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126 kkhohoho27th Mar 2012 11:40:05 AM from The Insanity Pole Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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Folks... there's some possibly bad news. The sign-up thread isn't getting any posts, for a week and a half now since I put it up. If I don't get any new players soon... well, we'll see. But I'd really like to be able to continue this RP. Though I don't know if I'll be able to. Just an FYI...

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127 daltar27th Mar 2012 11:43:26 AM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
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Hmmm I see... that is certainly worrying.

As for the threads... well I wouldn't erase the last ones but creating a new one might solve the problem of new people getting intimidated.
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128 kkhohoho28th Mar 2012 06:36:24 PM from The Insanity Pole Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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I already got rid of the old one and made a new one, days ago, because I wasn't getting any new players. So far, this doesn't seem to have helped.tongue
129 daltar29th Mar 2012 10:48:50 AM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
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Hmmm maybe it's the OP post.

It is very long after all.
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130 kkhohoho29th Mar 2012 08:01:05 PM from The Insanity Pole Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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[up]Perhaps... but I didn't think I told people they have to read the recap. Or, maybe they thought they had to, and got incredibly discouraged. Or maybe, it's just because this isn't completly 'brand new' in general...

In any case, I'm going to try something a bit different. I'll take the whole Recap part off the post, put it in the Discussion thread, and then tell people where to find it in case they want to look at it. I'll see if that works...

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131 kkhohoho29th Mar 2012 08:05:23 PM from The Insanity Pole Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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Recap of Prior Events in the RP; First thing’s first, Asgard ‘’did’’ exist, just in another dimension. And Ragnaraok did in fact happen as well. However, the events that occurred at the end of said Ragnarok were different then what was related in our myths, made possible due to sensitive psychics having dreams of that other dimension of Asgard. When Odin was seemingly eaten by the giant wolf Fenrir, he did ‘’not’’ die; instead, he was able to cut his way out of the wolf’s belly, and kill it. But by that time, it was already too late. Ragnarok was, ultimately, the death of the dimension of Asgard, signified by the sky seemingly exploding in bright rainbow-colored bursts. Now, the Norse normally didn’t fear death, but the destruction of Asgard would mean the end of their very culture.

However, they had prepared for such an event, and created a ritual that could send one of their number to another dimension, one that wouldn’t be in it’s death-throws for untold millennia upon millennia. Unfortunately, their predications for the death of their ‘’own’’ universe were quite off, and so, they had only been able to develop the ritual to the point where they could only send one of their number away. In other words, only one Asgardian could be saved. And so, without hesitation, they chose the mighty All-Father — Lord Odin himself. And so, after escaping from the wolf, and noticing that his dimension’s time was nearly up, he hurried to the temple where the ritual was to take place, should it ever need be enacted, and the priests there thus completed the ritual without delay — just as the dimension was to come to an end.

Shortly thereafter, Odin found himself atop a snowy landscape; as he would later discover, he had been teleported to a Scandinavian mountain, in our dimension during a time when the Norse God’s were still worshipped. But when he saw the various statues that we had built, he grew ‘’enraged’’. Having just gone through the death of his dimension, he view those statues as ‘’mockeries’’ of his land and his people; in addition, he could not fathom why ‘’these’’ people were still alive, when ‘’his’’ people were ‘’dead’’. Some of those thoughts may not have been very rational, but that is what he thought at the time, and still held to an extent centuries later. Yet, he decided to show restraint to the people of this world, for if the plan he would later concoct would prove successful, he would have no need to deal with these ingrates beyond what was necessary.

What allowed Odin to come up with his ultimate solution was his right eye; it was ‘The All-Seeing Eye’, and it allowed him to see multiple paths that the future could take. Together with his calculating mind, he was able to concoct his grand scheme. It started with steadily impregnating various women over the next several centuries, thus resulting in many immortal babies. Being half-human and half-Norse, they had the immortality of the Asgardian’s, but none of the magic that beings such as Odin possessed. After impregnating the females, Odin would leave the woman in the morning before she woke up, as a sort of one-night-stand. The goal behind creating all of these immortal off-spring was to serve as a conduit — or power-source — for when his plan finally got off the ground, but he would take interest in three immortals in particular. With the two immortals known as Grey and Sareena respectively, Odin stayed with the woman until the baby was born, then, in each case, ran off with the child in the middle of the night. Gray and Sareena were raised not just as brother and sister, but were ordained by Odin to be a married couple once the time was right. Odin needed helpers, or assistants in his quest, and his eye told him that these two, so long as he raised them well, would be perfect for his ends.

