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An eleven year old girl, Melissa McCullough walks into her psychologist's office and tells a rather wild tale... Mel and her maternal cousin, Cyril McCullough, have not had the happiest home lives.

Cyril's mother treats him like a mistake and a chain, while his dad rarely acknowledges his existence; Mel's parents are constantly pushing her to succeed beyond all reason, and her dad uses her as an emotional crutch. And there's a good chance that Cyril is his uncle's son, due to a mistimed affair between Mel's dad and his mum. This is further compounded by the fact that Cyril, Melissa, and the rest of their mothers' side of the family are witches. And Cyril and Melissa have, for unknown reasons, shared a telepathic link since birth; while this does help with the acquisition of knowledge and experience, it makes it very hard for them to socialize properly. The afternoon of their second-to-last-day of primary school, some nasty classmate takes some pictures of them naked by the shore, just after they re-assumed human form after a quick dip as seals (selkie blood). The next day, they find she's shared them with their other peers. Cue a short, destructive rampage.

Their mothers send them to Saint Cyprian's Academy Of The Magical Sciences, either to make them skilled enough to be an asset to them... or kill them they’re not sure. The school is famous for producing the highest quality Society (The Society, sometimes known as the Kingdom, is the ruling body of the majority of witch-kind and their inhuman kin) witches around... but that's mainly because it resides in a miniature, parasitical dimension. All knowledge ever forgotten by anyone, any person, object or place that's ever been lost resides there; and its collective consciousness is pissed for being forgotten.

The cousins arrive at the school and manage to gather a little circle of semi friends... who witness Justina Smith, acting head teacher, kill a student. She makes them stay quiet or face her wrath. And their dreams are being visited by the dawn god Baldur, who has a very special purpose for them...


Magic system. Magic is a probably sapient force that gives all magically active creatures assistance if they feed it creativity. In the case of witches this can take the form of gestures, poetry, and even dance; now the creative input must symbolically reflect what you wish to accomplish, and you have to know exactly what you want to do, step-by-step. Witches are also born with Gifts, magical effects they can do at will with a thought; there are three forms of Gifts: Resemblances: Inherited from parents. Reflections: Gifts that represent some aspect of your personality and life. Need a name: Gifts that come from non-human blood.

Post character and setting stuff in a bit

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