Cuba releases thousands of prisoners:

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Cuba's supreme governing body on Friday pardoned nearly 3,000 prisoners, including some convicted of political crimes.


Rights group Amnesty International no longer includes any Cuban prisoners among its list of "prisoners of conscience" around the world.

People who were not pardoned were mostly those convicted of violent crimes. Also, of the political prisoners not released, they were also convicted of violent crimes in addition to political crimes.

I'm not entirely sure if the statement about Amnesty International means they think there are no more political prisoners in Cuba but I somehow don't think it means that.
2 USAF71323rd Dec 2011 11:28:35 PM from the United States
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No way. That's legitimately surprising. o_o
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The world's gone wonky, USAF. New surprises every day.

I wonder what brought this on, though. Any news on that? Is this something Amnesty International has been focusing on?
4 USAF71323rd Dec 2011 11:41:15 PM from the United States
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They're probably tired of the embargo and are looking for brownie points.


No point in keeping them under the embargo anyway anymore...
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Did we have political prisoners over there?
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I doubt it. If we did, it was no one important, because if we did, we'd probably have gone in after the Soviets fell and knocked Cuba over too, given that they were lacking for strong allies after that. I imagine most of them were Cubans...
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I wonder how long before those released are re-arrested on new charges. Never mind Castro playing funny games once the non-Cuba press is looking elsewhere once more, I suspect that not all of those who are released will be happy to just go back to their ordinary, non-protesting life and never speak up about things like what got them tossed in jail to start with.
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[up] I doubt many of them will get back in prison: Cuba has loosened up a fair bit. Raśl Castro is a more rational actor than his brother, more of a pragmatist. If oppressing the Cubans a bit less, freeing some prisoners and doing some limited reforms will get the embargo lifted and the tourist dollars a'comin', he's likely to go through with it. At any rate, this is great news: If this kinda thing is properly incentivized by lifting restrictions on Cuba (in a tit-for-tat strategy), further reforms might be coming.

He's kept the travel ban because America keeps theirs. In all likelihood, it won't be lifted until America lifts its own travel ban: At best, you could get both lifted simultaneously. It's time for the US to lift the Travel Ban. Americans should be able to travel wherever the Hell they want, and the same goes for Cubans. Countries shouldn't regulate their citizens' behavior when outside their borders anyway: It ain't none of their business.

In short? The Castros want to modernize the country: They're holding onto the thuggery because lifting it's bargaining chips: Encourage'em and let'em save face, and the reforms will happen. Wonder why the Castros made few reforms during the Bush years? 'Cause Bush was an anti-Cuba zealot, likely to snub Cuban overtures and reforms and decline to offer anything in return. The Castros, by and large, couldn't get nothing by loosening up, so they didn't. Obama's far more reasonable when it comes to Cuba: At least he's tried to avoid making matters worse. The Castros know Obama won't make'em lose face when they loosen up, so they're far more disposed to do it. It's actually very simple.

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Well this is really awesome. Good for Cuba.

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Maybe they'll start improving towards democracy.
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[up] Ojala que si. This is great news. I like to think that I'll see a democratic Cuba in my lifetime.
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and to think we thought 2011 couldn't surprise up any further.

Well this is defiantly the last really pleasant surprise that 2011 is going to throw our way. *wink wink*

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@Ace of Spades: Only in Guantanamo.
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That's a good news.
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Yeah actually there's one particular American that was arrested for crimes against the state who is still in jail there. I'm not clear on the specifics of the case, since apparently Amnesty International didn't list him as a prisoner of conscience. He might have been a spy moonlighting as a democratic activist or AI hasn't gotten around to looking at his case yet.
Cuba has been one of the best countries to live in the Americas for a long time.

The Cuban leadership is not nearly as evil as they are made out to be.

I mean... acording to Washington Cuba belongs to the axis of evil but North Korea or Syria dont...

This is not the first time Cuba releases thousands of prisoners anyways.

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18 USAF71326th Dec 2011 06:56:05 PM from the United States
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...North Korea was a part of Bush's Axis of Evil bullshit. I don't know that Syria was, though.

And, I thought that Cuba was in a general state of decay thanks to the embargo, and you couldn't even get a car there that wasn't from the '50s or '60s. Maybe things are changing, or maybe I just heard wrong...
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Besides Cuba is one of the few... if not the only country in the world to have succesfully eradicated child malnutrition.

Link is in spanish since the mainstream media ussually dont publish this, so I had to search for a credible source instead of onlive Pravda.

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I will always cherish the chance of a new beggining.
20 GameChainsaw26th Dec 2011 07:01:19 PM from sunshine and rainbows!
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I get the impression you'll be secure in Cuba in terms of the fact you won't be starving, and will be seen to if you fall sick, but it may be hard to prosper.
[up] Now that everyone is assured their basic dignity Cuba can begin to open up, as it has been doing for the last year.

Should they follow a Chinese model the nation island will be the next Japan.

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I will always cherish the chance of a new beggining.
It's successful as far as socialist is concerned with regards to battling poverty, lack of healthcare, child mortality rate, literacy and so on with the limited resources. However, it's not a "rich" country by any stretch of the margin. The place has limited trade and the US hampers most of its economy.

That Cuba gets so much flak for its anti-democratic policies but a US-ally like Bahrain gets nary a complaint even after committing the equivalent of Tienanmen Square recently during the current Arab Spring is a sign of the priorities we have in society but I guess we all know this.
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It's successful as far as socialist is concerned with regards to battling poverty, lack of healthcare, child mortality rate, literacy and so on with the limited resources.

I would take Cuba's numbers on those subjects with a titanic grain of salt, particularly given their infamous record on forcing abortions in at-risk pregnancies to keep their child mortality rate down and just imprisoning anyone who calls attention to the practice.

The US is struggling with poverty and poor healthcare, but Cuba is not a model of success by any fair measure.

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...infamous record on forcing abortions in at-risk pregnancies to keep their child mortality rate down and just imprisoning anyone calls attention to the practice.


Well fuck them, then, the bastards. That's some twisted shit...
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Breadloaf; that's pretty much what happens when you agree to hold some nuclear missiles against your nearest, hugest neighbor for the guy they're currently fighting with. I still think it's kind of dumb we're still doing it, but Cuba's government kind of made their own bed, there.

I am hopeful that this might lead, if indirectly, to better Cuban-US relations and to a lift of the embargo, though.

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