As for the third, this one was a young red-head by the name of Rossane, who was a little girl at the time of the American Civil War. Originally not part of the plan beyond being a conduct, Odin and his ‘children’, now having grown into adults centuries ago, were passing through the countryside of the American South, when Odin’s eye told him that one of the immortals that he gave birth to was in danger. Of course, this wasn’t ’’truly’’ the case, as she would just survive anyway, but Odin’s eye told him that if he saved her now, she would be of use to him when the time was right. And as it turned out, she ‘’was’’ in danger; a pair of unruly, drunk soldiers were passing by, and ultimately, raped and killed Rosanne’s mother, and then prepared to do the same to her — but Odin saved her in the nick of time, slashing the bastards with his rapier. And with nowhere else for her to go, Odin took Rossane under his wing — as he had planned. She stayed with him for over 30 years, (in which time an unexplained accident involved a rifle caused her to be stuck in her twenties, ) and turned out to be just what Odin was looking for. She was intelligent, cool, and collected, but also immoral with a violent streak, and had a ’’nasty’’ temper when her patience was tested — but still with her own sense of honor. Mind you, she still mostly cared about ‘’herself’’ — but she knew that she wouldn’t be where she was today without Odin. So, while she did leave, (due to Odin purposely not being so strict with her in her upbringing as she was with Gray and Sareena, ) Odin knew that she would do whatever he asked of her when the time came.

Fast forward to the 20th&21st centuries. In the early 20th century, Odin, Gray, and Sareena settled down in Rankenopolis, and eventually, started up a company known as Dino Connections. And in time, it would be known as one of the greatest scientific and technological companies in the world. They also employed a immortal that looked like a little girl, but was in fact killed when she was truly a little girl, in both appearance and age. A brilliant scientist, she worked with DC to further her research on immortals, as well as to eventually create her own daughter, though never knowing the true intents of her employers until it was too late… Fast forward to December, 2012. It is here that were introduced to a cast of players that would prove to, in time, be part of the group of beings that would finally change the course of destiny from what Odin had planned. But first, they would unknowingly cause an ‘’inconceivable’’ disaster. Our players were, as follows:

Elena: A young serial killer, but one who only targeted fellow killer and muggers, who still ultimately had a good heart. Paul: A man who might as well lived in another time. (But still only 20 or so.) While ultimately a decent man at heart, he killed whoever endangered him or others without remorse. Also used to be in a gang. Mark: Former soldier in WWII, he would eventually settle down in Rankenopolis. Knowledgeable in the ways of the world, he became good friends with Paul. John Sunday: Over 300 years old, he had once encountered Odin — after his birth — in a duel, one which he won. This would later repeat itself, and lead to the series of events that would change the world forever… As for Mr.Sunday himself, he was a dashing, gallant fellow; experienced, an excellent fighter, and one of the key figures in this series of events. Samuel: Working at an up-and-coming robotics company, his new fancy robot that he was developing was sabotaged by an infiltrator sent by Odin; while this was not known at first, the truth was that not only did Odin not want that company and it’s rival technology to interfere, but sabotaging the machine would cause Samuel to leave work early, thus putting Samuel into the right place at the right time for capture. Arc: The son of Gray and Sareena, and the only immortal Gray consider’s to be his Grandson, Arc was experimented as a child for the group’s plans. After that, they let him escape, as Odin’s eye saw that he could be used as a potential pawn for gathering others that they would need in the years to come… Jason: John’s best friend, and another scientist at Dino Connections. At first forced into betraying John, he betrays DC instead, and makes John aware of Odin’s plan. Jack: ‘’The’’ Jack, to be precise, straight from Victorian London. Renowned for his various ‘rippings’, he now works as a killer-for-hire in the present day. While he at first worked for Odin, John would ultimately present a better offer, and so Jack would join the side of our heroes as one of the best fighters they had. Steve: One of the first men that Steve had killed. Formerly a thief and murder, it turned out that he was immortal. After having died and came back to life, Steve had an epiphany, and decided to turn his life around.

