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Writer's Block is the sub-forum for writers. As the name indicates, this sub-forum can be used to chip away at your "writer's block"... or as a procrastination device. Your choice.

Here, you can talk about being a writer, talk about and post your story, critique other stories, ask questions, discuss the craft—- in short, discuss writing in general from a writer's perspective. If you want to show elements of your setting, you can use Writer's Block's sister sub-forum, World Building.
Suggested Guidelines for Maximum Enjoyment:
  1. Be polite, friendly and encouraging. Things we frown upon here are cockiness, dismissing legitimate criticism (feel free to ask for second opinions via private messaging), and general dickery.
  2. Discussion and critique is encouraged, but never make it personal: stick to the topic or piece of work at hand. Therefore, don't take comments on your work personally. A mere expression of dislike or disagreement on a topic is not reflective of that person's opinion of you.
  3. When necessary, agree to disagree to keep the peace. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
  4. We are loose about brief thread derails, but if a topic seems to be garnering a lot of discussion, please move that discussion to a new thread so the old thread can get back on track.

General Discussion Threads:
  • Writer's Block Daily: The most prominent discussion thread in Writer's Block. Updates about your writing can go here, although minor derails about writing are allowed and encouraged.
  • Random Questions Thread: Have a question that you don't think deserves its own thread and Google isn't spitting out an answer? This is the place.
  • General Writer's Block Thread: The darkhorse of the bunch. It serves the purpose of the former two, especially Random Questions, but with looser rules and is usually meant for questions that don't have a clear-cut answer but don't seem "big" enough for their own thread.
  • The "What's a good name for this?" thread: Not a pinned thread, but if you need a good name for your character/setting/MacGuffin/etc, this is the place.

Critique Threads:
  • Constructive Criticism Thread: Please consult the OP and check the waiting list, since there are stricter rules for this thread that we take care to enforce. As a result, it'll take longer for you to get a critique, but you're almost guaranteed more than one perspective and they're more likely to be in-depth.
  • "See if the above poster hooked you" Thread: If you're looking for feedback on the so-called "hook" of your piece, deposit it here. Critiques are generally less detailed and concentrate more on the hook aspect of the excerpt than those in the Troper Critique Club. This thread is not pinned.
  • Uncle Drunkie's Writer/Critic Dating Service: Want a beta reader for your longer piece? Write up an ad, and wait for a PM to arrive. Someone is sure to be interested in your work.

Troper Group Projects with Wiki Pages:
  • Character Development Thread: This is a closed-setting free-form shared-story thread where your character can interact with other characters within a loose set of rules. No sign-up, no GM, just drop in. OOC chatter goes in its disscussion thread.
  • The Fear Mythos: A collaborative Alternate Reality Game spanning dozen of blogs. The mythos is centered around "Fears," Eldritch Abominations that will never die.
  • TV Tropes Writing Contests: These periodically held, anonymous contests give you a theme to base a short story on. Judges volunteer themselves off the forum. Reward? Bragging rights (and possibly a t-shirt).

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