I believe would be an odd hybrid.
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[up]I agree. The labels are kind of what screws the U.S. up in this regard. We shouldn't be advocating/defending policies because they are capitalism or socialism or whatever. We should be advocating/defending policies that work.

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105 Qeise30th Dec 2011 06:59:03 AM from sqrt(-inf)/0 , Relationship Status: Waiting for you *wink*
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The Nordic countries ain't as ideal as people make'em to be. In Denmark, for instance, you've gotta pay an 180% tax when you buy a car. (It's otherwise a quite decent country). If you wanna live in denmark, prepare to pay upwards of 30 grand to buy a Volkswagen Polo.
I'm not saying the Nordic countries are the Ultimate Happyland... But I at least don't really care how much I would be taxed for a hypothetcal car. What matters what those tax monies are used for, if I get good public transportation as a result I'm happy. Oh, and I hear Denmark has a good cyclist culture, cause or effect?
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I'm not sure why I give a crap that there is 180% tax rate on a car. Tax rates don't matter, your quality of life does. If you were taxed 100% but lived like an emperor, why would I care?

You make a presumption that there is inherently some awesomeness correlation between tax rate and quality of life when it does not exist. You might say "If I held all things equal then if I lowered the tax rate, you'd have more money to buy more stuff", but that's not how it works. Because tax-rates are specifically for the express purpose of taking away your money to buy things in a pooled manner, you cannot make a statement that less taxes mean you can buy more stuff. (ie. If you buy less stuff, then you can buy more stuff. That's essentially what you are saying) If you lower taxes, then the government buys less stuff for you and you buy it yourself. So it doesn't make sense to complain about tax rates. It only makes sense to complain how taxes are spent.

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107 AceofSpades30th Dec 2011 11:09:27 AM , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
I've bought one care in my lifetime, and the one I had before that I simply inherited from my dead grandma because it was available. Drove it for a good while before it broke down. Somehow, I don't think a tax on cars is really that much of a burden, when most people aren't buying them left and right. And hell, if you can afford to and do that, you're rich already and should be in a higher tax bracket. Doesn't really bother me. High taxes on a car alone doesn't exactly make a society suck; in fact it rather seems like jaywalking on the list of sins a country can possess.

But hey, if those taxes go to things like education and road repair, I'm good.
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