It all started with the two members of the largest gangs in the city meeting at a bar to try to form an partnership together, or at least a sort of understanding — only for the bar to explode in a fiery blaze, taking the gang leaders with it. Ultimately, after a series of various miscellaneous events, Odin had captured all of the heroes, thanks in part due to a special type of ammo that was loaded with a drug that could knock them all out — only for some of them to escape. Odin, with some men, went after the escapees, and found them. However, John goaded Odin into a duel. Now, some time prior, Odin’s Eye had been faltering in it’s powers to various degrees; as it turned out, this was caused by his up-and-coming death. Ultimately, the one thing that Odin’s Eye could not see was his own demise. For in the end, John won the fight — with some help from Jason, who had stolen a gun, and shot Odin with the drug. This gave John the opportunity to deal the finishing blow.

But it was not over. Odin’s plan, in fact, was to cause a gang war that spread across the city, and by doing so, create an ample supply of dead bodies that his forces would collect. He would then use various immortals that he would capture, combined with a magical ritual, to suck the life force away from those immortals, and power not only the dead bodies, but himself with that power, which would be amplified by the ritual. And on top of that, in order for this to even work, the various immortals around the world were unknowingly used as a conduct, thanks to the ritual. But Odin’s original goal was not destruction. On the contrary; Odin would use all of this power to travel back to his dimension, and to the moment of it’s destruction, and then unleash all of that power into the atmosphere, thus stabilizing the dimension, and saving it. But Odin was now dead. And because of that, Gray went mad.

Now, as it turns out, Odin had created a orb that had both his essence, and his vast magic power, duplicated within, and upon Odin’s demise, Gray took the orb for himself. While he was still in control to a substantial degree, Odin’s essence still guided Gray as much as he could; whereas Gray would want nothing less then total annihilation of the Earth and it’s population for the death of Odin, Odin would lead him to instead create a new kingdom — though not without destroying civilization as we knew it first.

In the end, Gray would capture (or recapture, ) John, Arc, Paul, Mark, and Steve. But the rest of the heroes, having injected themselves with a vaccine Aurora had created that nullified the effects of the drug, stormed Dino Connections, and rescued the captured immortals, including Steve, who Jack rescued when everyone else wasn’t looking. (OOC: In truth, I totally forgot about him, but I wouldn’t have just let him die. So, he was rescued. Even though you won’t see that in the original posts…~_~)

But ultimately, the group was too late to stop Gray. Taking a van or two, they were able to escape the city with Sareena, who wanted nothing to due with the mass destruction that Gray intended, and made it out just as Gray sent a flying undead warrior, filled with vast power, to Rankenopolis, and had it explode in a vast burst of sheer energy, (as Gray and Rossane were flying high above, ) thus destroying the entire city, along with it’s population. And thus was the start of a new, dark era in the history of Earth…

The World As It Is Now: It has been 120 years since Gray achieved his vast power. Immediately after, he and his forces unleashed one devastating attack upon attack the world over. Any nukes sent after him were stopped by his power; he simply stopped them in mid-air, and deactivated them — and they dropped straight to the ground. However, simply destroying civilization as we know it wasn’t enough; in order to control the world, as a unified ‘kingdom’, he would need to organize an army, and use it to occupy various states and countries one at a time. This was the best way to ensure a stable, controlled kingdom, as opposed to an anarchist no-man’s-land. As of the year 2132, Gray has conquered all of North America, and over 70& of South America, at times using his power and that of his ‘Deities’, (his name for his undead, flying ultra-powerful troops, ) to clear away any particularly troublesome opposition. There have been attempts on his life, of course, but he has simply been too strong to be overtaken.

As for how the current Kingdom is currently ruled, each state and country that is a part of the Kinddom has it’s own governor, chosen by Gray himself, though since there’s so many states and countries under his command, said governor is often put into power by local popular demand; it often makes the locals feel a bit better, seeing as someone they like and respect has power in office. However, there have been occasions where some of these governors are ‘’such’’ outstanding individuals that they try to rebel and lead their province against Gray; this always results in said governor being made a public display, and having his entire body disintegrated to atoms by Gray for all to see.

As for the Kingdom’s current capital, it’s currently located at the site that ‘’used’’ to be Rankenopolis. Since then, an entire new city has been built, with an enormous castle right in the center. Since Gray himself resides there, and oversees the town’s operations, it has the most advanced civilization currently in operation at that time, despite it’s appearance. It’s modeled after ancient Scandinavian culture, but electricity exists there despite that. It’s also the base of the Kingdom’s Special Investigate Forces. Led by Rossane, now decked in an all-black female Nazi uniform, she and her teams investigate more covert matters that interest Gray. The rest of the kingdom — and the world, is a different story. Across the world, the level of technology varies wildly from place to place, as well as the cultures and lifestyles. For example, places like Japan are, in terms of culture, back to the their ancient traditions — the mid 1800’s at the most — but they’ve still managed to maintain electricity to a limited extent, as well as certain other aspects of technology. There way of life isn’t as severe was it was back centuries ago either; you won’t get your head chopped off for something as trivial as not bowing before your superior.

In comparison, countries like Britain take a less conventional approach. Britian was unable to maintain electricity, and other such commodities, but their culture didn’t simply fall back either. Their style of clothing is somewhat simple, but it still resembles the sort of clothing we wear today. Expect to see a basic long-sleeved shirt&simple blue-jeans on men, and long-sleeved shirt and cloth-skirt on woman. Their houses are all made out of wood or stone, but still resembles our houses of today in terms of architecture and design as best they can, given their limited resources after such destruction by Gray.

It varies from place to place, though the constant is that most countries no longer have real organization, and are instead divided up into small towns and villages. There are exceptions, mind you — after Tokyo was thrashed, in time, they were able to remodel it into a ‘’new’’ Tokyo, albeit again modeled after how it was in the mid-late 1800’s, due to their limited resources. And additionally, they were still able to operate the subyways. But in general, outside of the Kindgom, or Japan to an extent. there’s little to no organization among the countries of the world.

As for the Kingdom itself, each province has a capital, while most of the rest of each province is divided up into small towns or villages. Mexico and South America still have their own unique styles of culture, but under Gray’s Guidance, Canada and the upper third of the USA resemble, like Rankenopolis, ancient Scandinavian culture. Gray is still working on the rest, however. All of the USA has suffered from Gray more then any other nation, but Gray has essentially been working rebuilding it and it’s culture from the ground up. The central and souther portion of the nation’s however, still are undergoing this process. As such, the’re reduced to the most basic of living essentials and civilization. Basic rations are sent to them, but otherwise, it’s everything the governors can to do to keep things together.

What’s Happening Now: Gray is well on his way to controlling all of North America, but he feels that something is… wrong. It appears that the process he enacted long ago might not have been ‘’permanent’’, as he can feel his power fading. It would still take him centuries to become fully depowered, but as it is now, there just might be a chance that he can finally be taken down. As such, he is doing his best to conceal this information, but secrets have a way of getting out…

Message for Returning Players; For all of you players that are returning, you are to make a new profile. You can copy and paste as much of your old ones as much as you like, but what your new profiles should reflect is where you are now at the beginning of this phase of the RP. Feel free to discuss it; not just to me, but also among yourselves in the discussion thread. If you want, you can all be together at the start if you like, seeing as you were at the end of the RP, but that’s something for you all to discuss among yourselves. And again, contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
132 daltar29th Mar 2012 09:22:02 PM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
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Ehehe I think it's a good idea. Now we should probably discuss where to start and such.
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133 kkhohoho2nd Apr 2012 05:53:01 AM from The Insanity Pole Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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My friends... it is alive! Well, sort of. We finally got a new player, and hopefully, with someone taking the lead, others will follow. I'll wait a day or two to see if anyone else signs up, and then we may start talking about 'where to start and such'. Ask me if you have any questions.
134 kkhohoho6th Apr 2012 06:58:34 PM from The Insanity Pole Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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Well... in 3-4 weeks, we've only gotten one new player, and most of you aren't responding to my PM's anyway. I'll give it 3 days. But, if nothing happens before then... I may unfortunately have to bring this RP to a close.sad
135 kkhohoho9th Apr 2012 07:45:10 AM from The Insanity Pole Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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Well... that's it then. I'm sorry, for anyone who's still here, but no new players will show up, and you all aren't bothering to post here anyway. If anyone wants to continue it, then feel free to contact me, but for now... this RP is officially defunct.

But still, it was fun while it lasted, and I thank everyone who joined. (Even the ones who quit.) It was a great experience as my first RP as well, though part of it certainly lies on you all, the players. (I'm also surprised it lasted as long as it did.) And who knows; maybe we'll be able to do something like this again someday. But for now, I'll have to put this aside. So, in closing... thanks, and so long.

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136 daltar9th Apr 2012 11:08:13 AM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
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Thanks for everything kkhohoho. It certainly was fun while it lasted... though I'm sorry that it died.

Hope I get to play with you again some time in the future.
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137 Insano9th Apr 2012 09:12:53 PM from At my laptop, refusing to waste time Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
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The RP's dead? No. No. That's not true. THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! NOOOO! NOOOOOOOOO!

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Hope to play with you guys again some other time.
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